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Worse hosting company

- The Joomla site running slow
- Emails deliveries are unreliable
- Customer support is not well trained to solve your issues
- Control panel is not userfriendly
- limited inbox size

xxxxxxxxxx NOT RECOMENDED xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Biggest Pro: Support (Live Chat) they are available 27/7
Biggest Con: Very Slow & Email deliveries are not reliable.

Where time doesn't heal all wounds

I first moved to iPowerweb almost nine years ago, driven in part by the frustration of having to change e-mail addresses when I moved service providers. Shortly after joining, I added a few websites. They don't generate much traffic, a few thousand hits a month. My frustration is that even though the company advertises unlimited bandwidth, etc., sites that run on Joomla! are now getting many 'max_questions' errors, timing out the site. iPowerweb has a solution where I pay $240 a year that increases the threshold for such errors. I guess once that limit is reached, I will be asked to pay more.

It's frustrating. I have loved dealing with iPower over the years, but now it's time to go. I would urge people who are considering hosting a site to look elsewhere. What you see is not what you get.

Service suspended, payment not credited

My organization paid iPower on time, but they suspended service due to non-payment. I spoke to Manuel in customer service, who himself was polite, but he could not find a record of our payment, which had cleared our bank. Ipower charged an additional $13 fee without explanation, and Manuel couldn't tell me what that was, either. He said he would forward the issue to their billing department and restore service "at the highest priority," but after 5 hours I'm still down.

Biggest Con: Very slow to make changes

iPower - Not the company to Use

I was with iPower for 5 plus years. Their business practices have declined to such a low point I can no longer do business with them. I've had to move my entire site to another host. I would not enter into a contract with this company. They are the ones to avoid.

Biggest Pro: nice salesman
Biggest Con: Customer Service

Too Much Down Time & Bad Support

I am not too concerned with my site as it is entirely for personal reasons and it is not garnering me any income to speak of...I think that is the only reason why I put up with iPowerWeb as long as I did. These last few months (July thru Sept 2011) down time started to become a real issue even for me. Within a two month period email went down SEVERAL times. This included once where it went down for an entire day.

Over the years I have used support many times. Mainly I used the chat service or phone calls. The reps are definitely overseas and definitely using a canned knowledge database to answer questions. If the issue goes out of their database they punt it to a rep. That means you wait for help...and it may not come quick. :(

Finally I had enough and decided to switch web host providers.

Biggest Pro: Price
Biggest Con: Down Time & Bad Support

ipower -deceitful, money grabbing, stear clear

I would simply stay away from this company. They made a lot of money out of me when I wanted to close down my account by not making it clear that they would automatically renew. I missed their initial email and even though I contacted them withing 14 days of the billing date, they refused to give a refund. They were completely unhelpful. They're a nasty money grabbing outfit.

Biggest Con: They are a con

Lie by omission

I purchased a pro plan for two years and paid what they asked for, now almost one year into the program I had to spend more money to secure my domain name for the rest of the duration of the hosting program. When I purchased this program it included domain name and web hosting ,at least thats what they advertised,but the truth is that the domain name was only for one year and the hosting was for two. now make sense of that. I know it's small potatoes but it tic's me off that this kind of fraud is something that they don't even think twice about doing.

Biggest Pro: nothing this company has done seems even close to what an industry standard should be
Biggest Con: disceptive practices

Worst Billing Service and Incompetent Staff

We have used their services for more than 5 years to host our website--not that they were good, but becuase we had very basic information pages on our website with our limited man power. Their billing system has always been very strange--email the invoice and charge to your card. They refused to change their form of billing, and we never like it.

We canceled our account with them at the beginning of this year. They removed our website access immediately after my phone call, even though we paid through September this year.

I was shocked to receive an email to let me know that they were going to charge me for another 12 months. I called their billing team immediately, the representive assured me it would be taken care of. But they charged me anyway! I called again after I received my credit card bill. And this time, the representative told me that she took care of it over the phone. She promised me that it was canceled.

When I got my next credit card statement, I realized that there was no credit from IPower. I had to call again. They finally processed my refund--for a portion only! After several phone calls and two email messages, their only answer was--they didn't have any records that I canceled earlier.

I really don't believe that they don't have a record of how many times I called. They should at least have a record of what they (their tech team) did to our website so we lost the connection back in the beginning of this year. The way they treat an exiting customer was totally unprofessional and inconsiderate, not to mention the incompentent staff who can't even cancel an account correctly!

Really, never never never use IPOWER!

Not worth the money

I can honestly say that for the past two years iPower has not been worth the money I've been paying. This is because three years ago my web developer migrated my website to another web host - at which point I assumed that was the end of it. Not so! Apparently iPower has a default billing setting that automatically deducts cash, which it did so a more year after i had last used iPower. I only become aware of this year when I actually got some notification this was going to happen again. As I hadn't used the account in more than three years, was using up 0.00mb of space on their disk drives and my account wasn't connected to any domains, it took took a string of email exchanges to work out why iPower was seeking to bill me, since it was so long ago I had forgotten all about it (along with user name and login details). Yet a request for a refund for two years of automatic billing period was " not possible". If a company has no problem charging a customer for no service, what does that actual service might be like?

Even after my emails indicating I had no idea of what my user name and password might be (long forgotten), I got this circular and illogical response: "If you wish us to cancel the account, please get back to us with the Answer for the Security Question or the last four digits of the credit card on our file" while a few short sentences later the same email noted: "While reviewing your account, I have noticed that you have not set the Security Question." Maybe I'm missing something here, but the idea of logging on to the iPower control panel using the username and password that iPower had just sent me so I could set a security question so iPower could then ask me what it is in order to verify my identity in order to cancel my account made zero sense. To top it off, after running a draft of this critique by their customer support person, I got an asinine rote email expressing regret that I was cancelling my account and asking me to consider using iPower again in the future. I think not.

IPOWERWEB is a joke

Their mail server has been broken for 2 days, yet they closed the ticket with a reason of fixing something else. Can't get emails for more than 48 hours now. Ticket reopened for a few hours already and nothing happened. Time to move on to other host. I have run out of my patience. It's hopeless.

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