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Used to be a good company but are terrible now

Today I finally cancelled my account with Ipowerweb after 6 years with them. They have gone from a really good web hosting service to being terrible at every aspect of their service. The customer support is terrible and they try to nickle and dime you for every penny they can get. I should have switched a couple years ago but out of dumb loyalty I stayed only to be disappointed again and again. Once they get their hooks in you they make it as difficult as possible to transfer your domain to another company. I can't say enough about researching completely before signing up with a webhost. I fee like a bad nightmare has finally ended!

Ipowerweb is a joke

I have been with them for 5 years now, and 2 weeks ago I renewed my plan. This morning I was banned for no reason. I called them and waited for 3 hours to talk to them. They couldn't tell me why my account was banned and then disconnected me. I am done with ipowerweb and going back to dot5hosting.

Biggest Con: poor support

Long term customer now looking for a new host.

I've have used iPowerWeb for my websites since 2004. Until this year they were my hosting company of choice for new clients -- no longer.

In January 2008 they "upgraded" their servers, and their reliabilty has been terrible ever since.

On any given day I have at least one website down because of iPowerWeb "updates", "service", or known problems. A tech call means at least an hour on hold, followed by a standard scrips of Q&A where I have to demonstrate that I have a real problem, and finally a talk with someone who speaks poor English. Generally the result of tech calls is the message ""we are aware of the problem and are working to restore service".

The frustration is unbearable. I'm moving all of my website clients to another hosting company, rather than try to continue trying to adapt to iPowerWeb's problems and upgrades.

I will never again use iPowerWeb for a website host, and strongly recommend to all my contacts to look elsewhere for a hosting company.

Biggest Con: Terribly slow, terribly unreliable, terrible customer service

Website totally gone...

We were with Ipower's Ipage service for quite a while. They had an ebay integration plan that they never really got working. Not a huge deal. Then come to find that nobody could reach our was gone. A call to Ipower confirmed that they changed to a "new plaform" and that the Ipage site we had with them "was not compatible with the new platform", and we would have to recreate our site. They said they sent an email, but we didn't receive one. So I just have to say Thanks Ipower for wiping our site from the face of the web. Nice job. NOT! I have many more colorful words I would like to use, but not here. It's now back to the drawing board with a new hosting company and recreating the site. Not going to use a template service again either. STAY AWAY!

Biggest Pro: they were decent when they didn't delete our site.
Biggest Con: Deleted our site without warning.

Terrible Technical Support - Stay away

iPowerWeb "updated" about 3 months ago at which point our website would no longer display. After numerous attemps (i.e. at least 10!) and being told it will be up in 24-48 hours, nothing happened. The last straw was the last call at which point our acount seemed to have disappeared into oblivion and we no longer existed. Stay away!!!

Stay away from Ipoweweb

Ipowerweb used to be the tops in my book but now they have become too big and have no idea of customer service. The wai time to have something simple fixed became a week. Yes, 7 days! They threw up enough roadblcks to the service that it had become too big of a chore to explain my isses. Simple issues at that! Do yourself a favor, steer clear of these clowns, I spent over 8 years with them and I miss the good times with them but those days are over!

Biggest Pro: Price
Biggest Con: No timely customer service

Ipower hosting

I have been using this company for years and changed to other company last year. I changed my credit details to prevent direct payment in case. Suprisingly they took the money from my credit!

I asked this company many time for the refund and they agreed this and was told that the money was refunded. But it did not happen! I had to change my credit card details.

I am not happy about this company at all and if they read this review then please contact me on email that I left to solve this.

I don't recommend this company!


Run, don't walk away from iPower

The recent spate of MySQL problems (do a Google to check posted experiences across the web) have finally convinced me that iPower is one of the poorest web hosting providers. When I orginally went with iPower almost 5 years ago, they were a cost effective alternative providing reasonable service. I beleive they have far out grown their capacities and capabilities.

Over the past year, I have frequently experienced slow web response times (for a VERY modest personnel web site), e-mail unavailability and recent database performance that is nearly nonexistent. Even the database fixes of the last few days have only made performace satisfactory, not good or above.

In a highly competitive business like web hosting there are good alternatives (I moved to HostMonster).

Biggest Pro: Nothing really stands compared to alternatives
Biggest Con: recently - database performance, longer term - addressing problems

More trouble than it's worth

Where would I begin? Yes it's that bad. Ever since they went with shared hosting all my hosting accounts went south. The tech help is untrained, you'll wait for hours on the phone just so you can tell them how to fix the problem they caused. The billing is a nightmare. They just charge what they want and there's no decent way of figuring oput what, how and when they charged yoiur credit card. If they paid me $100 per account I would still not use them because it's a full time job. I don't have time to be a web host, that's why I outsource this but what's the use if it ends up being more work.

Biggest Pro: Nice guys if and when you get them on the phone
Biggest Con: Technicle ability is in the toilet.

Website? What website?

I've had my site at Ipower for a little over a year now and at first it was fairly trouble free and running smoothly. However, they recently transitioned my site to "new, improved" servers and it has been absolutely horrible ever since. It would take anywhere from 40 seconds to 5 1/2 minutes for pages to load, the Sql server decided that it didn't want to function anymore due to the fact that Ipower required a password change after migrating to the new servers, but that change didn't propagate to the Sql server, so Sql just ceased to function.

I've spent most of the month of March on hold with Ipower tech support it seems like. I got the run around for almost two weeks on the slow page loading problem before they admitted that it was a known issue and was being worked on. For the record, it has been 3 weeks since I first contacted them on this and it is still taking 40 seconds to 5 minutes, at times, for pages to load.

Then, last week, someone from their tech support team in Bangalore, India (I have his name and Ip address in my files) was playing around with an ftp issue I had reported and he deleted my whole site. So, another day on hold with Ipower and it finally got restored, and, of course, they recorded in their trouble ticket that I had deleted my site. No apologies, no admission of culpability, no taking responsibility for their own screw-ups, nothing.

So now here I am with a website that I had just renewed in January for a year that I can barely get anything done on (things that used to take me an hour to update and test now take more than 4 hours to complete and I just don't have that kind of time to waste sitting in front of the computer waiting for pages to load, and by the time that happens I have to log back into the control panel because it has timed out) and that tends to disappear when you least expect it and when you need it the most.

Now, just when I've had it up to "here" with Ipower, I found out this morning that out of the 135 files in my downloads section, only 40 of them got moved to the new platform, and that's just the ones I know about. Who knows how much more they "forgot" to migrate over. Not only that, but their "New and Improved" file manager will not display files greater than 5MB in size.

I'm currently in the process of manually downloading everything from my site, backing up my databases and moving everything to a new web host. I can't continue to pull my hair out dealing with Ipower when I have so little to begin with.

Biggest Pro: It was a good deal, and was trouble free for a year.
Biggest Con: Slow load times, disappearing sites, inept tech support.

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