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Warning- this server sucks and cost me money

These guys suddenly suspend your account and give you no explanation of why. Their chat people just say there's a problem with the account and to support a ticket. When they get round to answering the ticket they dont say anything other than to get lost. I wish I had never got involved with this server and warn anyone considering them to stay clear and not risk the performance of their website with these people.

Biggest Pro: non

my biggest mistake in my life

very bad servers . the up time is very good but speed and server response is very bad.
they destroyed my business and now i am searching for a new host provider respecting his serious customer who have a good traffic.
ix need kids to host their website with them.if your traffic exceed 1000 visits per day your site will be at the top of the slowest sites in the world.
keep yourself away from this company.

Biggest Pro: price
Biggest Con: Slow servers

Don't ever host with them

I have been hosting with them for almost 5 years and they were good when I first started, now they have the worse customer service and tech support.

I was hosting 5 websites with them and I was away and had no internet access, I got back and I found out that my hosting plan expired July 21, I still had active domains, so I asked them I would like to reactivate my hosting plan and that I was away. They told me that they deleted it and there is no way to restore it, I had websites there that I paid over $5000 each to have created and allot of data which I didn't have backups of, on ixwebhostings website it states that they make backups which I guess they don't!. I lost everything. The worse part is that they don't tell you they will delete it.

Biggest Pro: none
Biggest Con: they delete your files with no chance restoring

Bad User Experionce with IX web Hosting (Service out for 40+)


I have a premium account on IX web hosting. i had that account for about 6months now... and i had payed them for completely for 2years. now they are trying to ignore my tickets and giving me less support.

my account was suspended due to TOS SPAM issue (AS they say). And all my domains are un-available for about 40+ hrs now. what ever they referring as a spam mail was not even originated from any of there servers. only the body containing the URL's of the sites that hosted on the IX hosting. Actually it's a Monthly news letter that i send to my registerd customer base of 75,000 about my services. Due to the high number of users i have communicated with the IX before and got there idea about it. they tolled me that they can affored that kind of email base. so i took my own SMTP server and a dedicated domain for the mail transmition (from Slice Hosts).

All the issue wear discussed with the IX web hosting before i started transmitting the newsletter. but they didnt check any history just block my account.

Best part is they take about 12 - 17 hours to reply for a one ticket i added every time. and after waiting about 17 hours what i got as a reply was "I have sent this ticket to our call center in order to speed up solving of this issue. Please wait for a call from us." but now 10 hrs has passed by...No 1 called me at all. and i tried to call there international number 3 times, but i was on hold for 20 mints each time... (IDD calls are not that cheap in my country). then i asked to give me backup of my DB then that i can start the hosting on some wear els till this matter clear out. they refused that also.......

Now I'm totally help less... All my websites and domains are down at the moment, and they are not communicating with me, and not even letting me to get a backup of my DB's. and all this was for a previously communicated and sorted matter.

if any one have any idea, please help me on this.....



Since my last review about six months ago, I am still using

I have moved all my hosting from Verio and 1&1 to IX.

I have expanded by account at IX to two systems.
I have both Windows and Linux based accounts now.

I have five active sites. One Linux and four Windows.

I am a fairly competent web page builder but I am not a network guru. I occasionally have problems making things work right.

The IX support staff is always prompt professional and helpful. If the problem is something like a setting that is accessable from the management, they show me how to use it and I fix it myself. It is a real network problem, they fix it and emai me when it is fixed. Turn around is ususally 12 to 24 hours. It would probably be faster If I used the live chat feature but I am just not in that much hurry.

Sites I have used that I find less satisfactory include: Verio, 1&1, GoDaddy

Biggest Pro: They have everything and it is really easy to find and use.They have the friendliest user interface I have found.
Biggest Con: I cannot honestly think of a single con.

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This is a GREAT hosting company.

I have used at least a half dozen hosting companies since the mid 90's. IX Web Hosting is totally reliable, totally responsive, never down and has the easiest to use web site I have found. The only company I have found that is as good as IX is Verio and they are much more expensive.

By Cad on December 6th, 2008 at 15:57 EST
URL: Customer for 3 - 5 years
Plan: Shared | Platform: Windows | Email: [Logged]

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Not recommended

Poor and slow tech support.

Likely to blame any problems on you before investigating.

First line of tech support "defense" can barely understand the links and instructions they send you.

As soon as I can find a better service (and some time) I will switch

my biggest mistake is ixwebhosting

Well i do not like ix coz i lost my all visitors de to slow Databse of IX, My web almost dead 2 days in a week.. when i was on hostmonster i got daily 500+ unique visitors now it is only 50 visitors( and i am enable to view my visitors stats coz ix does not provide any reliable visitor stats software in cpanel like awstate etc) i just lost my visitors due to database errors and slow server speed :(

Let me define IX in one sentese

IX is my Biggest Mistake

But still i have to surf with IX coz i paid them money for two years :(

They does not provide any good live chat service if we asked any question to supporter it says plz hold and then does not reply even you open that chat page for 1 day or 1 week you will not get any help


IX Web Hosting has become totally UNRELIABLE

I continually check my page and I am getting server failures and REALLY slow performance in all my domains: etc. This seems to happen every Sunday and how I can I tell if it's happening at other times as well?

IX Web service level isn't 99.9% it's way way lower.

I IX Web is forcing me into an Emergency situation. I now have to decide if I should pull all my sites from IX Web. This is a disaster.

If I am forced to change providers I will be sure that the hosting rating services get my severe complaint.

This is unacceptable !


avoid ix at all cost!

Over the years of working with ix I had just gotten used to their bad service. But in the last few months I've just had enough and am moving today.

In the last few months this has happened while at ix:

* Their entire web hosting environment was hacked - every single web page. When I asked for help they blamed me.
* The deleted my database - and then after a week of fighting with them to restore it they said they no longer had a backup of it.
* Their imap email service only works 30% of the time. I've filed multiple service requests to get help only to find that they honestly have no idea what they are doing.

Avoid this place. You will end up moving away from them soon if you do.

Biggest Con: no security, customer service

I would not suggest this company

They have terrible customer service and support. They deleted our db's which caused major problems. After a few weeks when they hadn't recovered our data we decided to start from scratch and asked them to not overwrite this data....the did it anyway and screwed us for a second time.

It also seems that there sever is infected with a virus, after check with several sources and reading thousands of customer reviews I confirmed this. It seems thousands of their customers are all experiencing the same probelms.

The only reason I did switch early is because they gave me a year free for all their screw ups, given the latest issues I am not waiting for the free year to expire....I am switching now.

Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: Terrible service from top to bottom

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