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iPage 5 star service

We all know that the true cost of web hosting is nothing to do with the initial costs paid upfront, its more to do with the costs involved with downtime, problem sorting etc. It all comes down to customer support. In the past, as someone who is not particularly technically savvy, i have been ridiculed by customer support staff for not understanding some technical jargon, which does not help anyone and means a problem takes much longer to try and sort out, meaning its costing you time and money. With iPage i have only ever had professional understanding help given to quickly sort out my problems that may have appeared obvious to many. I strongly recommend this company to anyone who would like the reasurrance that if and when you do have a problem with your website it will get sorted very quickly. True 5 star rating.

iPage is Fantastic! Customer service is outstanding!

I started out by purchasing a domain from another company. After a lot of research I decided to transfer my domain to ipage. I had no idea on how to do that. I contacted ipage via email and got a response in record time. I also have spoken with tech support on the phone a few times and all my concerns were solved and everything was explained in terms I could follow. The prices are great and they offer numerous web hosting packages to suit your individual needs. I have been extremely satisfied with iPage for that year and a half I have been using them.

Biggest Pro: Customer service

iPage is an Easy Decision

I have enjoyed my iPage account for a couple of years. I found it was easy to build my site and change things if I needed to for my personal taste and needs. When I have had to contact customer service (not often) they were very helpful and professional. My billing was corrected quickly and with no fuss. My site loads very quickly and correctly. Since I am a small business the price point for the amount of service I get is a great value. I am very happy with my experience and would ask others to try them out!

iPage is the worst! It is a total rip off!

iPage is the worst in terms of customer service. I used to use 1and1. They were great. Always pick up my phone right away even in weekends. However, iPage made me wait for a long time before anyone talk to me. Also, 1and1 allows customer cancel a domain registration within 72 hours with full refund. However, iPage does not allow any domain registration cancellation even you register for 1hour. Also, if you registered your domain name for 3 years, but you cancel your registration within a couple days. They still charge you for 3 years. More ridiculous is: If you purchased some domain credits, but you never used it for any domain name. They still would not refund you if you cancel it. And on top of all the rip off, they charge you $15 cancellation fee. This is totally absurd!

I'll tell all my friends: DO NOT USE iPage!

DO NOT USE iPage! It is a total rip off!

Surprised by the number of negative reviews

I use iPage to host my personal page that is made up of over 500 pages and thousands of linked pages. I have not had any problem with up-time, connection speed, customer service or value for the money. The performance was excellent and I use it for a professional organization that I serve as webmaster for.

I have renewed with iPage on both sites until 2015. Overall I am happy with their hosting service. I have not used there technical support, so I can't provide an appropriate evaluation.

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iPage is a Hosting Service Worth Considering

I have been with iPage for two years and have been pleased with their service. The unlimited upload and download storage is a real plus. The connection speed is great and cost is reasonable. The uptime is almost 100 percent and very reliable.

By Billy E. Warrick on March 3rd, 2013 at 16:31 EST
URL: Customer for 1 - 2 years
Plan: Shared | Platform: Linux | Email: [Logged]

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Thought I had found something good to start an ecommerce site with. Wrong. Setting up a database was next to impossible. Constant "500 Internal Error" while trying to set up the site. They did help me out with that by mysteriously adding a php.ini file.? After some 14 hours of work to get a storefront to can't bring your own SSL cert. You have to use theirs. I had already transferred my domain to them in order to get it to resolve properly and guess what....there is a cancellation fee for transferring out from ipage AFTER 60 days. And the control panel...???... what a mess.

If you want anything other than maybe a simple blog or a one page "about me" deal look elsewhere.

I agree with some of the other reviewers, the support staff that I dealt with were about as smart as a stump.

Biggest Pro: There are none.
Biggest Con: You name it, they can't do it or you're not allowed to do it.

iPage Review by

I have been with iPage for just over a year now and have 4 personal domains and recommended 2 client domains. The new user offer was too good to pass by and one piece of advice I would give is buy as many years hosting as you can when you join, because the renew price is more than I expected. Even after saying this it is still very competitive for the level of service provided.
Being in the UK is no problem at all! Support is the best I have known. One of my clients accidentally submitted incorrect info when buying their hosting, I called iPage and got through to support in US all on a freephone No. and then spent 30 minutes on the phone while they corrected my clients mistake at no cost.
I use Wordpress on all of my sites and it does appear to be slower than on other clients' non-iPage servers. When I raised this point I was given straightforward info on speeding up iPage and it did a little, but I still think there is room for page speed improvements.
Overall I am happy with iPage.

Biggest Pro: 24/7 365 Support

Not if you need to use MySQL for anything

Only 10 max user connections allowed to your database. Causes frequent down-times for anything more complex than a standard blog with 30 or less viewers a day. I get the impression from customer support that the customers aren't worth their time.

Biggest Pro: cheap!
Biggest Con: downtime

Ipage Web hosting review

Having paid over $500.- per year for hosting 4 web sites for most of the past decade, I was blown away by the value Ipage hosting offers. Plus, having everything unlimited allows our company to grow without ever having to worry about web hosting again. This has to be simply the best deal on Web Hosting bar none. Also found the webmail to be much more intuitive and easy to use than the one provided by our previous provider, Rackforce. Unbeatable package, lots of free extras, superb graphical interface.
I have found none of the issues noted by other reviewers, but then, I do not use their site builder but rather build my pages in-house and simply upload them via ftp. I also did not transfer my domains to Ipage.
No uptime issues, either - previous host Rackforce had far more downtime issues.

Biggest Pro: Best hosting value bar none, excellent features

Don't believe the HYPE !!

OK.... I went for ipage because of all the positive reviews online. The weebly drag and drop site builder is very easy to use, but that it about the only positive thing I can say ! I have had a website with ipage for about 6 months now and I am not impressed.

My real problems are the very poor customer support and the usability of their websites. I have asked for help a number of times via their 24/7 online chat support, every time has been a complete shambles, I get the impression that the people on the other end don’t know what they are doing and don’t really care about your problems. They don’t listen to what you are saying and then just bombard you with a load of regurgitated standard responses that are just cut and pasted in, often with no relevance to the problems you are asking about. They also ask to put you on hold to “check your account for 3-4 minutes”, again this is nonsense and I have been asked this 2 or 3 times during a conversation when my account has already been well and truly checked ! Either they are too busy to be bothered or they are off making a cup of coffee !

It soon became quickly apparent that the basic package with ipage is rather limited, if you want any more then you will have to pay for it, and it’s not cheap ! There are a couple of standard website features that you see everywhere but ipage simply don’t offer, a slide show in the header bar for example, I explained that I wouldn’t mind paying for this feature but the answer was “it is not possible” ! Also I have tried to enter my business logo at the top of the page, but the template always reduces it to a tiny useless size so I cannot use this feature.

So, in summary, if you are looking for a simple basic website then this may work for you, if you are looking for something better and good customer support, I’d forget it. I will be changing my webhosting shortly to a company that are up to the job.......

Biggest Pro: Drag and drop site builder
Biggest Con: customer support & lack of features in basic package forcing you to have to spend spend spend !

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