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Summary of my experience involving service and support

As a customer of InMotion Hosting, who's used many of their website hosting features and functionality, I can say that in many aspects of their product they compare well with the feature-set that other hosting companies offer. Upon chosing this hosting company, I liked the fact that they offered some basic form of multi-domain support, as well as beating or matching most of the limitations that other service providers had offered at the time. All the while, their price range seemed to fit my budget.

Anyway, after getting used to their commonly used (yet easy to use) cpanel tool for all kinds of management over the years, I found their single con (in my opinion): to change the billing information, you would need to call or fax them, which feels pretty old-school. Of course, one could argue that this is necessary for the customer's protection.

I always figured that this is just another hosting company, until the day I needed to contact their support department, after I messed up some file-permissions on the server. I couldn't find a way to fix this through the cpanel, so I used their 'Live Chat' function. While I was at first very sceptical, I was immediately satisfied with the fact that I was chatting with a real person, not just a chat-bot. Sure, they use scripts for some interaction, but once we were in the groove of the support call, this guy had me up and running again in no time. My experience with the customer service was so good, in fact, that I went out of my way to write this huge review, which I hope isn't too long for the site. Would I recommend this web host? Yes, based almost exclusively on the customer service, which is one of the most important factors in the equation, in my opinion.

Biggest Pro: Great customer support, lots of features for a decent price.
Biggest Con: Must call or fax to change billing info...

Excellent Support Group

Due to a complete lack of competence in their technical support department, we just moved from SuccessfulHosting. Note: we have been with them since 2004. Needless to say, I was very skeptical thinking inMotion would hit a ball out of the park. During the site setup, there were multiple scripting questions which were addressed immediately and "competently". The cPanel interface also gives access to a wealth of "relevant" information which has been very useful. If you are looking for solid support, give inMotion a whirl. It’s easy to see how they have achieved their –A rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Biggest Pro: Service Support

This has definitely been an upgrade for me.

I hated leaving my old host because I'd been with them for almost 8 years. I rarely need technical support but, when an .htaccess kept getting mysteriously deleted (which would then wreck my .php includes) I wrote several trouble tickets and even emailed a tech guy that I'd dealt with before. No answer. A week went by where every one of my sites that had an include was broken. I finally called in and the tech changed the permissions on my .htaccess, as if I hadn't already tried that, and I had to call in an hour later when the file was deleted again.
What finally convinced me to leave was when my site got hacked... something installed a script on every single .html file. I wrote more trouble tickets and emailed every tech I'd ever dealt with... not one reply. It's been 2 weeks now and still no reply.
For comparison I wrote a trouble ticket to InMotion, with the lowest priority, asking where my server was located and got a reply less than an hour later. Huge improvement!
I'm new here but so far I'm completely satisfied.

Biggest Pro: Support answers when needed.
Biggest Con: Not a single complaint at all.

Customer Care

We have recently hosted our site on Inmotion Hosting. The transfer, the setup etc, everything was smooth and trouble free. The server performance and access time is excellent. On top of that, the thing that impressed me the most, is their Customer Care / Service. I always receive quick and prompt replies from the efficient customer service agents. They are technically sound and you know that you are in good hands. I am a very very happy and satisfied customer. Already thinking of having other sites hosted on their servers.
Keep it up !!!

Inmotionhosting simply the best ever

I have moved my websites several times between different browsers. Now I'm at Inmotionhosting, and very pleased about the service they offer. It's one of the cheapest hosts, but still there customer service is simply outstanding.

When I send them an e-mail about any question I might have, they always reply within a very short time. I really have the feeling that whatever problem I have, I can just send an e-mail right away and get professional feedback.

A friend of mine purchased a cheaper package at another host, and figured out that the customer support was just one person, doing this in his spare time and could forget about fast customer support. But I'm willing to pay for inmotionhosting, just because I know that whenever a problem occurs, the people at inmotionhosting are ready to help me out.

Another good thing is that they accept paypal on request and for purchases greater than 50 dollars. That makes it a lot easier for me to pay for hosting instead of refilling my refill-mastercard.

I'm now hosting my websites for more than a year, and after evaluating other webhosts, inmotionhosting is still the best for the price you have to pay. On their shared hosting plans, there are no ridiculous CPU usage limits or memory usage limits like you have at other webhosts.

I'm always on the lookout for better hosting companies and packages, but no other can give that feeling of safety and importance than inmotionhosting. If you're not satisfied with your current webhost, or you have to wait days for a reply on your support request, you should consider inmotionhosting!

Biggest Pro: Excellent friendly and fast customer service
Biggest Con: not many options to maintain domain names (unable to unlock, generate EPP...)

InMotion Hosting - the best investment for your business

Hi everyone

I had had luck that I found InMotion Hosting company for hosting of my on-line store
I tried several other hosting companies before I found InMotion Hosting and these companies weren't able to provide good services for hosting of my on-line store. Their support has been responding very slowly, they servers were down each day and even for whole weekend and the pages in my on-line store has been loading pretty slowly. All these problems created one most important problem - LOST ORDERS. So I decided to do quite extensive research among web hosting companies and I found the hosting company which meets all my requirements for hosting of my on-line store. The name of this company is InMotion Hosting, located in Marina del Rey, California. I checked their web and I decided to get my on-line store running on their advanced dedicated server. I placed the order and they responded me almost instantly. I got the configuration e-mail with all info which I need for installation of my on-line store. I had my store installed within 20 minutes. I was very surprised how fast the pages in my store are loading. It's most critical aspect for any on-line business. Pages needs to load INSTANTLY. The control panel used on the InMotion servers contains all functions which are needed for perfect setup of your web site. Yes, I needed to contact the InMotion support for help several times and their support responded me instantly each time. There were NO DELAYS. I saved a lot of money since I didn't need to contact some specialized web design company to solve these questions. Now I have peace in my mind that my on-line store is hosted by the very best web hosting company in the world - InMotion Hosting. I am sure that there no other web hosting company which could compete with them. They are the best choice for hosting of even most complex business web site which contains your very important and critical business data. You can be sure that InMotion will do the best job for you.

Paul WRIGHT Eng.

Biggest Pro: Excellent support, very fast servers, rock solid backups

Very pleased with the service aand support

We have made the jump from a hosting consultant and are now managing our sites on our own. To say there was some reservations would be putting it lightly. But after a lot of research and a continued frustration with the service from our other hosting provider, we made the commitment. The learning curve has been steep, as I said we have always had a professional handle our sites.

The support staff are excellent. The live chat has been able to take care of 5 of the educational issues I have had and once I was sent up the line to the second tier support. All issues have been taken care of in a very timely manner.

Our greatest challenge has been setting up a shopping cart. InMotion has a number of options and I chose the Zen Cart solution. I now feel relatively competent and our cart is far superior to the "professional" solution provided by our consultant. We now actually have a secure shop that does auto downloads of products. What a beautiful thing.

Biggest Pro: cPanel control
Biggest Con: Tier 2 support needed to restore my store. (After my mistake)

Much, much more than I expected

InMotion Hosting made my day. Launching a website was a critical first step in getting my business off the ground, but I wasn't expecting it to be easy AND inexpensive. It really could not get any more cost-effective than this. That's all good and well - there are lots of discount hosting companies out there, but InMotion also offers the full array of services included in this price. I honestly can't think of anything a hosting company could offer me that isn't already included in my InMotion account.
As if that weren't great enough, the technical support is superb. I sent a request to have the web designer loaded into my account, and tech support finished loading it before my email finished syncing. I recommend these guys to EVERYONE.

One very satisfied customer

InMotion customer service and support staff have performed beyond expectations for the price of their annual service. I had some major issues in establishing three different domains on their service, which were all caused by my own actions. The staff at InMotion went through each of my problems, step by step in one back and forth via email and stayed with me until the issues were solved and rectified. They performed far beyond what I thought anyone would. My issues were fairly complicated regarding reworking my domain structures, main account and sub accounts had to be changed twice and email configurations had to be reworked. They did them all in a quick time frame and perfectly the first go round.

I would recommend anyone who is looking at signing up for a hosting service for business or pleasure, take a very hard look at InMotion as their primary provider. They are #1 in my book.

Biggest Pro: Service, Service, Service and then the packages are tremendous
Biggest Con: I didn't use them the first time I signed up for hosting!!!!


What can I say every issue that I have ever had has been resolved within 24hrs. I have never experienced such professional customer support in my life for anything! You guys are truly amazing and are experts when it comes to everything web. We have a dedicated server and I have a separate shared hosting plan for my test server. The support is flawless no matter how many times I call. Even if I think it is a dumb question that a Web Admin like myself should know they still answer it, and if they can't they don't just say they can't, they work with me to find the answer or where I can find it. Thank you for being awesome!

Again just look at the rating you shouldn't bother even wasting your time with some other hosting company. inMotion is where its at!

And know I didn't give the all 10's cause they helped me with one issue, and I didn't give them a perfect score cause they are perfect, no one is. But when they recognize that they can not solve a problem or if they have given you their word they will honor it. I know this because that's happened to me. Again all I can say is wow!

Ralph Theart
WebAdmin of

Biggest Pro: They are experts in the field. Quality is extremely high. Cost are very reasonable.
Biggest Con: That I don't work for them. :) Wish they'd hire me.

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