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15 years as a client. And it's all my fault.

I've been using @ Joinweb for 15 years and the only reason I stayed with them so long was due to my laziness to move out. I was paying $200 per year during all those years for a mail server...Service is the worse you can expect. Actually there is one guy for support with one job: blame the customer. I have endless threads of mistakes with zero apology. Always the customer fault. I got so frustrated that I moved to Zoho. Also note they don't allow you to export your email DB. 15 years of emails, 36Go and Antonio Gaspar reply "One thing - we don't have BACKUPS of your emails, we have the ORIGINALS of your emails, except for those messages you downloaded and deleted from the server, obviously". That's it folks. 15 years and a big fat finger in my face. They are not compliant to EU regulations. I reported them and will keep you updated. My 2 cts. Run and don't look back. Thank me later.

Response by Daniel, who is the owner of JoinWeb:

Dear Sir,
You're not our client.
You mistakenly made an opinion on us. Please delete and forward this to a relevant company.

Posted on June 25th, 2019 at 07:22 EST

Passive agressive

We needed JSP hosting, which is scarce in Israel.

The site seemed to indicated a large, well-organized company, and there was a trial option - what could be better?

Unfortunately, things didn't go as planned. I ordered the trial package on Saturday but couldn't get along with the control panel. It was my first time ever dealing with ANY control panel.

I called three times and left a messege. No one returned my calls. Later it turned out they only work with skeleton personnel on Saturdays, but since I didn't know that I called again on Sunday and did what every angry Israeli would do: I threatened to sue.

After that, things went from bad to worse. A person named Daniel called, very angry at me for threatening, and infomed me I am no longer a wanted customer. Yet, he refused to issue a letter which states they will not charge me for their services.

Then a support person called Mark called (he said he didn't know I was thrown out by Daniel) and said he doesn't even know if my package is still there due to Daniel's reaction. None of them were willing to give me a direct phone number.

After that it was just a long road down the credit cards company customers service trying to make sure they won't charge me for more than the 27 cents I agreed to pay for the trial.

the good grades I gave them on "uptime & reliability" and "server & connection speed" are based on other reviews I read about them. As you can see, I didn't really get the chance to try them out for myself but they seemed more than fine.

The other less-than-perfect grades are based on my single encounter with them. I'm pretty sure they're generally better than this.

Biggest Pro: Hosting JSP for a reasonable price
Biggest Con: Poor service, prone to irrational reactions

Good servers, bad suport

I buy a hosting plan in a 11$ per month. The servers is very good, but when I upload my files they don't work. I call to the suport6 time in 12 hours ans they call to me a one time. I say "my files don't work" to the man from suport and he say to me he check it. a 2 days after it the site don't work and I fint a option in the panel that say if I want php our in my host. The suport man don't know some thin in the panel so the support in very bad.

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