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Beware of their 'free' offer! I bought a website creator at Fry's for my teenage son. It included 1 year free webhosting offer provided by Jumpline. First, it was not quite free because when you activate it, you have to pay som money for address registration but it's OK. But that is the point when they get your credit/debit card information for future use. My son provided with his own debit card. They actually may send you reminder that your account would be renewed for another year unless you cancel it in some very narrow time frame. But before sending you this notification, they might play a dirty trick. They send you email that they are unable to charge your card. After getting this email, my son decided that he doesn't need to do anything and later they started charging...not once. My son sent them email but they don't monitor it. Finally we've got hooked for another year for the huge price.
So if you've got hooked with their 'free' offer be ready to pay more later. And don't believe in so many good reviews, better check their BBB ratings, currently it's C-

Account removed without notice while paid up.

These people just deleted our long standing reseller account, without notice and while the account was paid up.

Support's response was that they were "told" to remove all child accounts of our reseller account, no further information, no explanation, no further comunication.

If this sounds like something that you would like to happen to you, then by all means go ahead and sign up with them.

Biggest Pro: they used to be cheap and 70% reliable (no pros now)
Biggest Con: thieves and bullys

Jumpline is the worst ... ever!

Jumpline bought HostingRails earlier this year and it's been nearly for months of admin hell for my team. Our website goes down daily! We used to get 6-second page loads that are now commonly more than a minute and usually timing out. Worst of all, they want us to reconfigure our app because it's the problem! worked find until Jumpline came along. Jumpline is the worst ever!

Biggest Pro: Support
Biggest Con: Performance


I can not say enough bad about Jumpline. I have had so many problems and their support NEVER makes an attempt to make me feel better as a customer. My latest experience is them changing my company MX records and removing ALL "." from them so we did not get email for a day.

When I asked how they would make this up to me and told them I wanted to talk to a supervisor they just ignored me.


They sold my name

We are a small non-profit organization that was working quite well with them until they sold off our domain name after we paid the invoice to renew it. The customer service person tried to blow me off at first like I didn't know what I was talking about. That was until I told him. I received one invoice and I paided and the system showed that we did. He confirmed. But then said they used to to pay for my hosting fees. Well I said if that is the case why did the invoice I received via email and land mail only request the payment for the domain renewal. And why did they not contact us or list unpaid balance and that they would not renew our domain name as the invoice indicated happend automatically. Long and short our non-profit which has printed material adverstising our web address is no longer valid. They are trying to see why things happened the way they did and what should be the resolution.

I asked who is this going to elevated with and he said his supervisor. I asked would I get a phone call or email follow up he said probably email. But he wasn't sure when that communication would occur.

I am soo upset and I plan on telling the world how Jumpline's poor managment cost my organization issues in print, media, and reputation.

Biggest Con: Poor billing and accounting system. Lack of direct communication.

Customer Service Stinks!!!

After using Jumpline Hosting for 7 years I finally decided to give up the site as I moved on to other things. Their claim to answer all questions within 24 hours is not true. They ignored emails requesting the account to be closed. They even did not close the account when I phoned them. Finally after more calls and after they renewed the service against my requests, I got through to the most nasty "customer service representative" imaginable until I had him transfer the call to the"supervisor". He was worse and talked right over me until I gave up. I finally had to ask the bank to resolve the problem. I guess wonky humorless techno types might find this refreshing. I found it abominable. Freeze the Freaks Out I Say.

Biggest Con: Billed in error and refused refund

Bad Customer Service

This company does not value customer service nor listen to their customers voices. I've complained many times since they were purchased even through snail mail to no avail. They don't actually READ your support tickets more like scan them for a general idea and send you a general response. They value closing tickets quickly than actually resolving any problems that may actually be listed there. Shell accounts are the most limited I've ever seen not even allowing chmod or tar.

If you value customer service stay away from this place.

Other companies owned by the same people to watch out for:,,, simplehost,

Biggest Con: Customer Service

Good Solid VPS Hosting

Jumpline has provided good hosting to me so far. I was looking into being able to have full control over my hosting with a lot of RAM and the ability to reset my server. Jumpline provided both of those and their custom server control panel makes it really easy to manage my VPS. I can install and uninstall stuff on my server and thats really a good feature. I don't have to have things that I don't need like programming languages or modules that I don't use. They allow you to install Image Magick and other cool image modules so if you are a programmer its a real plus. You can configure your PHP settings too. Their support is good. I usually have gotten a response within 1 day whenever I needed help with something or if I had an issue. If you want a professional host or control of your hosting environment I would go with Jumpline. They are not cheap but they aren't too expensive either.

Biggest Pro: Controlling Your Server
Biggest Con: Price

Not just another cheap VPS hosting

This is my new VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server), and I am very happy with the services which Jumpline offer. I applied for "Standartd IP VDS" plan, and in a few hours I received my Customer-ID and password for accessing their services. Now I host my personal web site on a VDS and have full control over the server and its features.

Jumpline VDSes offer the power of Redhat servers and cutting edge software like: Apache, PHP, MySQL and Perl. I was happy to find that they offer a web interface designed to ease my activity on the VDS. With "Standart IP VDS" plan I receive one dedicated IP, 20GB of disk quota, 200GB/mo traffic, 32 virtual hosts for my domains and 200 email accounts.

The only biggest con is that learning to use their web interface is time consuming.

Biggest Pro: The power of dedicated server.
Biggest Con: Learning to use the web admin interface is time consuming.

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