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Hosting Transfer

I was asked to give a review on a recent experience I had with tech support and I think I shall. Be warned this is not a “I’m going to kiss up” review but rather a realistic explanation of what happened to me during a web transfer and how I was assisted by tech support. However to adequately address this, you need some context and background first.
I originally joined the world of the internet back in the mid to late 90’s. As this internet thing was still getting started I discovered a world of internet hosting companies, all of them wanting my money. Well… not so fast. I’m not a young spring chicken but rather I retired from the Navy in 1992 after 20 years of active duty. I then took up the new career of technical writing which meant that I had to learn new technologies fast. As a boss once told me when I was trying to learn some new software, “You don’t have time to learn it, just do it.” That has been my philosophy ever since.
As a technical writer I knew the value of research and in those early days I researched web hosts to the best of my ability, with the information available at the time. The company I chose met all my criteria, and they were local. To make things simple I will call them the XYZ Company and I began a very long and fruitful relationship with them. Then things changed.
The XYZ Company I had been with for so long was purchased by another company. I don’t know the exact date but I began to see differences in the way XYZ was ran. Procedures and policies that I was acquainted with changed and the changes were not good, at least not for me. Hence in 2008 the thought of changing web host entered my mind, but because I had been with XYZ for so long the thought of changing web host “concerned” me. So I stayed with XYZ.
As 2010 progressed the changes in XYZ began to really irritate me. The “knowledge base” became totally unusable and worthless. There was no way I could find anything I needed. They claimed to have 24/7 tech support, and they did, but the answers I received were inadequate for my needs. I let my website slip because the answers I needed to make the changes I wanted was not forth coming. It was like they didn’t care about me. After all these years XYZ determined that I was worthless. Or at least that is the way I felt. So, in late 2010 I made the decision to change hosting companies.
I began to do my homework on which company I wanted to go with. I researched the field intensely, I asked my co-workers who they used, and I gave a lot of thought to the move. I researched the web on what to consider when moving to a new web host, and discovered that there’s not a whole lot of real valuable information out there. One has to leap around to figure things out and I discovered that I missed a lot of basic information, information I should have known before making the move. The problem was I didn’t know I was missing information. I thought I had done diligent research, I thought I had asked all the right questions, only to eventually discover I had not.
During my research phase I chose to investigate InMotion as a new host. I chose this company based on several criteria including recommendations and reviews. At some point, either late 2010 or early 2011, I did an on-line chat with sales and I was impressed. I liked our conversation and decided that InMotion could be my new host. I could not change then because if I left XYZ I would lose a lot of money and they didn’t prorate with cancellations. And I wanted to continue investigating other companies as well.
Over the next few months I continued to research InMotion, including contacting sales with additional questions. I liked what I read, I liked what I saw. I then determined that InMotion would be my new host, and in March 2011 I joined with the Power Package for a year (primarily for tax reasons, easier to keep track of).
I received the Welcome Aboard package and I followed the instructions completely, or so I thought. For awhile everything was working perfectly and I was very satisfied. To elaborate a little more, I own not only the .com extension but the .net and .org extensions as well. So I parked the .net and .org to point to .com and as I remarked everything was working perfectly. I was not worried about my “webpage” because I knew that it is going to be replaced with a new site I’m working on. I just needed the default holding page to properly show. My .org name was coming up for renewal and I was beginning to get a little concerned about that, but I knew I still had time to address that situation and would at the appropriate time.
Several times a week I would check for the holding page and to ensure .net and .org pointed to my main .com domain. It did and I was as pleased as a turkey being spared from Thanksgiving that the move had progressed so smoothly. Now I could concentrate on building my website and I was away from XYZ and all those headaches.
The first inkling of a problem occurred when my holding page went down. Not only did the .com holding page not show up but .net and .org seemed to be lost as well. To say I was in a panic is a minor understatement of Titanic proportions. I immediately called tech support to find out what happened and thus began my back and forth with not only InMotion tech support but a back and forth with XYZ as well. XYZ really had no desire to help me but did so reluctantly.
In the course of trying to find out what happened I discovered the gap in my knowledge. What I thought I knew I didn’t and that frustrated me to no end. I am not a computer illiterate as I have a firm grasp on technology; I have built my own computers, and constantly interact with engineers on a daily basis concerning cutting edge technology. But I am also a part of the web-deprived generation. I was raised in the I Love Lucy and My Three Sons generation. When I was growing up cell phones existed only on Star Trek (TOS). Like others in my generation everything I have learned has been self-taught and I know that my knowledge is lacking in several areas (for me it’s issues with the internet). When I have a lack of knowledge I turn to the experts in the field, in this case the InMotion tech support people.
I discovered what I did wrong and throughout the entire process of correcting my ignorance, InMotion tech support held my hand. For that I am grateful. I know that somewhere in the back rooms of InMotion the thoughts of “this guy is a total moron” had to be floating around. But not once did that impression ever come across in any email or conversation I had with InMotion. No, that experience came across with XYZ and I have the transcripts to prove it.
The professionalism of InMotion was and is exactly the same professionalism that XYZ had so many years ago. Their slide from greatness to incompetence is both sad and painful. I feel as though I have lost a dear relative to some weird internet disease and there’s not a thing I can do about it. But it is a disease of their own making.
From sales to tech support every interaction I had with InMotion has been of professional quality. That is something one does not find common these days so I have some other words for InMotion: I belong to a generation that has been around the block not once but several times. We are too old to put up with the BS since our lifetime is coming to an end (maybe in another 30 years or so). We have lived in a time of excellent customer service and have seen it degrade into nothing. We spend our money wisely and if we feel that you are worth it we will remain loyal to you for a very long time. But once we feel that we are no longer of concern, that our value is of little value to you, you will discover us looking at you in our rearview mirror.
At our age we are more concerned with more important items of life, like politicians that rip us off and then tell us they know what is best for us. Because our focus is to stay away from slavery, a slavery imposed upon us by politicians, changing hosting companies falls to the bottom of our list. If we find a good web host we want to stay there, because we really don’t want to waste precious time on this matter. It’s that simple. BUT, and this is a big but, we will not be abused by anyone for very long.
So what do you have to do to keep our loyalty? It’s simple; just hold our hand when we need it. Believe me we feel like idiots at those times anyway with our lack of knowledge. Don’t patronize us. Don’t assume that we’re senile. If you have questions about us, and where we are in the process, ask us. We will tell you. If we need clarification on some issue please entertain us. Sometimes the old brain cells don’t want to work and we experience a “senior” moment. Duh. What is common knowledge to you may be new to us; either that or we just had a brain hemorrhage of ignorance at that moment.
I say all that to say this, I experienced none of the “old fart” mentality with InMotion. Help was just an email away and the response was great. I felt valuable, I felt appreciated. I feel as if my decision to move to InMotion was the correct one despite the hiccups I encountered (mostly because of my ignorance). I plan to stay with InMotion for a very long time, BUT I learned some very valuable lessons with this move and I will not be taken by surprise again.
I do not ask for much in the way of a web host, I just expect you to do your job, maintain outstanding professional customer service, continue to improve and enhance your business so that I can enhance mine, and be there when I need assistance.
Now a warning: XYZ damaged themselves because they lost their ability to care for the customer. We pay your salary and we have worked all our lives, and in some cases still are, to waste our resources where we are not, or feel that we are not wanted. If I ever feel this way I have absolutely no hesitation about moving to the competition. And that is why I changed not only my hosting company, but my bank of thirty years.
Gary P McClure

Couldn't be more satisfied so far!

I'm a new customer who, after considerable research, chose InMotion based upon the many positive reviews and personal comments posted on the net, to which I'd like to include mine.

Even though I have a relatively high level of computer savvy, dealing with hosting technology was big step up with a steep initial learning curve. In every way and at every bottleneck InMotion tech support has been both patient and first class. The knowledge and desire of every the representative I've dealt with to advise and guide me past my early difficulties has been more than impressive. I couldn't ask for more than what has been has provided and look forward to a long relationship.

Biggest Con: Nothing so far

Superb Tech Support

This is about the 10th hosting company I have used. Many have near the same services but the tech support can be worlds apart.

Their tech support, is a one button select and a fast answer. The support staff has always been able to handle the request right on the phone. They can access all my data, look at the site, are informed about any question I have asked - no matter how convoluted, are knowledgeable about sophisticated web techniques and technical areas, are helpful, courteous and informative.

It's what most companies claim to do but never succeed at.

When you are hosting a clients site, tech support is your lifeline - and a smart, competent and fast support people are rare and perhaps, the greatest value a company can offer.

I have moved all of my websites here.

Biggest Pro: Great tech support
Biggest Con: none

Inmotion Hosting Review of Tech Support and Hosting Plans.

A little over 1 year ago I was looking for a web hosting service that would provide me with an inexpensive hosting plan with a large amount of disk space and bandwidth usage. I noticed at the time that many companies out there had limitations to bandwidth and space, which was very unappealing to me.

I found out about Inmotionhosting through another person's review of the hosting plan and I noticed they had no complaints. Upon visiting inmotionhosting's website I found out that they offered unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth, which I found to be a major positive. Not only do they not put caps on space or bandwidth, but their pricing on the business class hosting was around $10 a month, my plan actually only being $8 a month, which I found to be a very, very good price for their service.

They claim to have 99.9% uptime for their networks, which from what I have found is that my server has never, ever been down or slowed in any way! They also allow you to choose whether your server is in California or D.C. for better speeds depending on where you live or where the bulk of your customers are residing.

Their service also allows for quick installations of most CMS software to get your website up ASAP, which in my case using Joomla was very easy. The cpanel is also very useful in setting up ftp/domains/sub-domains/emails/databases etc.

I have contacted their 24/7 online tech support on many occasions. There is no waiting in line and they help you with setting up new domains, configuring .htaccess files (which are usually a pain for non-programmers). They have also helped me frequently with parts of the cpanel (the control panel for your hosting service) that I did not understand. I would most definitely have to say that their tech support team is by far the best tech support I have ever encountered...anywhere. They are very knowledgeable, they live in the U.S. so there is no language barriers like some other hosting sites that use people from other countries, and they are willing to sit there for as long as it is needed to get your databases/website/ftp/email settings setup and going.

Inmotionhosting has excellent tech support, unlimited bandwidth and space for the business class hosting and the pricing is all around $10 a month. I haven't needed to upgrade my server to a VPS or dedicated server, but I will definitely be sticking with inmotionhosting for all of my hosting needs.

Biggest Pro: Excellent tech support, excellent pricing
Biggest Con: None found so far

InMotion Hosting Review of their Customer Service

I have been researching web-hosting companies for several months for my photography business site.
There are so many hosting companies to choose from and they all claim to have the optimal solutions for one's web hosting needs.
Looking for a reliable host has been a confusing, frustrating and lengthy process.

InMotion was recommended to me by a graphic and web site designer in Seattle. The first words out of his mouth to describe them was, "They're fast." Those of you who are more technically inclined will know what that means. I wasn't sure at the time. But his recommendation carried weight with me.

Being in starving artist mode, money is in short supply. But I was prepared to pay around $40 a month to have a good looking site with 24/7 phone and e-mail support. I figured it was going to be tough to swing it financially, but, hey, you get what you pay for.
Having phone tech support where someone actually answers the phone, rather than their saying that they'll call you back within 24 hours is a must for me.

So, I was delighted to find that with InMotion I can have, what I hope will be a first class site for around $10 a month!
They have templates one can adapt for one's own use. I haven't used them yet because I've only been with the company for a week. Plus, they support WordPress templates too. This all looks promising.

What has impressed me the most about InMotion is their phone tech support. Their hold time is minimal (less than 3 minutes for both my calls yesterday).
Plus, their tech support staff answered my questions completely and went the extra mile to e-mail me further information that I needed. Their e-mail responses to tech related questions are also very prompt.

I also like that they have a 90 day money-back guarantee. A much longer trial period than most other companies offer.
So, even though I've only been with the company for less than a week, I am impressed.

Biggest Pro: 24/7 phone and e-mail tech support. Inexpensive cost of plans

Excellent Hosting and Support

I'm a web developer and have experienced ALL levels of hosting. I feel that InMotion goes above and beyond the others. I do a lot of development in wordpress and they are savvy with the requirements. Their support is the absolute BEST and I have not regretted putting any of my client projects on their plans because I know they are doing a great job and there for me when I need help. I've used Media Temple in the past as well. They are good, but I also had some strange and random things that they did on a project which caused aggravation for me while I was on vacation. I know that with InMotion I can sleep at night with assurance that their servers are consistent and reliable. This means a lot to me. I also met the owner, Sunil, at a WordCamp and appreciate that they are active and supportive of the Wordpress community.

Biggest Pro: Great Support, Wordpress Friendly, Reliable
Biggest Con: NONE!

Excellent Support 24/7 - Secret to their success

I had to call for support on Christmas Eve as I was launching a new web site I created for my husband, a homemade Christmas gift. My launch was failing and I needed help. I was so grateful someone at InMotion was there to answer my call and even more grateful that with their help I successfully launched his new site in time for Christmas.

This wasn't the first time I relied on the support department at InMotion. Always quick and efficient with clear explanations and directives that I can easily follow.

The support department at InMotion Hosting is the secret to their success. Don't change a thing!

Biggest Pro: Support that's top notch 24/7
Biggest Con: No cons.

Excellent service

I also use two other hosting companies, Fasthosts - who are absolutely useless, and Justhost - who are just OK. Inmotion's live support operators have extensive knowledge and provide clear solutions with no waiting. I am based in the UK and even with the time difference there is always a competent operator available at all times. My experience of using this feature with Justhost is that you get someone who doesnt know what they are talking about, and every contact ends with them asking you to send an email to support@.
Inmotion's email support is also very quick.
If you are looking for reliable, competitively priced hosting with great 24/7 support, Inmotion is the answer.

Biggest Pro: rapid clear technical support

Inmotion is great!

I have recently opened a business account with InMotion hosting and have been extremely happy with the service they have provided.

Support is fast and the staff are very helpful in dealing with technical matters. I found them through review sites like this one and I am glad to say that the overwhelmingly positive reviews for this company all stand.

I am very happy with InMotion so far and would recommend InMotion to anyone looking for cost effective and reliable web hosting.
I should mention that transferring my blue host account to InMotion was a breeze. InMotion made it simple for me to transfer by advising and assisting me on the simplest method.
Plus they handled most of the setup for me.

I'm pretty much a novice at web hosting and InMotioin have made the steep learning curve a pleasant ride.

Thanks InMotion. Do yourself a favor and host with these guys. You'll be glad you did!

PS I gave a lower score on connection speed because I am not based in the USA. I probably would have given 10 if i was closer to the server but i have to review honestly from another country.

Biggest Pro: support and response time
Biggest Con: nothing at this stage

Excellent Hosting Service

I maintain websites for 3 non-profit groups. InMotion Hosting is excellent for the amateur as well as the professional. The site are always up. If I have a question for Tech Support or Customer Support, I get an immediate reply -- just like I would from a face-to-face web host. They don't act like my questions are dumb. Once when I wasn't able to upload an update, they immediately determined my problem and showed me what to do. The most important thing to me is that they reply so quickly and make me feel like my websites are just as important as if there were "for profit sites."

Biggest Pro: Tech Support gives quick results!
Biggest Con: I have no cons.

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