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Switched hosts due to unresolved problems

I recently switched from having jaguarpc as my web host from 2003 to 2014 due to problems that could not be resolved.

Problem 1: They subscribe to service called SPAMCOP. SPAMCOP has a huge list of blocked IPs which was blocking my incoming emails. I was told by jaguarpc that I would have to contact the sender's email provider (in this case yahoo) and start the process to unblock their ip. But I couldn't do this because it was not my email that was being blocked. I tried to opt out of the SPAMCOP service so I could manage SPAM settings myself but jaguarpc said no. I couldn't take the chance that a client's email would be blocked and I would never find out. SPAMCOP's blacklist is much too large and blocks legitimate emails.

Problem 2: I deliver retouched photos to my clients in the form of zip files that are around 300MB each. JaguarPC kept sending me warning messages saying I was violating their Terms of Service by storing files over 100MB. Their TOS states: "You may not use your shared or semi-dedicated accounts for file storage of other accounts, backups, storing backups of DVD’s, mp3's. Large and plentiful files used in this manner on an active system can cause file system corruption and lead to not just your own data loss but that of others." My account was for unlimited storage and I was at around 10GB. Delivering images in this way is key to my business so this was a problem.

Customer service was good - very polite and fairly quick to respond to problems.

Down time was maybe 4 hours a month which was too high for me.

Price is low but ultimately, I needed a higher quality of service so I switched and I'm now paying a bit more.

Biggest Pro: price
Biggest Con: mandatory use of SPAMCOP's service

Server down many times

Jaguar PC have a really bad service. My website is down for more that 4 hours, tried to call write them but the answer is so slow and bad. My server was down for several times and there was one time that it was for more the days, if you are trying to look for a host company this probably will be the worse.

Customer services and support worste in the industry

We have been with jaguarpc for a short time and in this short time 3 tickets have taken 9hours, 10hours and 14hours and counting just to be looked at, these times do not include resolving the issue just looking at the ticket.

They responded quicker to the post on their facebook wall than they did to the support tickets.

Please note that their support telephone number does not work and their sales telephone number goes straight to voicemail.

I would suggest that anyone looking for a good host look else where, because if you need support in any form you will be waiting a very long time to just get a simple response.

Biggest Pro: None so far
Biggest Con: No customer support or care.

Run far away from JaguarPC!!!!

I have used JaguarPC for several Linux dedicated servers for over 5 years and am very happy with service and support.

However, 2 years ago I also purchased a Windows VPS. Since then, it has been a nightmare!

My VPS is down almost every other week. Response time is 12 hours average. Level 1, Level 2 and phone support is worthless other then giving you a BS "sorry I will forward your ticket to Level 3" response. Then be ready to wait!

There staff has been quoted on their support forums as saying that they are "phasing out Windows VPS services in the future to focus again on Linux services". Yet they continue to advertise their Windows VPS on their site and sucker new clients in with statements like "JaguarPC uses industry-leading software and the most powerful hardware nodes to provide the industry's best VPS hosting for Windows...".

Seriously?! That couldn't be more dishonest and insulting as a current client who gets craptastic service and support!

When I confronted them about why are they still selling a product that they can't AND don't want to support (and have admitted that they are phasing out), my posts on their forum were DELETED!

I'm not usually one who runs out and post bad reviews. But they've forced me to share my negative experience due to their dishonest sales tactics and censorship.

I would recommend that anyone looking for a Windows VPS to run far, far away from JaguarPC!

Biggest Pro: Cost
Biggest Con: Support

$1500 lost...and counting.

12 websites are down for 3 days. They don't know where the files, email accounts, and SQL databases are.

Now I get to go through the process of recovering this money from them. And what about all the customers who think I'm incompetent because of THEIR blunder.

Never host with JaguarPC at any price.

Bad support times and communications.

I have been with Jag for over 10 years. For start up hosting it is good a cheap, but for crucial hosting and managed services it is quite frustrating. Their support answers 1 to 2 times per day if lucky and their knowledge seems to be that of entry level support. So if you get an answer it will be one that has nothing to do with your questions and then you need to wait another 24 hours to get a response form the restructuring of your sentences so they may be able to understand.

I had a managed VPS compromised and they said the best thing to do is to move to a new VPS and start fresh, so I said let's do it, it's been 6 weeks and they say they don't know when they will get a new VPS to move it to. I have offered solutions and they just ignore. Really unbelievable. I think they either are covering up something or the support team doesn't want to deal with it, so they answer with anything to pass it off to the next support person when you reply. Either way, after 10 years I have to move on as I am still down after 6 weeks and they still can;t tell me when or if they will get another server to move it to.

If you want to host one site, great price, larger hosting with servers and reselling. Stay away!

Biggest Pro: Great pricing
Biggest Con: Awful support

Went from better than average to abysmal

What can I say that the other negative reviews haven't said already?

Getting ready to leave due to numerous issues in the last several months. Support response times have gotten drastically worse - sometimes the quickest way to get support is via the forums. What used to be handled within the hour is now often not addressed for over a day.

Comptence of the techs has always been questionable and sometimes you have to argue with them. They do not fully understand/read the tickets. They make a lot of excuses as well.

When things were running smoothly things were OK and the server I was on was pretty fast. Then without my knowledge moved me to another server and things started going downhill. I recorded literally hundreds of timeouts in the course of a single day. It took three weeks of my badgering them to get the packet loss issue under control.

I've had a web presence for 14 years now and it is a shame I still can't find a host which I can count on for more than a couple of years that provides a reasonably fast reliable server at a fair price, consistently.

Suspect drop to 0 page rank from 4 was a result of Jag as nothing else makes sense.

Here's something that no one else mentioned - the "rewards" program. A pathetic excuse for one. As long as you don't have to open any tickets you accrue points for each month. Have a problem with a server? Even if it is Jag's fault (99% of my tickets were due to Jag's fault) and you are pointing something out to them, sorry, no points. Strangest rewards program I have heard of. No big deal the rewards suck anyhow.

JaguarPC is Not Good

I wouldn't say they were absolutely terrible. I think a 1 is harsh but I think a 5 rating would be about right. I've been with a lot of hosting providers and this one is not so good (but not terrible).

Frequently I get lags in my server. I have high ram usage, and storage use for some bizzare reason. According to support everything is perfect, so it's kind of hard to pinpoint what exactly is the problem.

Anyway I have heard really good things about ServInt and KnownHost so I am going to try them out next and see if I can get what I would expect from a VPS i.e. fast and stable server.

Biggest Pro: no real outstanding pro here.
Biggest Con: frequent mini lags and downtime

JaguarPC thumbs down

read their forum they have alot of down time. my site was down 3 days cost me money.beware and stay away.and they didnt give me a credit for my loss.

Very Risky to host here

I have had my site here over 5 years. At one time they were pretty good. Recently, the server I was hosted on crashed (Along with 4 other servers!!!) It has taken OVER TWO DAYS - 48Hrs Plus and they still do not have the server running. Can you imagine this in your own data center!!! Just HORRENDOUS. You are at RISK running anything important at JaguarPC now. Beware!

Biggest Pro: Cost
Biggest Con: Crashed server down for 2+ days

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