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Forget these guys - they are crooks

I can only echo what the previous reviewer of Intersabre said. The experience described in the previous review is spot on. I used these guys for years, but unfortunately their policies are extremely un-customer friendly and their so-called "support" people are just downright rude.

Furthermore, their only payment option is paypal, which I had nothing but issues with. Eventually they told me I could "pay direct by credit card" but even this was... you guessed it... paypal.

What happened to me was that suddenly my site was gone, as were all other intersabre hosted sites. According to them, what happened was that they blocked my IP address because I had entered my password wrong. I received no communication about this until after I had switched to another provider and was THEN able to email Intersabre and ask them to cancel my account. The gentleman from their customer service proceded to argue with me about it stating that it was all my fault and that I shouldn't leave them. (Exact quote: "You need not leave us for a simple mistake on YOUR side." rather rude if you ask me.)

To make a MUCH longer story short, I repeatedly asked for my account to my cancelled and they would not cancel it. I had to jump through a series of hoops on the paypal side to get back in to paypal (since I had used their supposed "direct" method of payment) and get the subscription cancelled.

If I find another charge from them on my account, they will be hearing from my attorney.

Don't do any business with these guys. Do yourself a favor and go with GoDaddy or some larger service like that which actualy has folks that you can talk to 24 hours a day to resolve issues. You'll just get rudeness and arguments from the Intersabre folks.

Furthermore, it turned out that the service I switched to offered substantially more storage space and badwidth allocation than Intersabre for LESS MONEY PER MONTH!

In a nuthsell:

- Rude customer service people
- refuses to cancel accounts when asked
- can only pay with paypal
- inadequate technical support
- inadqueate "up-time" (service FREQUENTLY goes down for hours at a time)
- customer-unfriendly policies (i.e. no notice to me at all of my ip being blocked)

Biggest Pro: Server speed is good when it works, also has unlimited email accounts
Biggest Con: not enough bang for the buck, poor reliability, and, oh yeah, did I mention these guys are crooks?

Intersabre is a rip off!

I had my web site hosted by Intersabre for three years. I became dissatisfied when their C-Panel went down. I found another web host that was better, and transfered my web site there. I e-mailed Intersabre and asked them to cancel my account. In a matter of hours my account became inaccessible. I thought that they had canceled it. Then, in August of last year, Intersabre charged me, and then this August, they charged me again for non-existant service. They have deleted my files and now it appears that they will charge me forever until I figure out a way to stop them. I have complained to Pay Pal about them taking automatic funds transfers, yet Intersabre continues to charge for a service that I have repeatedly asked politely to be canceled. I will once again appeal this to Pay Pal, probably to no avail. I recommend that if you are looking for a web host, avoid Intersabre! They are dishonest and will continue to charge you even after you attempt to leave their services.

R. David Anderson

Biggest Pro: none
Biggest Con: they steal your money

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