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On average, IX Web Hosting is not recommended by users on our web site.

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this is a night mare to use IX. Up time 99,9% - please stop joking.

every signe week we are having problems, site is not responding or website database is not availble etc...

Please do not use them!!!!

Would not recommend

When I hosted only HTML pages with them everything was fine....however, I recently began hosting a dating site with a small amount of traffic. All I can say is that database access (i.e. php pages) is slow, slow, slow. I changed servers with them from my original php4.3 to php5 and my site ran even I changed back to my php4.3 server just to regain some speed.

Have sent their tech support many mails in the past years. It takes approx. 24 hours to receive a reply. Their tech support is farmed out to Russians (which is probably not uncommon and so I expected it). The tech support seems very knowledgeable but you are at the mercy of their command of the English language to explain complex things.

Have called their tech support on the phone several times. The Americans there are also very knowledgeable. I called once after midnight and got right through....but I have also called after midnight and was put on hold for nearly an hour while they took care of the 9(!) calls before me. If they would not have had a free 1-800 tech support number I would have quit right then.

My thoughts are that they try to cram as many customers as possible onto each server....and if one of the customers on the server has an active website then it slows everyone else down.

I would not recommend ixwebhosting and am at this website right now looking for a better host.

Biggest Pro: MAYBE tech support???
Biggest Con: Slooooooooow database

Terrible Host Provider

I have been with this hosting company for about 2 years now. They have a terrible record with their email server. Recently, my site has been compromised and hacked two times. Both times someoe has gone into the site somehow and changed the permissions that I had set in order to write their phishing code to my files. My files were write protected! I have told IX about this both time and suggested that there is a security flaw in their server but I always get the same story, them blaming me for the lack of security. Recently, someone even was able to get into the myPHP Admin section of my account and change the names on my database tables. I am just tired of their attitude, lack of concern and their rationalization that it is always the end user's fault. I know computers and know that if a file permission is set high and write protected, it should not be able to be compromised unless there is a problem with the server. Home pages should not be able to be hacked if write protected, and there should not be access to the MyPHPAdmin areas. Don't waste your time or money with this company. Go with someone who has good support and knows what they are talking about and knows how to fix a problem if one should arise.

Biggest Pro: A lot of storage space for the price
Biggest Con: Poor security, lack of vius scanning, easy to compromise sites

Worst Hosting Company on the Planet!

I had been a customer of IX Web Hosting for over 4 years. I have watched their service and support deteriorate significantly especially the past year. My web sites were routinely down and IX Web Hosting missed their guaranteed up-time metrics nearly every month. When I complained they would credit my account for an additional month. Finally after my sites were down for 10 consecutive days I decided a change was in order. I moved my sites and canceled my IX Web Hosting account. Rather than getting the money back I was told I would get a fraction of the refund I was owed. The customer service and billing department argued that the credits I received for them missing their stated guarantee were basically worthless from a monetary standpoint and that they continued to incur charges. Not only did I have to endure countless outages and deal with incompetent technical support leading to additional downtime and outages but I would pay for this "privilege" receiving a minimum refund. I've opened a complaint with the Better Business Bureau about their business tactics and I recommend to everyone to say as far away from IX Web Hosting as possible. If you already have an account there I suggest getting out while you can before you find your sites and your money drained.

Biggest Pro: dedicated IP addresses
Biggest Con: poor customer service, rude employees, bad servers

NOT RECOMMENDED! Dont waste your money!

Not only very slow, but when i cancel my account, i was over charged. There is hidden fees involved with this hosting server. Be aware!!!The support guy was rude, didn't know the answer to my questions. NO No No!!

Totally Disgusted

They used to be OK but a bit slow. Now they are a disaster. Our site has been basically down or compromised for over 2 weeks without any response from their tech support. They just do not seem to know what they are doing. This company is on the way out.

Biggest Con: Incompetent tech support

Not worthy if you hosing site with database

This hosing site is not good for database related application such as Joomla, drupal, CMS and others.

So many database issue. Html traffic is good. Currently they moved to Ohio data center. Speed is actually improved but not good hosting service.

Not sure why other hosting review sites ranks top 10 hosting companies out there.... no way!

I am moving to other hosting in next month.

By the way, i am hosting about 20 domains with ixwebhoting. I am serious user.

I hope this is informative.

Don't use them. They had my email server down and never fix it.

IX Webhosting delayed my email so bad that I had to change hosting services. It started out when I noticed my emails were coming in 3-6hours later then 12-18 hours later. I talked to IX Webhosting support 8 times and they would always answer, we are working on it and would say it will be about 2-3 hours. In fact one time I was on their phone support and there chat support at the same time and the information they gave me conflicted with each other. Bottom line, their support sucks, and when you deal with a host, that’s exactly what your paying for.

Biggest Con: Support Stink, phone support takes 45min, chat 20min.

IX Webhosting, Great at the moment.

I'm a relative newcomer to paid hosts, previously using free accounts I sought advice on choosing a paid host, I had a friend who suggested IX.

Joining up was easy (Dec 07), I chose the business plan which allowed Unlimited domains and Unlimited Webspace which seemed attractive to me as I wanted to use the hosting for multiple projects, the free advertising dollars that the offered was a nice bonus. I was very satisfied with the features that the control panel provided.

I have installed a few different scripts without any major problems at all. I haven't experienced any downtime with the servers yet and I havent required any help yet (they have a 24/7 help desk with a US number and International)

I would definately recommend this webhost, especially to the uneducated user such as myself.

Slow MySQL Server and More Memory

Here's the thing. If your website requires MySQL and your website uses Drupal and you have a fairly large amount of enabled Drupal modules, , don't even bother using them. They have only one MySQL server and it's shared with other websites. I believe they have 128 MB shared RAM. More modules requires more memory.

Biggest Con: They have only one MySQL Server and it's located on its own server and it's shared with every other websites

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