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Stay away from jetnet hosting

I created my web page with jetnet hosting in 2006 they provided the hosting and the management of the domain. It worked fine until the year 2012. Since then they outsource the payment procedures with WCMS complete solution, a pain in the neck. Things has worsen since then. Every time I had to renew my subscription I had many problems with the incompetent customer service staff.

This year my credit card was charged for the hosting renewal but never for the domain renewal, so Ia have a web page that can not be seen. It was impossible to contact them to the many email adresses or the telephone number. Now my domain belongs to a crapy chinese company, and it is lost forever. I did had a good position in google searches and a recognition in my line of buisness. It is all lost. Thank you Jetnet!!!


Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: Non existent customer service

Jet Net are Frauds, steal my Domain refuse to reply to emails

I paid to renew my hosting program and the registration on my domain name. They accepted payment but terminated my hosting and did not renew the domain name.
I tried to transfer the domain name to another host, but JetNet refuses to forward me the authorization code. They refuse to communicate with me and delete my support tickets.
My website has been down for a week and I have lost significant business as a result.
I have had to ask the new registrar to open a formal complaint process to get control of my domain name. They are the Worst, AVOID at all costs!!

They even write their own reviews and paste and copy the same language -- see reviews for Jet Net at
they are hte exact same as here with the very same IP address

2 Years of Excelent hosting

Jetnethost is not just good, Jetnethost is simply the best and most reliable host i ever have had.

For 2 years i am a customer of, its not only fast, but as i know i havent got any downtimes last 16 months.

What i like so far about Jetnethost is that they really want to help you, the owner Bryan is a very good guy.

When i had problems setting up a domain (.NL) he immediatly contacted SIDN and within 4 hours i had my .NL website up and running.

Thats why i recommend everybody to choose for

Good 24/7 Uptime, Server Speeds, and Quality Support

Basically, what kept me in jet nethost is the quality of their hosting and the uptime. Basically, i have byran on my msn and whenever i had a problem , i just say BYRAN i have a problem and he'll respond in let's say 3 minutes and fixes the problem sooner than i ever would think. Besides that, cheap hosting for this type of quality. Where else can you find this? Server speeds are awesome and i receive no lag whateversoever!10/10

Good for Business

Almost 2 years ago, our company needed a solid web hosting provider with great reliability. We found JetNet, and they have far surpassed our needs.

JetNet provides us with the tools needed to run our business smoothly and effectively. The uptime and speed we experience is excellent, but JetNet's great customer support really sets them apart from other hosts we have used. If I send them an email or submit a ticket, I'll almost always have a response in minutes.

So, I suppose it goes without saying that we highly recommend JetNet.

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