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InMotion Hosting: Best in Class

I have used various web hosting services for a couple decades now and find the services and technology improves yearly. Consequently the best several years ago may not be the best today. After reading reviews of InMotion I dropped my former service (that I was becoming increasingly dissatisfied with) and signed on to InMotion. My web site is still a work in progress, but already I can say unequivocally that the ease of use, features, and, most importantly, customer service is the best I have experienced. I hope to stay with InMotion for years to come.

Repeated Superb Experiences

I moved to InMotion in large part because of reviews on ratings on this and other sites. I moved from a host that was good at one time but in the last few years had gone way downhill. I stayed with them for a year or more very unhappy because I was afraid of the complications of moving my site. When I just couldn't take it anymore, I took the plunge to InMotion. Within an hour of signing up I started asking technical questions about moving the site over. The tech support person asked for a few files and I sent them. Then within another hour, they just moved the site over for me flawlessly...and I never even talked to a person on the phone...I was able to communicate everything by chat!

I can't believe my worst fears were utterly alleviated in 2 hours. I keep going back to them with questions, and they just do whatever I need--usually on the spot--even in the middle of the night. The day after I signed up, I discovered that a company I work at on occassion has such a thick firewall (trying to block employee misuse of the internet) that I couldn't access my webmail at InMotion. I got on the technical support chat and within 5 minutes they had a workaround for me so I could access webmail there. I don't have time to recount all they've done for me.

There have been no billing problems or service problems. People I know who use our site consistently tell me how speedy it is...even on mobile devices. I just can't say enough good about InMotion.

Biggest Pro: Technical Support and Fast Servers

Extremely friendly host!

I came to InMotion Hosting after finding my host requirements expanded beyond what my previous host could provide. I initially signed up for Shared hosting, but that night I got a call (yes, an actual call) from a sales rep confirming everything. They were friendly, seemed technically competent, and looking at my forum-based site suggested I upgrade to a Virtual Private Server. He had a legitimate case, wasn't trying to pull a quick one, but I still went with Shared hosting. He was right - I needed something more and upgraded soon.

The communities I administrate continue to grow! Soon, I will need to upgrade again, but the VPS option has spanned wonderfully - it is a very comprehensive package!

Any time I had trouble, and even an instance where one of my websites was compromised by a hacker, they have been quick, reliable, competent, and friendly. They do not underestimate my technical knowledge or abilities as a customer, they get to the point, and they get things done.

Biggest Pro: Some of the best customer service I've seen
Biggest Con: There is downtime, but well within reason

Excellent Hosting by InMotion

We had been searching for a host for our Church web site for some time and I actually gave InMotion hosting a try because of favorable reviews, and a coupon for a major discount the first year.

After hosing our site for a few months, I can easily and quickly say that I have never seen such rock solid and reliable hosting as InMotion has. There are many things that attracted me early, and now, after a few months, even more things will keep me a customer as long as they are up and running.

*When I first signed up, I was called on the phone within 10 to 15 minutes and "interviewed" as to my needs, and our intended usage, etc. It was nice to actually talk to someone who was very knowledgeable and professional.

*I very much respect InMotion because of the fact that certain types of sites are not permitted by them to be hosted. Sites that are adult in nature, etc. Many businesses will not take such a stance today.

*The service is rock solid reliable. They have NEVER been down even for a moment since we have been hosting with InMotion. We have many people connect throughout the day and especially on Sunday and they are totally reliable.

*We have no storage or bandwidth limitations. Of course we would never abuse this, but, it's nice to know that we can upload large audio files for our members to listen to and not have to look and check if we are near or over limit.

*We are storing recorded chapters of the Bible in audio and the connection to InMotion is so quick and responsive that the audio starts streaming immediately and flawlessly.

*The tools they offer are amazing. I use a client to ftp our site, but, one can do anything to your site with the online tools they offer from html editing to any complex scripting, etc.

*The reports they show really let us know who is visiting our site and what pages they look at, etc.

I know I am only using such a small percentage of what InMotion offers but as I learn more I know they'll be able to meet my needs.

Besides being a minister, I do IT work for many government agencies. Any individual or business who look for hosting, I point to InMotion. I won't even now consider others to suggest.

Our first year on a business account was only $55. The second non-discounted will be about $100. I can't imagine all the services they offer for such a reasonable price. There is something for everyone. From very basic hosting to your own actual server with a two-hour replacement of hardware.

It's rare to find such service and quality with such an affordable price.

In my work as a minister, we help people find their direction toward the end. As far as web hosting is concerned, I've found the end of the journey. You need look no further than InMotion.

Feel free to contact me for any questions regarding our hosting.

Fantastic timely and capable support

Just wanted to drop a line telling you I am very impressed with Inmotion's support. I am switching my sites over to you from jumpline, largely because of performance issues with my sites there and with the boneheaded support I was getting when I needed it.

At Inmotion, your staff doesn't treat me like a moron whenever I submit a trouble ticket or start a chat session. They are very responsive, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. And this is after perhaps a half dozen support requests with several staff members in the past 6 months while I am transferring my sites. I just submitted a ticket from a chat session with Justin, and again, excellent support in every way.

Every time I submitted a ticket at, I would receive an email from an actual support rep with some template response that made it clear that they never made an effort to understand my problem, no matter how carefully I worded my email, no matter how brief and clear, I would get an infuriating response. "Greetings, my server is reporting a SQL error, I tried restarting the SQL service and nothing changed, please help!". Response : "have you tried restarting the SQL service?" "What the $#$@%%? Really? $$#$#! Arrggggghh!"

Another great feature is the flexibility they have shown me in setting up my hosting configuration. I needed PHP4, not PHP5, but I also needed it patched to use a couple of specific modules. They were happy to help me configure my hosting package to use PHP4 with the customizations and they finished the configuration in about a day. Other web hosts have given me a lot of grief on requests like this.

I love Inmotion Hosting. Great job Justin and the rest of the team there.

Biggest Pro: Excellent Support, Flexible Configurations

Best hosting service out there

I am hosting with inmotion hosting for approximately an year now and i can confidently say that inmotionhositng is the best hosting solution out there. I have done hosting with two others before inmotionhosting
1. hosmonster
2. godaddy

While godaddy clearly sucks, hosmonster is a decent hosting. But if you compare with inomtionhosting they don't stand anywhere.

Inomtionhosting not only provides good uptime , alerts etc but their technical support is amazingly good. I have gone to them with many technical issues on many of sites and almost always they came up with solution to fix the issue. through phone support also , i see that their team is quite motivated to provide best customer support.

Inomtionhosting tech support rocks!!! keep it up guys.


Biggest Pro: tech support

Going beyond basic resolution

Over the past few weeks, I have had issues to resolve as a result of changes and issues at my end. One was to do with an SEO issue relating to moving a WordPress blog to its own domain, and the other was the result of a virus issue that sneaked in as a code injection.

Even though it was not strictly an InMotion issue to resolve, both times (well in the past as well), the Support staff at InMotion have patiently and knowledgeably walked me through as they resolved my issue.

They went beyond simply telling me what I needed to to, but did it for me, explained what they were doing and why, and gave me additional tips and references. This has been my consistent experience. And Support staff answer very quickly every time.

As a result, my qualified blog hits resumed after previously dropping dramatically, and the virus was eradicated and strong preventative measures are now in place so everything is once again squeaky clean to stay.

Thanks, InMotion. BTW you guys are also great value for money.

Biggest Pro: Support knowledge and helpfulness; ease of hosting; value
Biggest Con: No daily stats by page (or custom date range), only monthly.

I am a customer service nightmare...

...but inmotion was up to the challenge.

While inmotion did not know that I have a long history of chewing up customer service types and spitting them out, I seriously doubt they would have felt it any issue if they had. They are more than prepared for my sort.

I have spent over 20 years in the IT field working predominately in a hardware capacity- I only just recently found the need to publish a website and create a personal online presence for my business. I did not just go out and grab the cheapest host I could find; I researched consumer reports on the companies offering this service and at every turn, and I mean everywhere I went there was one company that stood leagues above the rest- inmotion. I was impressed at the responses and glowing reports. I made my decision and have no reason to believe they will ever offer anything other than stellar performance and service.

Despite my short time with them, they have already surpassed my expectations. Most importantly, I never wait for any feedback or action when experiencing technical issues. I am very savvy at building and managing a website even though I never had my own before; I moderate and work as administrator on several other sites. I wish now they were hosted by inmotion as opposed to the hosts they have. I had a recent issue with a feature on my website and I barely put the request in before I had a resolution and a tech asking if anything else was needed. This is the first time in I don't know how many years I didn't need to prompt a follow up response or instigate some feedback. To be fair to inmotion, every exchange since the first inquiry about using them has been the exact same with a laser beam focus on communication and service.

I have a few friends who complain constantly about their hosts... I just give them a smug look and tell them, "I'm good over here..." I do suggest they reconsider when their leases are up. Of course it is with a grin.


Biggest Pro: Tecnical service communication
Biggest Con: Haven't found anything negative yet.

Consistent excellent service and support

I host several domains with InMotion Hosting after several aborted attempts with other web hosts. The first had terrible service, and you could never get hold of technical support. The second did not support PHP so I could not administrate forums. InMotion Hosting has all the server side software I need, a great control panel, extremely helpful and friendly sales/billing staff who have helped me transfer domains and add them, but what really makes me recommend them to clients and friends is their consistent, reliable, knowledgeable, friendly, and fast technical support. They never tell me "we don't support that" and they've helped with complicated issues that maybe technically were not their responsibility but were fixed simply because they could fix it. They communicate, they escalate appropriately, they don't just leave you in the void, and they follow up on everything. They are also proactive when handling attacks, quarantining compromised files, and restoring files quickly with a minimum of downtime. I have been 100% satisfied with the value I receive from this relationship and without reservation can recommend this company to others.

Biggest Pro: Technical support is stellar and always available
Biggest Con: I cannot think of one.

InMotion Exceeded my expectations by far

With a new website ( I needed a new web host, since the old host didn't fulfill the requirements for it. I spent two weeks researching, and at last picked InMotion because of the facilities and the good reviews.

I was surprised big time with their support & customer service. They are so friendly, reliable, helpful, fast - really far beyond what I thought was possible. I love it that they are available for chat (and phone call) 24 hours all year. I live in a country with 12 hours time difference to InMotion's base, and it's just so great that anytime I need something, they're there.

In the end I moved all my 4 websites with 2 blogs & 2 parked domains to InMotion (also moved the domain registrations), and everything even fits in one plan (I have the business power package)!

I recommend InMotion to anyone looking for a superb web host. Should you have any questions or doubt, just contact them and they will help you with anything you want to know. The great thing is, after you joined in, they are exactly as friendly and helpful as before, something that was completely different with my previous (and actually more well known) web host.

Biggest Pro: Excellent Support & Customer Service
Biggest Con: Nothing

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