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No Refunds after 90 Days

When I signed up for IX Web Hosting two years ago, the terms of service were that I could cancel anytime. However, when I asked to cancel after two years of my three year contract, I was advised that the terms had changed several months ago and that it was no longer possible to cancel after 90 days had passed. When I inquired as to whether my account was grandfathered under the old rules, the answer was "no." According a personal reply from the customer relations department, IX Web Hosting reserves the right to change their terms of service at any time without notification. Apparently it doesn't matter what you agreed to when you signed up, they can unilaterally change the terms of your plan any time they want, and you're just stuck with it.

I have never encountered a policy like this in any other business. Credit card companies, for example, give you an opportunity to cancel when they change their terms of service. I have cancelled contracts with other web hosts before the term is up and got a refund for the unused months. But IX is very different. I am, to say the least, unimpressed with IX Web Hosting and I cannot recommend them here.

Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: Horrible Customer Service

They are terrible

If you can, just stay away from IX Web Hosting.They put to much websites on one server.So one day your site can be shut down because of "server overload" Last week that happen to us 3 times .Next week we will move to a different hosting.


Miseable experience when I really needed support. Don't even try building a drupal/mysql site with this group. They are terrible. I wasted 2 months with them, and went I went with acquia I was up in four days. It was amazing how the ix staff was unhelpful in simple support issues. STAY AWAY!!!!

IX Webhosting Has Improved Dramatically

I have had similar issues as many of the reviews here - in fact I blasted this company in my last review - but they are all in the past. I must say, in the last 18 months, IX Webhosting has improved 1000% - no downtime, no service issues - quick resolution to questions if they do arise. I host over 200 sites. I expect what I pay for - if I'm cheap and broke and want to pay pennies, I expect pennies-type service. I'm in business, and I know - for every bad review here, there are 100 happy customers - the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

I just feel its fair, in any business, that if you have a good experience, you let people know also, so that's what I'm doing. It's been good for a year and a half - I hope it continues that way.

Biggest Pro: Great value

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IX has gone from good to bad to the WORST!

I have been with IX for over 2 years now and since they moved their location several months ago, they have been the worst - unhelpful, constantly down, no assistance at all, and even when I suggest solutions so as to not lose me as a customer (I have paid $70/mo for over 2 years, so I'm not a $3.95 customer) they could care less. I agree with one of the other postings - they are on the way out - they CANNOT survive with this type of service/attitude to their customers. Unfortunately I have a ton of files to move - that's another thing - I have periodically lost files - thankfully not crucial files, but just horrible for the last 4 months. I am moving today and can honestly say I would never have thought a hosting company could be this bad, but they are! Run, don't walk, from IX Webhosting.

By Peter Coloyan on August 15th, 2008 at 09:27 EST
URL: Customer for 1 - 2 years
Plan: Shared | Platform: Windows | Email: [Logged]

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Why this company exists?

I` should`ve come here first and read the reviews and now regret i didn`t. People who wrote here have not written about refund. I have asked them to refund me and i confirmed that i want refund but after a day half i ask them what`s happening with the refund they say we want you to confirm cancellation? Why it needs twice confirmation as i have never heard and faced such twice confirmation. If you are interested the cpanel is a garbage. i`ve never seen such cpanel, and cpanel homepage is all about to charge more from you not to serve you!!!!!



Slow and down a lot

In the first month my website was down 5 times and they had no explanation. I should have moved then because that is a huge red flag but I stayed with them. Then I needed a port opened so my website could send packets to my servers. Well one person opened the port for me and then some other person found the open port and thought it was some huge problem so they closed it causing my website to stop working. So they have poor communication between employees about what is going on there.

More recently I have been trying to advertise the website and their servers have been so slow that it would take anywhere from 30 seconds to a full minute to come up. The average person will not wait that long so who knows how much I was losing on that.

When I call them on these problems nobody ever seemed to know much about anything.

Very bad hosting, unstable servers chat attendants go away.

Since 2004 IX has given me many problems. Outages of more than 6 hours and many of 2 to 4 hours. When the things bettered a few months ago, they announced the server's migration, in last November. Less long outages, but now, all day long, everyday, an outages festival of constant short outages (Hundreds, generally of 2 to 4 minutes). This has been monitored and reported by 3 or 4 companies. The last 3 days (December 17 to 19) were 15, 14 and 16 outages, respectively, reported by Panopta services, by e-mail.

I myself had found this several times and I have monitoring reports and statistics also, by Internet Seer, Siteuptime and cited Panopta companies. Then IX says me that servers are good and "checked" and the monitoring alerts "can be false". Well, if someone is false are IX and its promises, except the price of its basic plans!

The new servers and are very unstable and nobody there does nothing. The anterior servers, and, finally, after some years of very bad quality, had bettered, in the last 4 or 5 months before the server's migration. So, it seems was made a downgrade in the servers stability. I think they only should monitor each server. So simple!

I had spent dozens of hours writing or chatting them, their responses are almost all useless, automatic, redundant. In IX chat service (from Uckrayne) some persons are kind and attend very well, however many times nothing is advanced nor solved. Other attendants say "hold on, I will check" and let you talking to the wall for until 50 minutes while go away and don't check nothing (as in December 17 and 18).

And I already had my ix account invaded by hacker, they said it was an FTP problem. But I never use FTP. The Google alerted all that my site was dangerous, and due that I saw alerts against my site in my Web groups. So I lost lots of visitants more.

I feel forced to come here because they really are not caring for my situation.

I spent thousands of hours in my site. In 2005 I had almost 40,000 daily page views in my 200 or 300 pages, and my site had 5% in quality and variety relating to the same site today, with its almost 5,000 pages. my daily views are from 5,000 to 8,000, and my Adsense money is decreasing, but should be increasing. Because one professional website has to be trustable, instead in outage almost every hour, almost every day of the year. In the contract don't they promise 99,9% guaranteed uptime?

Resuming: I have paid them the hosting plan in advance, until the middle of 2013.

Thank you!
Oscar Nogueira

Very bad experience

I have been a business-plan customer with IX web hosting for more than 5 years. My experience is that their server is general slow and it takes long time for my web pages to load. Quite some times I even found it takes minutes for their server to load pages that are less than a few hundred KB. My worst experience with them came a few days ago when their system automatically renewed my domain name with a fee ($7.94) which is used to be covered by free points. I did not recognize the charge in the first place and asked my credit company to dispute on it. Two days later when I found out I called my credit company to remove the dispute. Nightmare came soon when I found that IX suspended my account without warning because of a charge back on the domain registration fee due to the communication delay between my credit company and IX's merchant bank. So I contacted IX, singed a LOA to reverse the charge back and also called my credit company again to make sure the reversal. IX first told me that they could lift the suspension within 24 hrs, then 3 days after they actually receive the fee. I offered them to charge another credit card in order to resolve this ASAP but they did not agree. During my communication with IX, I feel they are punishing me on purpose without any goodwill and they are happy to see that they can cause thousands times damage to me than that $7.94 domain registration fee! After this I have decided that I will not renew my hosting plan with them any more.

Failure to provide Security or Regular and Honest Support

Read below for context. Skip to tl;dr if desired.
I was hired by a local company to complete the owner's attempt at launching an online extension of his long standing mail-order business. The owner signed on with IXWebhosting and hired them to build his site, but could not get them to complete the job and so hired me to take over.

A couple of months and a lot of needless fury later I finally got the web service running. We were just beginning to build some momentum when I came to work to discover our site had become a viral threat and was blocked by our security program. I opened a support ticket and was told we'd been infected because our shopping cart software was outdated and a known security risk. They said our site was undergoing a full scan, code was being cleaned, and the software was being updated.

That was a Thursday & I expected to be back up within a few hours. When the next day showed no change I was told that the scan had been completed, code had been cleaned, but the upgrade needed more time. Interestingly our site was still viral according to our security software.

By Monday morning, there was still no change. They had not even put up the placeholder I requested from the first to replace the "fatal error" message. We were still deflecting an attack from our domain.

Another call to Support found that the upgrade had been abandoned mid-install, because we should have known the software was out of date & had to pay to get it finished. When I asked why the site couldn't be restored from a backup in the meantime, they said they only had one backup and it had also been corrupted.

I authorized the fee, and yet two weeks later we are still offline and can not get any information on when to expect otherwise. I would be furious if it were my personal website, but for an ecommerce site to be handled like this is all the more outrageous. There is no telling the sales and reputation these two weeks have cost.

When you call Support they claim to be "the only web host offering /personalized/ support". I get a different person every time I call. If I ask for someone I have spoken with before, I get voicemail (or in the latest case a mailbox at capacity and no longer accepting messages). Whether I leave messages, update the support ticket or email directly, it takes weeks of repeated requests to get a reply.

Performance and Reliability is horrible

I have been with IX for many years but in the last year I have found the reliability and performance just horrible. We have constantly had disconnects between the web host and the mysql which makes our Joomla site worthless when this happens. There is always a quick response from support but basially just an apology or an excuse. We will be moving to a new host soon, as it doesn't seem to be getting better with IX

Biggest Pro: Affordable
Biggest Con: Reliability and Performance

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