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Do NOT Use junkline!!!!

jumpline SUCKS! I was there, when it was HostICAN, before jumpline bought them, for 17 YEARS! They just moved their whole operation to Buffalo, NY and after the move my website went down and wouldn't work. They said they would put me on a "cloud linux" server, that would cure the problem. After they kept lying and saying that they moved my account and not doing it, then moving me to another server, (website STILL didn't work), then not installing the necessary components on their server to allow my version of PHP to function, (for well over another week), I moved, with about 6 months of hosting time left. They did it ALL on purpose! I have all the emails for proof, because I've filed a number of formal complaints on them, (FTC, FCC, Attorneys General in OH & NY). DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT USING THESE LYING BUMS!!! I now use, an AWESOME ISP!!

Biggest Pro: Not ONE!
Biggest Con: They LIE about everything! NO CUSTOMER SERVICE!

not really honest about why my services couldn't be upgraded

I was with them for ten years, unaware that I was put on a legacy beta product they didn't have the technical ability to upgrade. They never did the businesslike thing, of going to the effort to get all their customers off the dysfunctional product they had been sold. What they did was charge extra for it, and offer no help or guidance on how to get onto one of their cheaper products. They just stiffed everyone.

Biggest Con: not quite honest


So often, I am unable to send email. Today, mid large project, I am cut off from the world.

I am unable to login to my cpanel and restart the mail server.

My fav response from support is that "I will have to work this out for myself"

You can GET F*&KED JUMPLINE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Biggest Pro: That you can leave them and go elsewhere
Biggest Con: Crappy support, no help, many hoops to jump through to get a no help response

Deleted account for no reason. Forced to PAY to restore

My webhost was bought out by JumpLine. Several months later, despite being a few months away from the end of my billing year, my account was deleted for no reason. It took them 24 hours to find the server it used to be on, and then forced me to pay $50 to restore my website from a few days old backup. The backup didn't even fully restore everything! Forwarders lost, add on websites not restored. (They added some of them back when I complained).

I have moved my websites to another host, and am now trying to get my JumpLIne account canceled. I've been told about their 30-day rule.. I'm thinking I need to warn my credit card I last used to not allow charges from them... I've never heard of any other webhost forbidding cancellation unless within 30 days of due date. It's a scam!

Biggest Con: No phone or live chat technical support. Only email.

Good experience with Jumpline

I've seen a fair bit of Jumpline-bashing, but for prospective customers I should point out that in my case, I experienced excellent uptime/reliability - which is the bottom line after all. Support was average - not outstanding, but not worse than other places. To be fair, they actually provide chat/phone support - and not all hosts do that.
I'm actually leaving Jumpline, but that's because the plan I was on is no longer officially supported, and their current VPS plans are a bit expensive for a cash-strapped guy like me. But if what you're looking for is uptime and speed - and you're willing to pay a few extra bucks for it - I would definitely recommend them.

Biggest Pro: Excellent uptime/reliability
Biggest Con: VPS plans are not the cheapest

JUMPLINE STINKS!! What happened?

I'm leaving after an OK company has virtually disappeared. Too much downtime! No good support! Phone support has disappeared for any serious issues. Too much spam in e-mail accounts hosted there. Anywhere else cannot be as bad.

Don't use jumpline

I have been with jumpline with three VDS server spaces for 8+ years. Now that their customer service is non-existent and their support (seldom accessed) is extremely lacking, I am seeking a change. I find I am seriously over paying for my services, like 3 times the going rate. They have made the control panel very user unfriendly. They have no links to support documentation. The most serious revelation is that they have probably cost me a lot of money in lost business due to their downtime. Nothing gets corrected. Nothing gets better. It only gets worse. I will certainly attempt to control their continued billing when I cancel after reading the reviews here that they commit fraud in that regard also.

Biggest Pro: None that I see at this time
Biggest Con: They have serious problems in all areas. Downtime will cost you much business and money. Support is non-existent.

Don't use Jumpline!!!!!

Like the other reviews here, my situation is the same. They charged me a renewal when I specifically stated to cancel my domain. They charged me another year at 5 times the price to "host" a domain that no longer existed. They hide behind a small sentence in the user agreement. Their policy: If you use a credit card, you give them permission to keep automatically renewing you at an exorbitant rate.... They WILL NOT refund your money. They will rip you off. BEWARE.... You will be sorry. AVOID AVOID AVOID 8/10/2011

Biggest Con: They will rip you


On 2 occasions I sent notification to cancel my account and not bill me. They did not cancel my account and they charged me anyway! Then I called in a couple of weeks upon seeing the charge on my card and they would not refund it. They were very determined on the phone to not listen nor to help in any way. They would not refund my money for a service that I don't want! BEWARE!!!
Bob Nesbit

Jumpline has gone from great to Fraudulently Charging my

Jumpline used to be great - great customer service, great support. Now it's one of the worst companies I have ever worked with. I used them for my personal site for 8+ years and began using them for work. Big mistake. I had 3 sites on VPS and other shared servers - total billing of close to $200/month. Their Tech support was terrible. I would call and they would have no answers, and would say they would elevate the ticket and get back to me, and that would be the last I would hear about it until I would call again. This happened for quite some time. I requested a restore from backup on a Wednesday, and when it still hadn't occurred on Friday afternoon I called to check and they hadn't gotten around to it yet. I restored from my own backup and asked them to remove the charge associated with their backup service. This again took forever to resolve and several calls to "Customer Service" before the charge was credited.

So I cancelled the account. Sent in writing. They responded promptly to that request, saying that due to their Terms of Service I had to wait 30 days until I could submit a request before my card would be charged again. Fine, whatever. I again request to cancel. They say fine, and go through the motions, sending me a confirmation of cancellation and everything. 3 months later I am still being billed. I call to have the charges removed and they say they will remove 1 month of charges - even though I have emails proving that I requested (and confirmed) that the account be closed. I spent all day on the phone with their "Head of Billing" who refused to correct the situation.
I ended up referring this to American Express Fraud Protection. I'm putting this out there so no one else has to deal with this mess.

Biggest Con: Watch your credit card statements - they will bill you fraudulently!

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