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Great for a Single Website!

If you want to host a single website, then you’re going to get a great deal choosing Just Host.
I bought a 3 year hosting plan from eHost at an introductory price in 2017, and it was the cheapest deal I could get at that time. Luckily, it was bought by JustHost after a few months which ended the eHost brand in June 2018. My cPanel was transferred to a much more friendly looking interface.

Since my time with JustHost, I’ve had a lot of interactions with their customer support. There was a time when I wanted to remove everything and re-install my WordPress website. Instead of uninstalling it from Softaculous or emptying the Public_HTML folder, I mistakenly deleted the root directory which deleted my emails and important things I don’t know much about. Fortunately, JustHost keeps a weekly backup of everything so their customer and technical support resolved the situation within a few minutes.

Even without paying anything extra, you get premium support like that. An agent is assigned to you within a few seconds of contacting customer or technical support. They can install WordPress or SSL certificates for you or anything that you aren’t technical enough to do yourself. The best thing is that you will not have to wait for minutes to get in touch and their tech team is always sitting there to tackle problems if and when they arise.

What I would wish would be an unlimited shared hosting plan. Their unlimited hosting plan offers unlimited disk space, bandwidth, emails, and databases but only 1 website. You can add more to your plan for additional costs. I have unlimited space but I can’t utilize it fully. However, I have more domains and I would have to pay more to host them. If you only have to host one website, then it’s a great platform to host it, with the flexibility to add more to your plan. However, if you have an entrepreneurial mind and you keep coming up with new ideas, you might look up for a host which allows you to host more websites in the same shared hosting plan with no additional costs.

Biggest Pro: Excellent customer support.
Biggest Con: Additional charges for multiple websites.


If you are considering to host your website, before you even think about it I strongly advise to stay away from this company. What a horrible experience ive had with them. Number 1. is the performance of their servers, oh my god, it is slow as ****, and they have a lot of downtimes which is not really good for your business. If you are not planning to go bankrupt or risk your integrity, AVOID!!. Number 2. Customer Service is just so poor Number 3 .Do not ever think of putting your money in there. My previous account already expired and so I didn't renew it, but I was like thinking of using them again just for my emails as two of my domains names are parked in there. These emails are linked to my website as autoresponders so I decided to renew my old account for the sake of these autoresponse functions in which this guy from just host said that yes it will still work if you pay for one month. Reassurance at its best . And then the next day, I was like why cant I still access on my emails and on the cpanel? I chatted with them again, and this guy just blow my mind when he said the one you paid yesterday is gone as it was used to cover the month I didn't pay when it expired. So the account expired on October and then I left it and then paid back on December so I can get those mails back. So I was thinking I should be able to access coz I paid for it, but this stupid company and the stupid rep who I chatted with said the payment was already used and that you have to renew again. Can you believe that? I asked for an alternative to move my money to get a new account from them. But said to pay again to activate. Horrible experience . Rep always says, I understand your frustration and I said **** you! Who doesn't get upset when you know you are stealing somebodys money.
- I just did this for my emails not for them to host my website. Guys beware of this scam. I don't usually write reviews and don't react this way as I own a small business myself and I understand reputation building but this experience was just over the roof. So **** you! just host. Time and money wasted.

Biggest Pro: No pros. They need to shutdown
Biggest Con: Scam

Lost data, no backup, mislead info to renew,2hr-long support chat

If the slow-downs and spams of the last years were not enough, read on what they just did to me.

After 7 years being a loyal costumer, last month my account was shutdown due to a payment being late. No problem, I contacted JustHost and asked if my data could still be recovered, since I was contacting in the last day of the deadline for the shutdown and would only renew in case my data would be recovered. In a chat session, an attendant said that yes, they could. I paid for a month to see if that would be the case. Nothing happened. I contacted the chat support again and informed the situation. The attendant said that no, actually all my files have been lost. I got upset, naturally. But in the middle of the session, the chat went offline. No problem, I tried a third time and after insisting on the situation, a senior specialist told that the information was incorrect: my files could be restored and in fact they were restored quite quickly to my File Manager within my CPanel.

However, my websites did not come on-line again. I did yet another fourth chat with the support team. I was told that I should only wait for the DNS addresses to be updated. Sure, I waited. After seeing that nothing happened, I tried another chat a day later. I was told the same thing again. Now, a month after that, and with yet another month paid, my sites are still offline. Guess what: today I did try another chat. I waited 20 minutes for an attendant to reply. Then, after 2 hours - yes, two hours - of chatting and waiting, I was told that my databases were missing! Yes, all my data gone. The attendant said he/she would search if there was a backup. Notice: "IF" there was backup - and I've been paying for that! At such point, my chat session crashed. What did I? Tried another chat session. This time a new attendant replied quickly, but took other 2 full hours to get to the same point where I was in the previous chat. He/she went even further and said that there were no databases associated to my account since before July 27th and insisted that when the files were recovered, there were already no backups of my databases.

Well, how can that even be possible? Why there not backups of my databases? It's ugly either way: if JustHost didn't keep backups of my database, only of my files, that's absurd. If JustHost had backups of both, it would mean that the support team just restored the files and forgot to restore the databases. It seems that I was either 1) lied to when someone from the sales department said in July that if I paid the subscription the data would be restored; 2) lied to when told that my files and data were restored and that I should only wait for DNSs to be updated or 3) the support team of JustHost did recover my files but forgot to recover my databases! This treatment is absurd, fairly offensive I should say, and will force be to search for legal actions against JustHost.

Biggest Pro: Almost nothing. A few nice features, but nothing that isn't present in almost all competitors
Biggest Con: Lost data, mislead info just to renew, chat sessions of more than 2 hours waiting


I was with Justhost for several years and in that time, I purchased several domain names seperate from the initial hosting account. After about 5 years of paying for Reseller hosting, they jacked my price up so I went to another hosting company for my hosting. I first contacted them about why I could not access my multiple domains that I have registered and have owned for years and they told me they would not allow me to have access to MY domains purchased seperatly from the hosting unless I paid them a lot of money....basically, they are holding them hostage....I registered them, I paid for them, they are not expired, and they have nothing to do with the hosting account however I have to pay them or they will keep them....F**K JUSTHOST........If you go with JUSTHOST, make sure your domains are with 1and1 or GoDaddy because you do not want JustHost to be able to blackmail you to get your domains.

Biggest Pro: NONE

Just Host is refusing the 30-Day Money-Back Guarante

Just Host is refusing the 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee and also refused to stop billing my VISA. I used my own domain name so there should be a full refund under there terms, I filled out there support form to close the account and they refuse to respond, I called them and they told me that they do not ever refund nor will they stop the recurring charges.. Just Host is a Internet scammers and nothing more Just Host states:30-Day Money-Back Guarantee Your satisfaction or your money back! If you decide to cancel your account at any time Just Host will refund you for the remainder of your term, excluding setup and domain registration fees, for which we incur a cost.

Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: There all a bunch of cons

They could be better

Straight to the point. Are you a small biz on a budget ? JH is for you. Guaranteed performance hosting websites, 99% up-time. Awesome and simple, user friendly CPANEL. Automated installers and all the geeky stuff. Value for your money.

Their main problem that I have had is support and Email. I once got in a heated argument with support due to their email service being down. This is why I left them. Support not friendly and issue not resolved. Email service would go down often. Once or twice a day, maybe twice a week, which is not good if you are running a lot of business relying on emails.
Backup is not done as advertised on their site. Keep an eye out on this one. Their staff is not that good technically also, proposing fixes that does not work.

Bottom line, they are average, could be better. Improve the support and fix the curse email issues and you'll have good positive feedback.

Biggest Pro: Uptime
Biggest Con: Support

They don't hink about customers at all

First, we found out our site is not up all of sudden.
We don't know how long but it stayed down for 3 days after we found out. They never let us know until we contacted them. When we contacted them they said they have a broken server and our data was on that one. Over 3 days they didn't do anything like moving the data to the working server, they just left as it is for 3 days until the server were fixed. Web hosting company not hosting over 3 days? That is ridiculous, and what made it worse is that they never contacted to customers, no information on their website, their web site just keep saying that they are the most reliable service provider. After 3 days with our many contact to them, it was fixed finally. Right after that, we found out our emails on the domain is not working, and it is not resolved yet. We can't receive emails at all at this point. Those sites we had problem is e-commerce site as well. They just don't care at all.
Also they screwed up our SSL before as well.
This is not issues of customer support only, but it is the way the company is. The person in charge of the customer support doesn't know much of those tech things and it is understandable, but the problem is they don't communicate with technical persons, and those technical person are arrogant and incompetent, and they are not doing their job.
again, web hosting company not hosting over 3 days on e-commerce site is nothing but joke, and the way they handle the issue is beyond joke.

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Almost joke

System itself is ok, but once you have problem it really sucks.
And unlike before, human resource there decliened a lot,especially technical ones.
We purchased SSL certificate years ago, and last year it suddenly stopped working, they checked and said it has to be re-installed and we need to varify it. We went through unnecessary process, and after few month later same thing happened. First they said it xepired but actually it was a lie, we checked and it was still varid. We had to deal with customer support again for hours to restore.
Last Dec we updated the SSL, and they never let us know it need to be revarified, and we almost lost it.
And now the same thing is happening, the SSL stopped woking. We contacted them and they said we need to have it valified. Are you kidding? We spent hours again talking customer support, and they said it will be re-installed but they said under the different domain...
We has the SSL under the subdomain and they said the certificate were made for the main domain, which is not true. It was working few weeks ago under the subdomain, and they took it off. This is third time we had the same problem. The site is commercial site, and we are losing lots of customers and their trust.
After 24 hours creating the support ticket, we haven't herad back yet and the SSL is not working.
We are now considering to move to another hosting when the account is expires.
It really sucks.

By CO on April 16th, 2013 at 12:22 EST
URL: [Hidden but verified] Customer for More than 5 years
Plan: Shared | Platform: Linux | Email: [Logged]

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Unbelievably bad customer service

Rude and incompetent telephone assistance! Worse behavior via email, promising a refund for their mistaken action, a few days later reducing the refund by a few dollars, then refusing my demand for the full refund, offering instead to cancel but only after 5-7 days more payment. I generally prefer to stick with existing providers of services unless service is so bad the inconvenience of changing seems worthwhile. The JustHost service was OK until this twisting of my requests and frankly hostile communications about renewal. I wonder if they trying to get rid of customers. If the customer service does not improve now, I will certainly be gone soon.

Biggest Pro: the only one is that I already had service with them
Biggest Con: Obnoxiously poor customer service, hostile on phone and email

Don't Risk Your Business

I was a customer for 2 years. I got a charge to my credit card I didn't recognize and when I queried it, they shut down my site and my business. They had not lost or refunded any money, but still required a written statement from me saying that their charge was legit along with a scan of my driver's license and credit card. When I asked why, they told me it was a matter of pride because I'd accused them of fraud by querying the charge. My site and email were offline for almost a week before I could get another company to bring it up.

really poor service ...and loose money

just complete one year with them
previoulsy was with netfirms,
trying once at cheap price with cloudflare...+15$/month
was...90% time real good little fast then netfirms

so this year tought upgrading to...their plan...dont remember the name...
but final cost...25 or 29$ month... + 15$ cloudflare...
after... last 2 week really not uptime and no raliability ask them to cancel and refund
with the exchange of trading previous hosting plan.... cost me 248$ CAD (231 US)
and... accept refund me 144 US... for using only 1 month 6 days .....
they explain it as ...the ssl have to paid 70$ cause... i cancel... but...i cancell... cause ...not working..not for fun...
PLEASE DO NOT GO WITH THEM.... will loose your credebility and money and time...

Biggest Pro: 90% of time...working fast
Biggest Con: poor service custumer, still your money

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