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Run for the hills. these people are terrible. No Constomer service. Can be on the phone for hours and still not get things resolved. Can be on hold for hours! When you actully go get a real person on the phone or live chat they often just say they can't help don't know what to do. and disconnect without trying. They have over charged me twice. I am currently in fraud dispute with them.

DO NOT USE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Biggest Pro: There is none
Biggest Con: Everything!

Run away

I-Power was a good service about five years ago. However their service has steadily declined starting four years ago. Just recently I was called saying that my service was due for renewal and I asked them to send me an invoice so that we could pay it. The invoice they sent was for $0.00 and all of the links listed in the e-mail of the invoice to pay it did not work. I came on to this site to find my new web hosting service.

Biggest Con: Their billing issues far outweigh any advantages that they used to have.

Avoid iPowerweb

I have been a customer for many years, but no longer. Uptime is ok, but lost emails, being blacklisted because iPower is a host to spammers, poor tech support, and billing night mares beyond belief! Hours on the phone to get it straightened out only to find that 12 months later it is not corrected. Now they are disabling email accounts. Email accounts that we use periodically for promotions in our business. (No, we don't send out bulk emails, these are for people to email into us from our website or from our printed newsletter--to track advertising effectiveness). I am tired of dealing with all of the hassle. I am moving both of our accounts to someone I can trust.

Biggest Pro: They do answer the phone when you call
Biggest Con: No one who does answer the phone can help you


They were fairly reliable for most of the first 5 years, and every time our mail goes down, I wonder if they have finally gone out of business. CS people don't care about anything, they talk in cirlces, reset your passwords without telling you. We have lost our mail at least 5 times in the last week, with no notice, no apology, and no explanation. I am moving our site and domain as soon as i finish this review.

Biggest Pro: they used to be reliable enough for the money
Biggest Con: can't run a business with email down constantly, terrible CS

Looking for an unreliable Web Host with Horrible CS, Look No More

Please. Ipowerweb is a joke. Every time I call, and their phone message says, "for affordable reliable webhosting" I have to choke back the laughter. Since moving my site here a few years ago, I have experienced nothing buy repeated outages. Almost every other month. The usually last anywhere from an hour, to 6 hours or more. It is a joke. Calls to the support lines bring you disconnects, endless waits on hold, and foreign call center clowns. When you do get someone, they are indifferent. Couldn't care less. Definately an incompetent and unprofessional operation. Even worse, since this host is known to host so many spammers, their IP's and servers are blacklisted by many ISP's, so your e-mail get flagged as spam through no fault of your own. Definately, avoid these morons at all costs.

Biggest Pro: They don't poison you
Biggest Con: Too many to list

OK for first two years then disaster

For two years the web hosting went fine. Speed and other factors were all satisfactory.

Then suddenly I couldn't upload nor download. That meant I couldn't get a current copy of my website. The download would start then slow and finally slow to a near stop. Obviously a problem at the ipower web kansas data center. Many unresponsive email messages later I gave up and recreated my site on another host. This required many hours of my time.

Worst hosting company ever

They corrupted the database on a migration; it took them 2 moths the figure out why the site would not work. I had to move to a different host and they were not abele the get the domain to conferrer to the new host. I spent over 20 hour on hold on the phone trying to get it worked out.

Biggest Pro: There is none!!!!

Don't even try!

I was with them for a few years--so many issues every week!

Finally switched to NGHosting; it took me forever to get them to switch my nameservers. I had to call and call and call! I also tried to close my account, by phone, email, submitting a ticket, chat. I have records of some of these attempts. Each time I would assume my account was closed until I would get some email from them addressing me as their customer. And now, almost two years since I switched, they are trying to charge my credit card with another two year service! Most disgusting!

Biggest Pro: none whatso ever
Biggest Con: Fraud.

they are crap

I used ipower for about a year, and in that year they lost my site three times. They charged me monthly even though I paid a year in advance.

Now a year after I left them I checked my debit card online and I see a $75 charge....crooks

I reported them to mastercard and filed a fraud report w/ police.

Avoid them like you would avoid kissing a person with aids

Biggest Con: they are crooks!!!!

iPower NO

I can't get to the control panel due to gateway issue. This is the last straw. Read the previous reviews and I have had the issue. They use to be pretty good, but those days are over and so am I!

Biggest Pro: none
Biggest Con: nick and dime, access, customer service,

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