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I don’t own you a living; you don’t need to rude to me. I have already bearing with the high server load and not receiving email. Support dragging for 10 days and yet to fix it. And today I had spoken to the very rude person who raises voice at because I am not patience for the waited 10 days. Their server high server load, always been rebooting but never fix the issue, cpanel take ages to load.
Couple of different names replied me in the ticket, give me whole lots of sarcasm, any what they want to tell me is that I am stupid and don’t know how to use their product. I certainly think that they should give certain respect instead of being sarcastic and yet problem was not fixed
Blacklisted removal over and over again, and I have to monitor for them instead they solve their problem. Regularly having security issue and uptime is poor. I am a user, not Innohosting technical support. My website was down for at least 5 times this year itself.
I am moving on without further consideration. I would HIGHLY NOT RECOMMEND this hosting company would have eventually make you move to another hosting company. There are no sufficient reasons for me to stay on.

Biggest Pro: They treat you like garbage
Biggest Con: Their server problems will make you go crazy

Bad to Wrost, Hero to Zero

The boss of Innohosting threaten to terminate my account and the way of responding a customer is way too arrogant. The staff just keep pushing me to this department and that department. Any no one bother to help me I was left at large for 7 days. NO Typo Error, 7 DAYS. Every few hours I wrote to them and beg for restoring account. They don’t even want to let me have a backup or send me a backup or let me download a backup. I call them up, same answer, they are not qualify to support me as it is another department. I would have to wait for the other department back on duty. I call again after few hours, I asked only the boss handle the case? Can it be other guys to resolve my issues? I got the answer of I need to wait for another few hours. Hours after hours, the boss responded me on the ticket either reset/delete my account or terminate account. They way he talk to me is worst that Hitler

The final choice given was either reset the whole account or terminate my account. I was told clearly all my settings, email, website and MySQL will be deleted. I asked numerous of time why I can’t download the backup, I was told it was too risky to let me access the account.

1. uptime & reliability, numerous of IMAP problem with all my users, I am talking about disconnect from IMAP from multiple IP and accounts. Though they claim 99%, I think I have down of at least a total of 24 hours each month. They always claim that server been attacked and they are trying to fix it. Virus and Attack problem has caused disruptive to those who share the server. Their security is really low
2. server & connection speed, probably this is the only thing that I appreciate for connection speed. They are running 4 cpus but server load can sometimes up to 8.0-10.0 that caused all my account slowdown.
3. technical support & knowledge, one department can’t never solve, pass to different department and different level/tier of support. I have at least 8 tickets that never been solved. Like not receiving emails. They claimed no problem, it is the sender domain problem. Come on! So many company domains have problem? Out of 10 domains, 3 cannot set thru, so these three companies got problem with their mail server at the same time? They give you silly answers and buy time, things never done. Away they have no problem, all problems come from others people. I am the silly one who stick with you guys
4. customer service & billing, they suspend you immediate when the 1st day of overdue. They claimed they sent reminder, which I didn’t receive. Within their own email server also couldn’t send to me, certainly not in spambox.
5. price value for money, there are many others who offer bigger space and bandwidth with lower rate. Definitely! Which I have now switched to. They have upgraded their plan in WHT, then I asked why I was not upgraded. So they only favor new customer? I was told I was on old plan. Another threaten case, then charge me for extra space that used suddenly without any inform or warning, they then suspend the account for overused space. Another tech guy claimed that it was informed thru a ticket. Do I check your ticket system everyday to see any message from you guys?

So on the 6 days of suspension, it has caused too much disruptive, I have immediately pay for another host to move on even I still have balance with this Innohosting. On the 7th day nothing been responded. I have been threaten few times, not once!

Overall, if you are looking for a host that will create problem and threaten you with all their tricks, this is the one Innohosting. Use them if you like to get A LOT OF FRUSTRATION WITHOUT SOLUTION. I had enough of silliness to stay with Innohosting! Are you game for to be Silly?

Biggest Pro: Out of the 5 rating, it is NONE
Biggest Con: NON of the 5 rating you can trust

innohosting from cheap reliable to cheap rubbish in months..

after being a reseller with innohosting for well over a year i have seen and experienced the decline of both performance and support , final straw 36 hours for a support reply is when i said enough is enough and at great hassles moved all sites away. the innohosting service is discgraceful the bosses attitude is appalling and downtime and frequent virus issues all eminate from there servers, bad news and it will do your head in so avoid like the plague.

Stay away from Innohosting!

In 2011 our nightmare with Innohosting begun. We faced a lot of problems including accounts completely lost because "hdd server failure" on They where not able to restore all our clients accounts justifying this is because the hdd failure occurred in the moment the backup service was running and corrupted the backup also (nice lie isn't it?). For me this is simply translating in missing of a good backup solution or not keeping any backup.

Their private forum is full of servers problems in the last 2 years.

I will write the big facts:

- Failure to provide backup after server failure - reseller account found completely empty of clients accounts :|
- After days we where able to restore a part of the accounts with the help of Innnohosting staff (but not all)
- Failure to provide updated information on email about those problems (all problems where discovered by us) - they simply keep you in complete dark and they only post updated information on their forum about servers failures. If you don't read their forum you are unaware of the problems.
- We faced a lot of servers migrations in the last 2 years (3 migrations). The big problem with those migrations is the fact Innohosting is NOT providing a common architecture for the server. On a server the home directory was "home2" for example, on another server was "home". The PHP configuration was very different conducting to PHP websites not functioning as expecting after a migration. The feeling is - they make a "salad" of their server configurations. You will never know what's coming next...
- Innohosting firewall rules are a pain in the ***.
- The support service is becoming worst day after day.

Stay away from innohosting! You will see a lot of good reviews in the past - but those are not real anymore. Innohosting also has a good reputation on WHT because of this "better past". I believe this is not true anymore. Rameen the owner seems to be very polite but more active on forums than on support tickets... :) You have been warned.

Biggest Pro: none anymore
Biggest Con: Failure to provide backup after server failure - reseller account completely empty of clients accounts

A very pleasant surprise!

Well, it's only been a week for us so far, but what a very, very pleasant surprise.

After signing up, it was reassuring to receive a few emails - detailing login info, server info, etc almost immediately. Unlike a few other places I could mention, the response was very quick indeed.

Following setup, Innohostings tech support identified a small problem with my custom DNS servers (without any prompting from me) and corrected them while I was on the phone to them (I was asking about something entirely unrelated at the time). Net result - a super-spiffy service operating.

I've had a few bad experiences (haven't we all?) with previous hosts - usually right from the beginning and once payment has been made, so to receive such a responsive and pro-active service from Innohosting was a really nice surprise.

What can i say so far? Well, apart from the excellent customer service/tech support, the hosting has been FAST. Very fast! I simply cannot complain about anything at this stage.

Okay, so a review after only one week may be slightly unusual, but when the service received has been impeccable from the word go, it very quickly leaves a very good feeling. At this moment, I'm feeling I've made what is possibly the best move in a long, long time.

Judging by the service so far, I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending them. First impressions, as they say, count. My first impressions have been superb!

Biggest Pro: The great customer service - friendly and efficient
Biggest Con: None that I could mention.

Awesome Host

Innohosting is great for resellers, they stand behind their service. They not only give great support to their customers, but also their customers end customers, so you can focus on other aspects of getting your business up and running without the hassles of support, if you have a support issue from one of your clients the support ticket can be automatically sent to innohsting who will answer it anonymously also they really have great rates and great customer satisfaction both Chris and Rameen do aim to be sure their clients are satsified

Biggest Pro: Excellent Customer Support and Satisfaction
Biggest Con: Cant think of any :)

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