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No problems from this guy!!

I originally came to this host after "bumping heads" with my old host over password protecting folders.
I have never, (underscore, capitalize, make bold), never encountered any problems with any of my 5 domains (2 international shipping companies, one hospital, one restaurant and a personal site) that caused any heart-aches or serious disruptions?
They have had their "unforeseen" problems, but these were few and far between and none created any problems for my domains.
I can still use some of my ole Php4 scripts, thanks to their server setups.
Tech assistance has always been expedient, excellent and I cannot say enough good things about this gang.
They may be a little more expensive from some of the other hosts, but for myself, I'd rather pay a buck more and have something reliable, that is GAURANTEED!

The speed is toooo slow

I bought this space for 3 months, the speed is so slow that i could not bear. Opening the first page I need 21 seconds, but my website is on the beginning status. So I don't like the web hosting. By the way, their database server had already been wrong for 5 times.

Timely and Responsive

Whenever I have a problem, as long as I communicate they seem to respond great.

When I read reviews of people trashing IX Webhosting, they sound so negative I have to wonder how they were when they talked to their IX webhosting support team? Anyone who treats people disrespectfully (for technical problems are not an individual staff member's direct fault) and then expects to be either treated with calm respect OR to even be fully understood needs to rethink their strategy.

Anger doesn't solve problems. Communication does.

I communicate my problems, with respect, to my IX webhosting team. They don't happen often. But when they do, they are promptly resolved.

No complaints here.

Biggest Pro: Price
Biggest Con: If you need high speed, you must pay more money (but this should be obvious)

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Great Service

When people complain about IX Webhosting, I often shake my head. I read their comments, and find that they were looking for something for nothing, or trying to get IX Webhosting to do something it wasn't designed to do. Often, also, they seem to be bitter and angry. They may not be, but they seem that way.

When I have a problem, I contact IX Webhosting staff. If the matter is urgent, I use their chat feature. I do not always get an immediate pickup on my chat window, and responses from the staff take a few minutes at times. But their answers and support are always what I need, in the end.

Relative to the cost of the service? Excellent.

By Markus on August 15th, 2010 at 17:11 EST
URL: [Hidden but verified] Customer for 3 - 5 years
Plan: Shared | Platform: Linux | Email: [Logged]

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Do not pick IX for hosting...

IX was an ok hosting provider when I started with them years ago, I didn't have many complaints, until I started noticing a pattern. Starting in about October, servers would crash, I would have huge outages every year. I would lose sales because the server would timeout in the middle of the transactions. I watched it happen on numerous occasions. Finally, this year, they had a scheduled maintenance that went wrong, and my service was again down for over a full day. Unacceptable in this day and age not to have a backout plan in a scheduled maintenance period. But I said...OK, we will see how this holiday season goes and give them a one last chance to change my mind that I should continue hosting with them. They assigned support heroes to each account, and this was a great change in support and working with my hero has been awesome. However it is not nearly enough to keep my business. I am moving as soon as possible and requesting a full refund. My recommendation: Please do not give your business to IX WebHosting. They need to just refund their current customer's money and help them move to some place that can provide service and shut down. They are DONE.

Biggest Pro: Support hero
Biggest Con: Uptime...down at least part of every day where I can't get to it.

ixhwebhosting are liars

ixhwebhosting says "Unlimited storage space" but actually after 15GB they disable your account. The mail servers and mySQL are very slow and they have no respect for customers. DO NOT USE THEM.

ixwebhosting is NOT recommended.

Unstable Servers.
down every day about one hour and they just lie on customer, i call them many time with my report show the down time period and they just know one word call us when problem happen an d when call them while the problem do nothing just rest memory pool that is only thing they know how to do.
- Timeout
if website run it take from 1~20 minute to load
- Web Speed, Unacceptably slow.
and if load and work in some time it work very slow
- Technical services: just lie on me they still told me the site run ok while i face many problem and if they change any thing they told my it work ok now so they know this site have problem in time they say no problem, just a big lair
- ixwebhosting is NOT recommended.





Biggest Pro: NONE

"I would not say NO to ix webhosting, its HELL NO" is right...

I've been a long time customer of IX and as of late, since they have outsourced support to Ukraine, this company is going down fast. If your site is getting decent traffic, it's guaranteed that the site will be hacked. It's not what you do, it's what the support will do to your site; keep in mind that the tech support has full access to your folders, files, and code. They even hide sub-folders in your site directory that you cannot see with the web based or FTP connection to your site. You'll notice the hidden folder when Google blocks your site and it shows up at site as such:


You check your site directory and there's no "3wjc9dm" folder visible. You go ahead and chat with the support online and asked them, can you see this directory? You guest it, the answer is no.

Then out of the blue, you get an email from tech support that they have opened a support ticket for you. And of course, they do blame you for all of the issues. Quote from their standard answer:

"We regret to inform you that we have found that your FTP password has been compromised. It is likely that it was stolen by a "hacker" (or someone with malicious intent against your account) or a Trojan. This means that your account is now vulnerable to malicious scripts. Your account will be completely cleaned from all known malicious code in the nearest time.

The root of the problem is that your FTP password appears to be stolen by hackers. It means there is a trojan running at your local machine that reads the password when you connect your FTP account and then sends it to hacker. Thus, it is recommended that you scan your local machine and remove viruses and trojans if any found. And please, do not reset your FTP password until you sure your machine is clean. We prefer not to tell you your new password, in order to keep it secure. "


a. how come tech support noticed the hacked FTP account password, after complaining about the invisible folder?
b. how does tech support know where the hack has taken place?
c. even if the FTP account gets hacked on the "local machine", there's no way to make a folder "invisible" by that FTP account
d. after five years being an IX customer, running WordPress, PHPBB, and PHP websites, all the sudden during the last couple of month, I forgot how to protect my sites?

I did not forget how to run my site; I am moving them as far away from IX as possible.

Biggest Pro: List serve service
Biggest Con: Lack of providing a secure hosting environment


Do NOT get IX. Note the following email sent to users of their service sent by their CEO on October 19, 2010. Judge for yourself. They have "upgraded" their systems 4 times within a year.


I am writing to you to apologize. Last Thursday, October 14th through Saturday, October 16th, our CP9 & CP10 customers were put through frustrating and severe service issues, which should not have happened.

We had become arrogant with our level of confidence in making changes to our new infrastructure, and wrongfully assumed that there would be no problems in the change we had decided to make. In doing so, we put all of you through a lengthy and horrible period of multiple outages. Clearly this is terrible service, and not the kind of provider we want to be.

For those of you that are interested in understanding the full technical explanation of the issues that caused the service problems, please read the "post-mortem" that is posted on our blog. There is one bit of bad news, all customers on CP10 will have to undergo a 5 minute restart on Wednesday, October 20th in order to prevent a possible repeat of Saturday afternoon's outage. Please read the blog post for details.

We have definitely learned some valuable lessons from this outage and we want to commit to all of you that we will not repeat the same mistake again. So we are making some changes. First, we have instituted a maintenance freeze for the time being, so that only emergency maintenances will be allowed to happen for now. Emergency is defined as a maintenance that has to happen to correct or prevent a problem that is customer affecting. Second, we are hardening and cleaning up our testing procedures and back-out plan policies for all production environment changes. Third, a new Change Management Advisory Board made up of our senior leadership team will review and approve all changes to our systems, software, or interfaces from now on.

I sincerely hope that you will forgive us, and give us the opportunity to prove that we are taking this very, very seriously.

Fathi Said, CEO
IX Web Hosting

Ecommerce Inc
1774 Dividend Dr
Columbus, Ohio 43228
United States

Biggest Pro: none
Biggest Con: poor reliability

Exceptional Value

I have been working with host companies for 6 years. Prior to working with IX Web Hosting getting help was the worst experience, that all changed now that I am working with IX Web Hosting. There are no more sarcastic undertones, unanswered questions and waiting hours for a response.

Customer Support at IX Web Hosting has it going on through and through; polite, courteous and on top of their process and procedures, the bottom line is that the prick attitude is gone. I would suspect that most customers when describing their issues with tech support are all over the place making it difficult for the representative to nail down the exact issue, let’s face it most people write like an 8th grader so put that on top of describing their tech issue it must be like reading Latin.

With that said customer support has a way of setting aside their expertise and relating with their customers with a level of comfort that I have not seen before coming to IX Web hosting. I am a client and will remain one as long as I am working in the web industry.

Best Regards,
Scott Winningham

Biggest Pro: Value for money spent on services

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