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Used to be good,,,

Something is going very wrong at Jag.

I am on my 3rd server in the past two weeks and the site is going down periodically throughout the day. Seems like every server I have been on has had issues.

I have been a customer for 5 years and have never had so much trouble.

They have gone downhill as of late and I am bailing on them before they put me out of business.

6 years of pleasing service

Right off the bat I have to agree that JaguarPC's backup policy isn't the greatest. But since the days when they were Aletia, we have loved the speed, service, and features. We now have three domains on two accounts with them. Having recently had the chance to administer a Hostmonster account for a non-profit, I newly appreciate the plusses of JaguarPC. It's just a much more personalized, trusting experience. I have no plans or thoughts of switching.

Biggest Pro: Speed, support, service
Biggest Con: Backup policy

VERY POOR indeed.... no respect for customers

I ordered my VPS a month ago but at yet have been unable to even upload a 6 page website.

The VPS just times out its so slow, their support said this was becuase several customers over using CPU & RAm resources on the VPS node my VPS in on

They said they suspended the offenders so my VPS should work again but still no change. I am now being moved a new node apparently but I cant see any change.

Customer services refuse any kidn of refund as compensation for the fact I havent been able to use my VPS for 3 weeks and their support just doesnt hold up to other hosts

See the time out error when I am just trying to upload a 160k web page

[20/05/2008 14:01:05] Timeout (60000 ms) occurred on receiving server response.

This is the same whether I access Cpanel, WHM or my web pages or using FTP.

Spent my cash on JaguarPc and cant afford to lose the money I paid yet I cant use my VPS either.


Waste of money, no consideration for the loss they cause clients and no remedy other than saying "sory about that"

Bitterly disappointed

JaguarPC is a real BAD. Stay away.

My first time to order with their company, their sales support respond so slow. They indicated that their sales is 24/7 online but then a BIG FAKE because they are only online from 7am-10PM, unfortunately I'm from a different country and we are 9 hours advanced from theirs. They do not have enough support and sales people!

Then after I have placed y order, it took 5-6 hours for me to get my full hosting information.

In my one day experience, their server is too slow. It always shows server TIMEOUT. My God, first day of my experience is bad.

STAY AWAY from JaguarPC!

Biggest Con: Not Reliable, Poor Support

Never ever go with this company!

They just don't care about their client. We had to SSL's installed on two domains. It was working fine, until one day they did an update on the server, both of SSL's were down and they couldn't fix it for two days! I said, I will change the hosting provider same week.. I didn't.....

Two days ago, they restarted the server (or it crashed) during the day time, on Monday - the most busiest week day. One of our databases corrupted and it didn't work for the whole day. Our clients couldn't login into the website, where they place orders. I asked for a backup, they told me it would cost me $15!! Can you believe it! After I told them it was their fault, I got the backup after 3 hours waiting. The backup was the same real time database version. It wasn't really a backup!. Thanks god, I had my own two week backup which I used to restore corrupted tables.

They respond to support tickets in 1 hour earliest, restart server whatever they feel like, without any notices to clients, nothing. The worst ever hosting provider I've been with. I'm changing hosting provider for sure this month.. I know its a lot of work if you have a couple of databases and websites, but I will.

Never ever use this company, you will regret it.

Im not a Pro, but they make it too easy.

First: Im using the VPS - Discovery Plan with a few extras.

VPS - Discovery Plan
10gb space, 150gb transfer, 128mb ram
Cpanel - vps ( $7.00)
RAM - 128 MB ( $10.00)

The Quick and Painless: I love my VPS. I havent tried a ton of different hosts, I havent ran my own hosting comapny for 72 years, Im not a professional server admin. Im just a guy whos hobbies include running websites.

JPC makes this way too easy, and for a damn good price. Ive seen a few cheaper, but Ive also seen lots of bad **** happen with those hosts. JPC Is well worth an extra couple $.

The Longer more in-depth: Ive been using JPC for 5 months now. Ive had to ask some really stupid questions to their Customer Service Dept. Not only are their replies swift(seriously, almost every reply is within 2 hours) but theyre ALWAYS polite and extremely helpful. Ive never encountered Customer Service like this ANYWHERE. Ever.

Their customer service is like when youre at a restaurant and the waiter is always watching to see if your drinks are full, if you want to order something else, how your food is, etc. Only without the creepiness factor :P

Dont let all this CS talk think that their actual service is sub par either. In the 5 months Ive been with them, my VPS has gone offline 0 times for a total of 0 minutes. Ive got 2 monitoring programs watching my sites 24/7.

I love that you get to choose which Control Panel you want to use too.

Ive been late to pay twice. Once was I was out of town, and the other was just me forgetting to pay. Instead of turning off my account like most hosting companies would(ahem, DreamHost) they send a nice polite reminder e-mail, and give you an extra couple days.

Unless something drastic changes, Ill be here for good.

Biggest Pro: Customer Service. These guys have the best CS Ive ever seen, anywhere.
Biggest Con: Still trying to find one. Its not free I guess?

They are the worst

I don't recommend jaguarpc for any body, if you wanna loose your stuff just go with jaguarpc, their server crashed and they lost all my files. They emailed me with the word sorry, and they didn't even try to give me something in return. I was happy at first but when i lost my files what can I tell you don't go with this company, they don't have any guarantee that server will not be hacked or crashed,


Good value for your money, Ok speed.

I have been with many hosts over the past several years. All my relationships with hosting providers were ended up in the same way. Hosting company went out of business.

Finally 10 month ago I've got a VPS from the JaguarPC. And I am so glad they are still here, so even that I don't always satisfied with a speed I will continue to stay here.

I've got pretty good deal on one of the webmaster related forums, so I am paying a little bit less than advertised prices on their website, but even that prices are still kind of reasonable.

They provide good customer support 24/7 and so far they were always able to solve any issues I had.

My only complaint is speed. Sometimes my sites are working really slowly

I think I would suggest Jaguar to anyone who wants to play with VPS for not too much money.

Biggest Pro: Price, features
Biggest Con: Speed

Jaguarpc is the best!

I really love Jaguarpc for now though I'm still less than a month of being hosted. I just like the way they handle customers. Everytime I open a ticket, it is responded promptly by support and my problems solved in an instant and they seems friendly. I have never experienced any downtime and I'm happy with them. I never regretted that I transferred with them from my old vps and they actually helped me setup without any cost. And they have excellent features that is worth my monthly payment.

The Absolute BEST!

What can I say. I moved from my old host to JaguarPC, a VPS, and omg!! I love them. Super fast support, great prices, great uptime, great stability.

In the two months I've been at JaguarPC, the combined time my server has went down is around 20 minutes - and that's mostly my fault.

Tech. support replies to tickets within minutes, and even can solve most problems within that time. They will even upgrade/install most software/programs for FREE; when other hosts either will simply not do it, or charge an arm and a leg to do it.

They've been in the business since 1998, you can't go wrong.

Biggest Pro: support
Biggest Con: none

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