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iweb is quite excellent

I have been hosting with them for about 5 years. I use unmanaged hosting. I have had 2 downtimes in 5 years. Once because the power went out in one of their facilities. The servers were down overnight. Second is when my motherboard fried and had to be replaced. It was down for just over 6 hours.

There service is excellent, although they say they will get back to you within 15 minutes and they take 6 hours to change the mother board and then get back to you... but I can understand the mobo would be difficult to diagnose and they don't want to reply with a message that says they dont know whats wrong.

Costs are competitive. When the do massive upgrades like with bandwidth and stuff, they come out with really good deals. Like they just started charging the same for a 100Mb connection that they used to charge for a 10Mb connection. And give you a lot more monthly bandwidth to utilize the new faster connection... But I had to buy a new server to take advantage of that deal.

Biggest Pro: Stability
Biggest Con: none

Unreliable and non-existent tech support, billing, account reps

I have had a total of 9 servers with iWeb. 3 have or have had hardware problems. Typically, the servers would just go down. I suspect they use cheap white box hardware. The most common problems seem to be hard-drive related. I get a KVM on it, and I get OS not found type of errors, but the hard drive checks fine. The random HW problems are unresolvable, and I suspect they just keep reselling them to the next customer.

They offer good value when you are lucky, but there is really no response from tech support, account managers, billing, or anyone if you have any questions or problems whatsoever. Most staff, you cannot call--only open trouble tickets which either sit there or get mysteriously closed without resolution. They are located in Quebec, and it seems the primary language is French, so either they don't want to deal with English-speaking customers or there is a communication problem. According to what I have been told, they have had tremendous growth and are just woefully understaffed.

In short, nothing ever gets resolved. My advice would be that whatever you do, don't sign up for anything more than month-to-month. That way, if you have problems that don't get resolved, you can walk away from it.

Biggest Pro: Good value
Biggest Con: No response to pretty much anything

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