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imountain (iron mountain) hosting

I wrote a 3 to 5 month review of imountain 6 months ago and am now following up with a new review since I have continued my service with them. Having signed up in November of 2007, I am approaching my 1 year anniversary with imountain and they are still as fabulous as they were on day 1. Their product is great and they continue to host my popular and resource intensive wordpress blog without any hitches.

Support is wonderful. They go above and beyond the call of duty. Tickets are answered within 10 to 15 minutes with personal replies still. They don't have canned replies.

The one thing that may scare people away with imountain is that their shared hosting is a little more expensive than most shared hosts and the bandwidth and storage are "real" numbers, I assure you that you are getting quality and a whole different setup with your hosting account. You aren't tied to 1 server, you are on a cluster of servers. Each service (web, DNS, Email, Control Panel, Database) all function on their own server in the cluster.

Not to mention the database server is this monster server with like 30GB of RAM.

imountain treats you like a customer, not just someone sending them money each month. They strive to be the best and in my opinion they are the best I have had since I began my hosting adventures in 2004.

Biggest Pro: Support and Quality
Biggest Con: HSPHERE - Harder than CPanel at first

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imountain (iron mountain) hosting

I have been a client of imountain since november 2007 after having my resource intensive wordpress blog hosted and suspended on numerous shared plans. I first started with a shared plan at imountain and was amazed at how well my blog ran. Using a clustered setup imountain delivered fast results. I have since moved to a semi dedicated plan which is just simply amazing. I have 5 servers in my cluster with yet another memcache server with only around 10 to 15 clients on the entire cluster. Blog has managed to have 269 concurrent connections without even slowing down a bit. Server load has always been 1.50 and lower which is excellent considering the webserver has 4 cores. most time the load is 0.50 or less even with 200 people online.

Support with imountain is also the best. Most if not all tickets are answered in minutes with a real response, not some canned message. Responses are thorough and problems always rectified. Not to mention they go above and beyond helping with things that are not really their problem nor would any other host even think about helping with.

I whole recommend imountain to anyone looking for a reliable, honest and superior host.

By Brent Natzle on March 3rd, 2008 at 22:01 EST
URL: Customer for 3 - 5 months
Plan: Semi Dedicated | Platform: Linux | Email: [Logged]

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