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Bait and Switch

Great beginning price and so-so stable. But their billing is ATROCIOUS.
1) They take your money automatically without notice
2) They bill you for things you never requested
3) They make it very difficult to get your money back
4) They more than double the prices once it is time to renew
5) they say you can cancel the hosting, and then sign up again with a new contact name in order to get the original price back, but for existing customers they have no discount but rather MORE THAN DOUBLE their pricing. Why make us go through all that trouble, if you know what we are doing anyway?

Biggest Con: STAB their existing Customers with BAIT and Switch

Find better web host.

It was pretty hard to create a web site with the iPage. I never finished it. Use Godaddy or some other webhost. Websitetonight worked very good for me.
iPage also charged my credit card two weeks before the renewal date. I closed my account with them.

I am so disgusted with iPage

I have been with iPage for about 2 months so far and I have 6 sites that I have online or working to get online. For the first month and a half things were ok but in the last 5 days my sites are loading slow on the front end and on the back end it is just getting horrendously worse. It took 5 minutes just to install a JCE editor in Joomla. It takes over a minute or two for it either load a new category or article and then another minute or over for it to save the changes. I have been getting errors messages saying that the "Server sent no data" many times.
I contacted them and they told me it is my plugins that are doing it. They said I was making to many requests to the SQL server which I found an outright lie. So I downloaded programs to reduce, compress, and minify my html for the sites. I added a program to improve the caching so the sites would load faster. I have tried many things that they have suggested. One site in particular I blew up last night and started all over again thinking maybe it was my fault. So I did that but now it is even slower in the admin side than before. All I get is excuses from them and saying it is my fault that the sites are slow on the front end and back end. Maybe I am all wet but I personally think that they are throttling the service or have too many sites on one shared server but I have no proof.
So all those that are having a great experience with them I am happy for you but unfortunately I am not having the same experience with them.
As a side note I was with them a year ago and after a few days the service went down and it took them all weekend to resolve the issue. So I said then that I would not go back with them but they gave me a deal I could not refuse for unlimited everything to come back and so I did with reservations and my reservations have come true. The service and usability and performance has been sub-par so far compared to 1and1 and Lunarpages. I don't like 1and1 but at least my sites were not slow and I could work on the admin or back end of my sites without slowness issues and errors.
So for me I cannot recommend iPage to anyone.

Biggest Pro: Price for the year of hosting
Biggest Con: Server/connection speed, tech support is horrible

Used iPage for 16+ months

iPage has been very good for us. It is a small church website so we don't have to worry about eCommerce. I have had to contact customer support a couple of times and have nothing but a good experience. One question was a technical problem I didn't understand and the CS individual was able to show me so the next time I could handle the issue myself.

Up-time has not been an issue as far as I know. No one has complained to me and I have not had problems pulling the site.

Biggest Pro: I use the Weebly site builder and it is very easy. Very short learning curve.
Biggest Con: Weebly has many templates but you cannot modify the background of the page.

Previous reviews by Larry Mitchell

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Very happy with iPage

I have been very happy with iPage both as a hosting site and their support center. I would consider myself an advanced computer user (Word, Excel, etc) but when our church asked me to start a web page I was a little worried. I did some research, came across iPage and liked what I saw. Because of my novice status as a webmaster I had to call their customer support a few times in the beginning. The connect time to a HUMAN customer support was quick and for the most part they were very knowledgeable. There were a couple of times the customer support person did not have an immediate answer but told me he would find out right away. He put me on hold and within a minute or two had the answer. One other time the customer support individual didn't know the answer but said he would find out but it might take some time. He took my phone number and said he would call back by the next day. He actually called within 15 minutes with the answer and I was very impressed with his follow up. I am very happy with the customer support of iPage. Our web page was up and running in a short time.

The uptime of the server has been much better than I expected. We have had our church web page up since July 2010 and there has been only one time I was not able to access our site…and that lasted only a few minutes.

Very easy to use the provided templates and there is an ample supply of formats that work well. I do wish there was a way to include a video without having to post it on YouTube and then link to it. Not as professional in my opinion.

I am very happy with iPage and plan to use it for another web page someone has asked me to develop and manage.

By Larry D. Mitchell on May 13th, 2011 at 16:28 EST
URL: Customer for 6 - 11 months
Plan: Don't Know | Platform: Windows | Email: [Logged]

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Correction to previous iPage review.

I posted an earlier review here, but as there appears to be no way to edit or delete reviews submitted I have decided to write another review.

I had a number of complaints with iPage that I posted about previously: being triple billed for certain items; being nickel-and-dimed, being misinformed by their customer service department, and being auto-billed at the most inopportune time.

Yes, iPage does break down its services into lots of parts it charges separately for, and yes that is annoying. I can live with it.

As far as their customer service, it appears that the people who work in the online customer service department do not directly communicate with the people in the billing department so they don't always know what position to take on billing issues. So, with iPage, and I would guess with any online service, unless your problem is trivial don't bother filling out a support ticket. CALL THEM. When I finally called them to cancel because I felt I was being treated in a shameful and unconscionable manner the woman I dealt with was SO NICE, and was more than willing to refund my money, correct the multiple billing issues, and restructure my account so that I would be billed when I needed the billing to occur.

So, all in all, the biggest issue I had with iPage was an issue of miscommunication because I was being lazy and tried to address my problems via text (which is an open door to misunderstanding and hostility) instead of actually TALKING with someone who was knowledgeable and in a position to actually address the issue at hand.

Once again: never write anything when you're mad. :-) Wait a while.

Biggest Pro: Service

Previous reviews by Matthew

The information below is no longer valid because the user has posted a follow-up review above.

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iPage - bad idea for personal hosting

If you are looking for hosting for a large business, or you just don’t care about decent support, iPage might be OK; but if you are in individual, or not really savvy with the complexities of hosting your own web site, I’d say – “stay as far away from iPage as you can!”

I am currently in the process of canceling my account with them for the following reasons based upon my experience with them.

1. They break the service down into tons of little ‘add ons’ that should be part of the basic package, and then nickel-and-dime you on charges for these ‘extra’ services.
2. When I selected that I wanted ‘Domain Privacy’ as an extra service, I was triple charged for it twice – triple charged when I signed up with them and triple charged again when my service renewed. When I brought this to their attention they asked me what I wanted to do. (What kind of service people do they have working for them? If a company triple charges you for something a refund would be the first order of things.)
3. I was lied to by their service representative who assured me that I would be charged for renewal at the date specified on my bill. I was instead charged 15 days before that date. I had planed my finances carefully and this was not acceptable.

I had informed them that if they charged me for renewal (only automatic, no manual renewal for their “service”) 15 days in advance of my due date that it would cause my rent check to bounce (a BAD thing..) I was assured that I would be charged on November 9th (a year from when I originally signed up and a time when I would have more than sufficient funds to cover the charge) and was instead charged October 25th (rent time.) Upon contacting their customer service I was told simply, “we are sorry for your inconvenience, but that’s our policy.”

Jeopardizing my ability to pay my rent isn’t an ‘inconvenience’, it’s a threat to my survival. Now, why in the world would I want to continue to do business with a company who treats their customers like that?

By Matthew on October 26th, 2011 at 01:16 EST
URL: [Hidden but verified] Customer for 6 - 11 months
Plan: Shared | Platform: Linux | Email: [Logged]

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Well what a dissapointment. After leaving my last hosting company because of performance issues I did my homework and iPageg seemed to be a good bet. How wrong I was. The website is down frequently, I dont check it that often so the fact I frequently find it is down suggests its probably down more often that its up. When it is up it frequently loads very slowly. Tech support told me that a 4 second load time was acceptable for a page which kind of tells me Im with the wrong company. 4 seconds is good compared to normal iPage load times btw but wholly unacceptable IMO. I'm losing custom, paying for clicks which don't make it to my site and for good measure being ignored then patronised by their support - NOT happy. AVOID THIS HOSTING COMPANY, I WISH I HAD.

Biggest Pro: Price
Biggest Con: Terrible Reliability

I Page Appalling business morals and ethics

Hi ! Like a lot of people I looked on the web and stupidly fell for the rhetorical reviews listed on the main Google listings regarding the service I page provide. As a novice I got sucked in by the rhetoric. First of all I paid for a jump start service costing nearly £15 if you include the VAT. This involves (i page) setting up a temporary card and email for you while you are getting you site sorted. This never happened, they never did it. Then having access to the control panel found out that the automatic billing for renewal doubles the cost the following year. There is no mention of this on the sign up. When trying to call you on the phone I was often left for some considerable time prior to getting an answer. Most of the services like fast data and security software are billed separate which is not clear on the site 100% money back guaranteed promise.
If you want to use the Weebly software on the site you can have 6 pages but to upgrade it will cost you nearly £15 month for this on the I page site “Extortion” as you can get a Free 6 page site and upgrade direct from Weebly much cheaper
It cost me £119 in total with jumpstart service and security software and having been totally disgusted by the service for the above reasons requested a refund. They sent back £20:86.
They can argue the small print all they like, the fact is that they have taken £98 of my money and I am now left with very little for it. I no longer want anything to do with this company their business morals are appalling.

Biggest Pro: Giving your financial details to these sharks
Biggest Con: Hidden costs

Best Host I have found

They run all power on wind energy, I have two sites up (3 soon) and both load very quickly and have never had a problem with down time. Support is excellent, (less than 2 min.) and to the point. Hosting fee is very reasonable and the dashboard is very complete and easy to use. I have needed very little support. Total control over all areas and organization of sites and email. Email works very well after proper setup. Much better than my last host who was very expensive and support was poor. After reading all the negative reviews, I have to say that you need to know what you are doing and have a correct plan before proceeding. We have to crawl before we can walk. I recommended ipage to everyone but the host is a very small percentage to the success of a site. There are many other things that can be done to improve a site. GREAT HOST A+

Biggest Pro: Professional Services for Cheep
Biggest Con: None

Read The Others, Believe This One

First, let me disclaim...I am the owner and editor of PJFusco On The News, a conservative blog. As an uptight, squeeze-butt right-winger, I am difficult at the best of times in the best of moods, I have two ex-wives to prove it, and have authored several books to underscore precisely what I am saying. If nothing else however, I will not prevaricate, ever, so the following review of Ipage is spot on in every regard.

Is Ipage perfect? Not by a long shot, but neither are any of the others, and I've been with several. But Ipage makes the effort to become better, if not perfect. In fact, if it wasn't that they seem to be earnest in their desire for feedback, I might be inclined to say they are annoying. For example, I had an issue with domain registration, I moved it from another provider, but you know how that goes. It is difficult, not matter how they try to streamline the process. So I went on the chat feature at Ipage in their support area. Don't know who the person was, can’t remember, but the problem was solved. Anyway, not ten minutes later I receive an email from someone at Ipage imploring me to render feedback on the chat session. So I did, commenting on the negatives and positives in the experience. So far, so good.

But I've had other issues, and on two occasions I've been very dissatisfied with the person with whom I was chatting, once because he had no clue what I wanted, and the other because Ipage was having a problem with their email and this guy apparently thought it best to make excuses rather than discuss the issue. In the end he told me it was a "temporary problem" which is bull-hockey because it is an ongoing, albeit intermittent problem with Ipage and apparently they know it. One time I went to find out what was wrong with my email and they had posted in the chat window something to the effect they knew about it and were working on it. Okay, no big deal I suppose. I can live without email for ten minutes at a clip I suppose.

Now let's talk about value for the dollar. I'm not sure I'm allowed to discuss competitors, but I don't think, if you have any experience whatsoever with the big guys, one big daddy in particular, you will need to conjure up very many images beyond the fact their entire service is as lousy as a jakey-bum on Sterno. Not so Ipage. I mean, I couldn't give a hoot or a holler for the windmill thing (they are proudly powered entirely by windmill produced electric energy...whoopee), but I will tip my hat to the services they provide at the price they charge. If it isn't "excellent", let's say, It's as good, if not better than any of their competitors." You get extreme value for your dollar.

Ease of use? Excellent. I have a business partner who has the hardest head in the world when it comes to change. He wanted to use another service at three times the price. I didn't have time to argue, so I gave him my "okay" figuring, how bad could it be?" Well, it was bad, stinking rotten bad. It took me an hour and a half and three chat sessions just to get the emails set up. Ridiculous. With Ipage? Ten minutes and no help because only an idiot would need help after a cursory perusal of Ipage's instructions.

Here's the bottom line (because I've already written enough for a short-story): you could do worse with another provider, but I do not think you could do better than Ipage. Yes, they will annoy you at times, but they are voracious when it comes to feedback (sometimes I get three emails from one guy asking me to take a survey), and they are courteous, helpful, respectful, and in your corner. What else could you ask for from a provider?

Biggest Pro: High value for dollars spent in comparison to competitors
Biggest Con: Sporadic, annoying technical issues, e.g. email is intermittently interrupted

Unbelievable service for a great price

I don't usually take the time to do reviews, but after the unbelievable service I got from iPage, I had to find a way to reward them. I have had my service for 1 year. When I first signed up, everyone was very friendly and easy to deal with. They did not push any extray services on my unlike other sites. They did walk me through the options though. Afterwords, I could not believe they were a third the price of the company I was going to use. After a year, I have closed my business, but I wanted to keep my email address. They did not push me to reconsider or try to get me to pay for any "lesser" services. Instead the found a way to get me what I was looking for at no cost. I highly recommend iPage to anyone looking for someone to host their site.

Biggest Pro: Unbelievable customer service at a great price
Biggest Con: None so far

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