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On average, IX Web Hosting is not recommended by users on our web site.

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Page RelevancyFootnote 1 Very High
# of Reviews 60
# that Recommend 9
Very Low
% that Recommend 15%
Very Low
Overall RatingFootnote 2 30.5%
Very Low
Review QualityFootnote 2 Footnote * 100%
Very High

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I would not say NO to ix webhosting, its HELL NO

well i was kind of lured to signup with them coz of the pirce and the self proclaimed gauranteed and reviews on their descent website ,but i didn't know what I am getting into.

1) They dont know how to run DATABASES, or may is say WEBHOSTING , coz a website without a DB is frankly no website. Yeah they claim to have unlimited DB space but even a properly indexed table with a few(7-8) thousand rows that is queried 200 times can OVERLOAD their servers. If you have a descent website that is DB dependent and has a traffic of arounf 100 or more visitors per day, you will wake up on every monday with a "TOS Violation - MySQL Overload" ticket awaiting you for 2 consecutive weeks with your DB not there as it is chmod to 0, and that can only be restored if you assure them of not voilating the TOS (that you will never find as to how you voilated) and on your 3rd week, awaits the "Suspended: ToS Violation". Well thats preety much my experiece and I for a moment thought that may be its just me but visit their blog and you find it all over.

2) "Money Back Gaurantee", "Full money back gaurantee", thats what you find all over, well lets just try it for a moment, ok here you go :
-1- give them explanation for why you are cancelling account
-2- open a cancellation ticket and wait 3-5 days as it takes that much time because CANCELLATION and REFUND is a manual process (unlike signup process that is almost instant)
-3- get on phone with them or on chat to know about your cancellation and refund, only to know that they are EXCALATING your Ticket.
-4- repeat #3 a few times
-5- get to know that THEY(support people, to whom we/their customer have access) DO NOT GOVERN THE CANCELLATION DEPARTMENT and its for the cancellation department to process our cancellation (Yeah, I can imagine the requirement to have a whole department for cancellation requests/tickets)
-6-haven't received my refund as of now

3) You are entitles for a FULL MONEY BACK if you cancel your account within 30 day of signup. well thats only what theysay or have on the website. Their FULL MONEY BACK FORMULA is : AMOUNT PAID AT TIME OF SIGNUP - COST EVERY FREE DOMAIN REGISTERED (fine to me, usually 20 $ per domain) - COST OF FREE ADVERTISMENTS USED

4) A CONTROL PANEL that sucks, BIG TIME. Even if you have not seen any other descent but not extraordinary control panles like cPanel and plesk, their control panel is a place with little or no control and the somewhat control that is there is often hidden at the oddest of places. Dont fall for their talk of 'Developing a new control panel' coz thats all **** that they have been saying for years and are expected to continue to do so.

5) Oh i forgot to mention, if your account gets suspended, there is NO WAY to get the data/contents back. NO DB BACKUP, NO WEBSITE FILES: Thankyou IX, we are all set to be doomed.

6) hmm they got excellent support, thats is if you define support as "A person to talk to, whom you can share your problem with", but thats very much it. To every problem, Firstly, they will tell you to open a ticket and if you have already done so, they will tell you that they have ESCLATED your ticket. Thank you for calling IX.


Biggest Con: DB Issues. Control Panel, help less Live Support

Your website will get hacked

My website was hacked 5 times within 6 months. I went with them because of the cost, but in the long run it cost way more after Google blocked my website when malicious scripts were inserted. I did everything to prevent this, but their web servers are compromised. If you get any decent traffic to your website it will eventually get hacked and flagged by Google. There are too many other hosting companies to choose from to deal with IX webhosting!

Servers go down daily...

For the past month I've noticed that my site(s) hosted on IX Web Host crashes daily. It may be only a few minutes but typically it lasts for a few hours. I'll never renew a hosting package with this site. Here is the very typical response from their technician that I just received back this morning:

"We are very sorry for this recent inconvenience, please accept our sincere apologies. Our administrators have been notified and they are doing their best to fix the problem as soon as possible. It may take some more additional time to get it fixed. Thank you for bearing with us. We hope for your understanding and cooperation."


Going going gone?

For many years I've used IXWebhosting and been very satisfied, but I fear they are heading downhill.

A major reason for using IX is the ability to use SQL server manager to connect to SQL Databases. I have been doing so and writing native windows back ends for websites form many years with no problems.

All of a sudden, something has happened to SQLServer. Response times that were virtually instantaneous have jumped to 5-10 seconds with no changes on my part.

The following exchange with Tech Support sums up my frustration. I would very much like to hear from anyone who believes I am being unreasonable.

Up until two weeks ago, I was recommending them. I'm afraid I can no longer do so.

Below is a very disappointing exchange with IXWebhosting's technical support. It is the first time they've let me down. I hope they aren't becoming like so many other companies who try to blame their customers for all problems. If anyone thinks I'm wrong or overreacting, I'd like to hear about it.

To Tech Support:
All of my sites using SQL Server are experiencing incredibly slow response times. The server is mssql9.
For example, when updating one row updating one row of a 1000 row table it sometimes takes 4-5 seconds.
I just logged on to the site and it took five seconds to verify login information.

So, I logged off and logged back in. This time it took about 1/2 second.
Everything I do with SQL server has unpredictable results. This all started about two weeks ago.
If this can't be fixed can I move to a different SQL server?
Dear Dave,
thank you for contacting our technical support team.
Let me express the most sincere apologies regarding to the issue you were facing. Unfortunately, I am unable to reproduce it now. As I have checked the server logs, there were no issues noticed on the server level for the specified time period. Please, could you verify the problem once again on your side, and inform us once it continues with exact steps for reproducing from our side, so we will initiate deeper investigation regarding to it. Thank you for cooperation. Should you have any further questions, feel free to contact us at anytime, we are available 24/7.
Vlad Demyan
To Tech Support:
It is difficult to tell exactly what the problem is but it seems that the server almost has to "wake up" the first time it is hit.

Try this. go to
Below the login button click on "here" to register.
Now, on the left side of the page, click on one of the years and see how long it takes for the name list to appear. I just did this and it took 7 seconds for the class of 1965 list to appear.

Subsequent clicks on a year seem to respond more quickly but they are still much much slower than they were a few weeks ago.


Dear Dave,

Thank you for contacting our tech department team.

I regret to inform you but we won't be able to provide you with a better performance due to Shared Server environment. The best we can suggest you is to organize your scripts for better performance. You are using connection to database to get results from a request, maybe you should suggest to optimize your requests or database structure to be able to get requested results faster. We count on your patience and understanding.

Please feel free to contact us if you need further assistance. We are available 24/7.

Stepan Radibog
Technical Department
To Tech Support:

I have been a loyal customer of IXWebhosting for many years. During that time I have used SQL Server extensively and I have never experienced these problems. Your response is not an answer but a simple dismissal of my problem. This is exactly the type of response that causes bad reviews and loss of customers.

My scripts haven't changed. My databases haven't changed. Only response times have changed.

If my scripts are bad or my database structure is bad, why are the queries sometime very rapid and sometimes very slow?

Here's are two scripts that are almost identical. The first took 14seconds to execute. The second was executed immediately afterward and took less than a second.

1- update alums set password = '12345' where uniq = 10xxx
2- update alums set password = '56789' where uniq = 11xxx

It doesn't matter which script is run first, it is very slow but the second is much faster.

Please explain that.

Can we move our databases to a different server?


Don't use this hosting

If you run a web site that’s php or html this would be an OK host, don’t try to run a database site on this hosting as there so over sold you will be disappointed. Really you can find a lot cheaper host for php and html hosting with better support.

Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: Slow database servers

ixwebhosting review and the file limitation on unlimited plans

Before you sign up for ixwebhosting, you better consider their imposed 100,000 file limit. They say the limit is 100,000 for windows and 300,000 for linux. Unfortunately, many of the staff at ixwebhosting do not even know this limitation themselves. The terms and conditions are very general and they claim unlimited storage and bandwidth. This borders upon scamming the client to sign up and then tack on a file limitation to get you to upgrade to ixwebhosting VPS account. Is this ethical? No, it's not. Should people sue ixwebhosting for doing this? Yes, clients who have been a victim of such misleading terms and limitations should work on a class action lawsuit. You can perhaps email [email protected] but also contact your legal consultant as well. Regarding ixwebhosting hosting itself, ixwebhosting wouldn't be recommended because of their constant downtime and server speed. It will lower your website ranking and people who visit your website will leave the site due to speed. The customer service on the other hand are courteous and you can easily contact them via online chat quite quickly. But unfortunately server and service is lacking. In addition this file limitation and server speed will affect your website's future growth.

1. ixwebhosting file limitation - POOR
2. ixwebhosting server speed - POOR
3. ixwebhosting uptime - Below average
4. ixwebhosting customer service - Very Good
5. ixwebhosting Overall - POOR

Last note, Ixwebhosting should not promote unlimited hosting if they have file count limitations imposed. This is considered false advertising.

Biggest Pro: hsphere control panel
Biggest Con: server speed and file limitation

Bad solution, too many problems

HTTP downloads limited to a 2MB size, bigger files are downloaded corrupted almost always.
SMTP limited to 25 recipients.
Control panel terribly slow, if you want a reasonably speed you have to buy a "Virtual Server".

Warning- this server sucks and cost me money

These guys suddenly suspend your account and give you no explanation of why. Their chat people just say there's a problem with the account and to support a ticket. When they get round to answering the ticket they dont say anything other than to get lost. I wish I had never got involved with this server and warn anyone considering them to stay clear and not risk the performance of their website with these people.

Biggest Pro: non

my biggest mistake in my life

very bad servers . the up time is very good but speed and server response is very bad.
they destroyed my business and now i am searching for a new host provider respecting his serious customer who have a good traffic.
ix need kids to host their website with them.if your traffic exceed 1000 visits per day your site will be at the top of the slowest sites in the world.
keep yourself away from this company.

Biggest Pro: price
Biggest Con: Slow servers

Don't ever host with them

I have been hosting with them for almost 5 years and they were good when I first started, now they have the worse customer service and tech support.

I was hosting 5 websites with them and I was away and had no internet access, I got back and I found out that my hosting plan expired July 21, I still had active domains, so I asked them I would like to reactivate my hosting plan and that I was away. They told me that they deleted it and there is no way to restore it, I had websites there that I paid over $5000 each to have created and allot of data which I didn't have backups of, on ixwebhostings website it states that they make backups which I guess they don't!. I lost everything. The worse part is that they don't tell you they will delete it.

Biggest Pro: none
Biggest Con: they delete your files with no chance restoring

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IX Web Hosting Rating: 1.5 out of 5
Review rating: 1.5 out of 5 with 60 reviews

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