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Lighting Fast Response Time & Superior Support

I was impressed with InMotion Hosting right from the beginning. It was 11:53 p.m. on a Friday night when I placed the order for my first domain. I received an auto-email in response to my order, which read: "Your account is in the review process now - expect an email or phone call shortly. If it is currently after business hours we will confirm your order (at the latest) the next business day." I did not expect a response until the following Monday. At 12:13 a.m., just 20 minutes later, I received a call from InMotion Hosting to complete the order and make my domain active. Since then, they have been Johnny-on-the-spot with my tech support needs. And security, I never have to worry about it. InMotion Hosting has been proactive, notifying me if anything looked suspicious. One day, as it was happening real time, ,I saw activity on my site that looked suspicious. I emailed InMotion Hosting tech support, and they got back to me almost instantaneouly, letting me know that they were on top of it. I cannot thank InMotion Hosting enough for what they five me - peace of mind. I highly recommend InMotion to anyone who wants great pricing without sacrificing top quality and superior customer support. Thanks InMotion Hosting!

Biggest Pro: Response time and customer support

InMotion are the best for web hostings.

well I been thru. some problems that I faced with my web page. it wasn't related to InMotion by any how but they helped me a lot figuring out how to fix these problem as they helped me get everything together .

my website is .. when I tried to upload my data to the server it wasn't working and I contacted the support team in InMotion and they kept trying till they helped me figure the problem they even fixed it for me and didn't even charge me a dime .. they were very patience and helpful .

I thought the least thing to do is to write them this review.. please consider InMotion as the first choice for your private or business use.

Thank you team and keep it up .

Biggest Pro: Very intellegent team.. never getting bored of you.
Biggest Con: None

Excellent service & support

From the very first contact with InMotionHosting, I knew that I was in good hands. Setting up my professional Web site was made all the easier thanks to unstinting customer and technical support. In the years since I established the site, I have called on technical support several times for a variety of questions and technical issues. In every case, the response has been at the highest level of professionalism. The staff have uniformly been prompt, courteous and knowledgeable. They have always shown a thorough commitment to getting the question answered or the problem solved and have always been friendly as well. In discussions of security, my special area of expertise, they have demonstrated a thorough grounding in the field. One could not ask for better service -- these people are superb. Sincere thanks to the entire team.

I've been responsible for technical support since 1980, when I worked for a large computer manufacturer in systems engineering and was team leader for their Phone In Consulting Service for Eastern Canada; after several years, I moved to a 24/7 computer service bureau where I was Director of Technical Services and provided tech support for 28 companies and 1,000 terminals on four mainframes. Since then, I have taught courses on The Art of Technical Support in colleges and industry and written extensively on operations management and security.

Biggest Pro: Competent, courteous, highly available technical support

Best in the business

I was a software developer for thirty years. During that time, in addition to work for my clients I occasionally did shareware, which of course I put on the web. Over the years I used several hosting agencies before I hit Inmotion Hosting. Inmotion Hosting is by far the best hosting agency I've tried. There are several reasons for saying that: I've almost never had my webs go down, up and download speed is excellent, etc., but the thing that always struck me was the quality of their tech support. Every time I've needed help it's been there -- usually within minutes. All in all, I think Inmotion Hosting probably is the best hosting agency out there.

Biggest Pro: Tech support
Biggest Con: None

Excellent Help

I have used the service people several times since having you host my site. My site has been hacked twice, and both times I had a great response from IMH, in stopping the attacks, and giving me information/help whenever I requested it. I live on the internet. 99% of the applications I use for my photography pages, are found and purchased on the internet. I am prone to attacks, and it is good to know, that in addition to how I protect myself, I have some excellent backup at all times. Photography is all I do away from work. It is the most important thing to me outside of my two daughters, and I am so glad to be working with IMH. I will make my site more of a business, and that will come with time... right now I am having fun "rebuilding," getting rid of unnecessary baggage and prioritizing things. There is always a challenge. Glad I have you guys to help.

PS: Of course I recommend you whenever the opportunity arises. Thanks again, one and all!

Biggest Pro: Dedicated,knowledgeable people.

Very satisfied!

I was brand new to web development (and really still am), servers, hosting, ftp, etc. It was all foreign to me when I first signed up with inmotionhosting. I frequently have questions about where things are, what to do, what something means, and issues about their server, etc. This "web stuff" can be quite confusing for newbies. I always log on to their website and click the "LIVE CHAT" help feature they offer, often late at night. When other companies are closed for business hours, I still get swift help and solutions from the support team at inmotionhosting. Sometimes, it is all still so foreign to me I don't even know how to explain what the problem is or exactly what I am looking for or am needing to know. They seem to really care about their customers, always patiently helping to figure out exactly what the problem is and offering to go the extra mile of logging in to my account and helping to make the minor changes or tweaks for me. They handle problems with sensitivity and politeness, even if im with them for more than an hour, which is hard to find these days in customer service. It is because of their fast, easily accessible, and dedicated customer service and 24/7 help and support that I will stay with Inmotionhosting for my hosting needs. The only reason I put 9.5 for technical support & knowledge, is because just once, I had to get further help from a more knowledgeable senior staff member over one issue.

Best tech support I've found!

I switched to inmotion from a budget hosting service, I used to only have 300MB of space and 9GB a month of transfer. Now I have unlimited of both, sure it's not $30 a year like my old plan, but you definitely get what you pay for and more. I'm also in the process of switching over my domain as well.

So what impressed me the most with inmotion was the tech support. I had a question at around 10:30pm and I hopped onto their live chat thinking that there wouldn't be any support and in less than a minute I was talking to tech support and solving my issue. Same thing the other night, I had a question and received an answer in less than 5 minutes. I've never seen such customer service before, yet alone from a web host!

This has impressed me enough to write a review, which I usually don't bother taking the time to do.

Biggest Pro: Amazing tech support!
Biggest Con: That I didn't know about them sooner!

Excellent Service from InMotion

I am not a website guru, and don't use my website often, as I have a lot of updating to do, but I decided to start out with InMotion on a recommendation. I wanted to at least get it out there, get my domain set up, etc. My freelance business has been very slow, but I plan on picking up this next year. InMotion hosting has notified me every time someone has tried to hack my site, they freeze pages if there is potential hacked information being placed on my site, etc. When I have questions they have always answered immediately and with helpful information. I will recommend InMotion to anyone, simply because I know from experience that they take care of my needs, and they monitor my website constantly.

Cory Duke

Biggest Pro: Support and service
Biggest Con: None really

Great customer support

Inmotion hosting is a great company. My servers were faster and I had to contact them for support. They were very knowledgeable tech. I had no problem in getting my problems resolved in few seconds. They had immediately answered my questions. Suggested me what should be done. The problems are the one that I had issues my own and nothing of their mistake.
I only see little problem for me in their hosting plans. They do not have reseller hosting. That could be issue for me to grow in to larger hosting. Currently I am hosting for my own website and hence not an issue.
I love their support and certainly recommend every one to the inmotion hosting.

Biggest Pro: Tech support, speed in server response.
Biggest Con: For me the con is grow in to host large number of domains as reseller.

Summary of my experience involving service and support

As a customer of InMotion Hosting, who's used many of their website hosting features and functionality, I can say that in many aspects of their product they compare well with the feature-set that other hosting companies offer. Upon chosing this hosting company, I liked the fact that they offered some basic form of multi-domain support, as well as beating or matching most of the limitations that other service providers had offered at the time. All the while, their price range seemed to fit my budget.

Anyway, after getting used to their commonly used (yet easy to use) cpanel tool for all kinds of management over the years, I found their single con (in my opinion): to change the billing information, you would need to call or fax them, which feels pretty old-school. Of course, one could argue that this is necessary for the customer's protection.

I always figured that this is just another hosting company, until the day I needed to contact their support department, after I messed up some file-permissions on the server. I couldn't find a way to fix this through the cpanel, so I used their 'Live Chat' function. While I was at first very sceptical, I was immediately satisfied with the fact that I was chatting with a real person, not just a chat-bot. Sure, they use scripts for some interaction, but once we were in the groove of the support call, this guy had me up and running again in no time. My experience with the customer service was so good, in fact, that I went out of my way to write this huge review, which I hope isn't too long for the site. Would I recommend this web host? Yes, based almost exclusively on the customer service, which is one of the most important factors in the equation, in my opinion.

Biggest Pro: Great customer support, lots of features for a decent price.
Biggest Con: Must call or fax to change billing info...

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