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Fantastic Hosting Transfer Experience

Here's a note I wrote to following my transfer experience to them. I'm sharing it here.

After many years hosting my domains with, I have recently transferred two of my domains and hosting to you. Why? they were slow, expensive and becoming more unhelpful every time I called. Everything with them was just a new 'sales opportunity' even when I just needed a little tech support.

So, let me just say a HUGE thank-you to all of the people at your company that have helped me through this. Each and every single one has been fast, courteous and, above all, exceedingly helpful. Thanks thanks thanks. ( made the transfer process just as difficult as they could, to add insult to injury....)

Just for background, my business and my web presence is unusual. I'm a semi-retired business executive, teacher/developer and writer. My 'students' and customers are professional furniture restorers and active woodworking hobbyists. Over the years, I've built a following - having seen over 10,000 students in my classes, and writing 6 books and companion video programs for them and others. I also developed a number of specialty products and processes for professionals during my 'working' years. We sold our 'primary' company, Minuteman, Inc., 10 years ago, but folks still seem to need to find me. Thus, I'm not really looking to 'grow' my business in the conventional sense, but I do need to have a way for folks to find me, my phone numbers, and occasionally order something from me if they prefer not to purchase from one of my distributors. That's why I keep the website and little store going.

Having said all that, the root of the issue is this: I'm not a computer wizard, but I'm not a total dummy at it, either. I'm primarily a business man and a skilled furniture maker/conservator. My expertise is not in your area. I need people like yours, the ones I've been working with these last several weeks, to take care of me. I can recognize the characteristics and people that go with a good company - and you and yours fit those profiles for me. So again, thanks.

I used for many years. They were once as good as you are now. They have drifted off target and are now a giant pain to work with. Everything is a new 'sales' opportunity with them - even through the tech people. I do not get that feeling from your folks - which makes me want to buy even more from you if/when I have the need. Please, keep the tech folks doing tech stuff, and let the sales people do their thing - but don't make me feel like I've just stepped into a mosh pit of commissioned salespeople every time I call. You currently don't (which is why you passed the test and I picked does-which is why I left them).

Thanks again!

Biggest Pro: Very easy transfer, great people, and low priced.

Best Customer Service on the Web

I have been a dynamic website developer for a couple of decades now and have tried a wide variety of hosting service providers over the many years. I found InMotion Hosting via a positive review on CNET, so I thought I would give them a try. From day one, their customer service has surpassed any of my expectations.

From email correspondence to phone support, I consistently receive friendly, educated and helpful service. Since I am a one-man shop here, my time is critical. InMotion Hosting has cut the time I have to work with support and setting up my network by at least 75%.

In addition, their control panel and site hosting layout is very user-friendly and logical. Allowing more time for me to program and launch new products.

I am now in the process of migrating my various other domains over to InMotion and happy to do so.

Darren (New InMotion Customer)

Biggest Pro: Customer Service

Customer service + reliability = excellence!

InMotion has it right. While other service providers and hosting companies have provided me with reliable service, it's been very difficult to be able to get them to respond to technical support questions in a timely manner. With InMotion, I don't have to worry about that! Their customer service is available right away and they take care of your issues in a timely and polite manner. I've worked with other hosting companies who do not want to be bothered with the "easy" or "you should have known" questions. InMotion service doesn't care if your problem is complex or simple, they will take care of you right away.

The service they provide is fast and reliable as well. No interruptions of service and fast and reliable uptime and speeds make the InMotion experience the total package. I'll be using InMotion for my hosting needs from here on out. With some many providers out there, I'm happy and lucky to have found one that takes care of each customer like they are their most important.

Biggest Pro: Great customer service that is available immediately when you need them!
Biggest Con: That I didn't know about InMotion before for my other sites.

InMotion Hosting has Excllent Support,,and great value

I'm an Engineer with nearly 40 years of experience working in the technology field. I came to InMotion because of their pricing. After a lot of research I found them to have the best value package. I am a committed customer because of their excellent support team. I have had NO HTML experience and have never built a web site before. I have learned over 4 decades the most valuable tool in technology is simply, "raise your hand and ask". I did this a lot in the beginning. I really like their chat forum. You get instant assistance that will stay with you until the issue is resolved. The support team is quick and patient with folks that are not web site savvy. I found their patience most refreshing. My store is up and running much sooner than I expected because of their invaluable help. I have been around some of the biggest technology companies like IBM, Lucent, Cisco and Verizon and know what excellent customer service looks like. Add InMotion to that list. I would recommend them to anyone, experienced or novice, who wants to create a successful web site. Thanks InMotion Team.
Dennis Smith

Biggest Pro: Customer Service and Support
Biggest Con: Didn't go to them earlier

Good support at inMotion

I was having trouble with my website and so used the Chat support system. I had outlined my problem with Mark S and he was working on it, when I lost my web connection. I got back on about 1/2 hour later and found that Mark had continued to work on the website problem and had it fixed when I was re-connected. That was so nice!
When I went back into the Chat I had 2 fears: 1) that I'd get someone else and have to start all over explaining the problem and 2) that once our connection was lost Mark would say "oh well" and move on to something else. I did get someone else (Josh), and when I gave him a brief overview he checked in with Mark and told me I was all set. Having worked with all sorts of Help Desks for all sorts of industries I was pleasantly surprised that Josh could (and would) check with his co-worker and further that Mark had not just disconnected from the project once he was disconnected from me. This was a very pleasant customer service experience!

Inmotion - superior support and service

Recently had a problem with my site. Some malware had gotten in. Was able to clear out most of the public folders but had trouble with what ostensibly was the culprit, a folder named "uzoj" which I could not rename or delete.

Went to InMotion's live chat area (was skeptical at first) in the support window and they immediately responded and took care of everything. Now I can go back to Google and get my site re-evaluated. The online support analyst also helped me get a temporary "under construction" page up. I was really shocked at how easy and fast he was able to solve the problem.

I had contacted inMotion via telephone a couple of times in the past two years with questions and always got through surprisingly fast to someone who was able to solve my problem. Great server speeds (my site also has some mp3s I stream), always online, FAST, accurate information from the support team. I'm just not used to this kind of treatment from a ANY company, let alone one with the number of clients they serve!

Cannot recommend InMotion highly enough. Their overall rating of 99.36% makes complete sense.

Ron P

Biggest Pro: Phenomenal support

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InMotion Hosting beat my expectations

Only been a new customer for a few weeks now but have to give InMotion top rating for both its fast servers and very fast customer service. I've been more than impressed. Before selecting this company I read all the evaluations -- or lets just say a LOT of them from everywhere -- rating all the best services. InMotion was usually in the top 10 or 15. I read manhy user reviews, a handful not so postitive, but the overwhelming majority very positive. (Let's face it, even Jesus would get one star from someone!) After signing up, any problems I've encountered --- all of them errors or misunderstanding on my part, I'm a novice at this after all --- were solved within a few hours via the online help. I'm used to waiting a day or two before getting an answer with online support, but this company's customer service got back to me with the right answers all the time. And I know some of the answers were areas not their responsibility to educate me on. I was very grateful. So far I'm impressed with everything I've experienced and really glad I chose this company.

Ron P Concord CA

By Ron Paquette on December 4th, 2009 at 23:51 EST
URL: [Hidden but verified] Customer for Less than 1 month
Plan: Shared | Platform: Linux | Email: [Logged]

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I've been a customer since 2005 and I'm still here.

Over the years, I've tried to leave IMH for cheaper ISPs (those named after parents and animals), but I've didn't give up my iMH acount when I did it, and I ended up canceling the other guys at first opportunity. IMH didn't do anything to make me unhappy, I was just trying to save a buck, but ended up spending a lot more, sometimes a couple of hundred dollars more from trick advertising with some of the other ISPs.

IMH isn't just a good ISP, they are good people behind the screen too. I started out with a lot of Internet ignorance six years ago, and IMH paid the price for that. I've had billing issues and technical issues--most of my own doing--and iMH has always responded with a 10. There are no nasty surprises at IMH after you become a customer, no sudden price increases, or sudden change in plans. No hidden fees, they don't market you to death. They are just there in the background for you, always doing a good job and always quick to respond to any emails or issue no matter how trivial. IMH is WYSIWYG and I don't stray around for a cheaper ISP anymore because WYSIWYG is not usually what I experience. If you're thinking of moving to another ISP, or just starting out looking for a first ISP, you'll be happy with IMH.

Biggest Pro: Support Team
Biggest Con: Does not host IIS for SharePoint and ASP websites.

Switching Over to InMotion Hosting

After doing my research, I started transferring several domains and hosting accounts from GoDaddy to InMotion Hosting -- these include my most important website, which I was afraid would experience problems, delays, hiccups, etc., in the moving/setting up process. My worst fears proved to be unfounded, however, as InMotion's superb customer service and technical support have been there to answer questions and provide the support needed to facilitate the transfers off without a hitch. Then, after the transfer of my major site, I decided to completely revamp it from a Rapidweaver platform to Wordpress (self-hosted). While delving into specific platforms like Wordpress is supposed to be "beyond the call of duty" for tech support staff, InMotion's staff was more than willing to help me deal with questions and solutions here, too. I've called the tech support number at least a half dozen times, including on a Saturday and a Sunday. They aways answer -- typically, in just a minute or two -- and they always seem ready to jump right in to help. I never do these types of testimonials, but their superb, knowledgeable staff deserve it. Keep up the great work!

Biggest Pro: friendly and knowledgeable 24/7 technical support
Biggest Con: A bit more expensive than some others, but you get what you pay for and InMotion's support team is worth the extra pennies.

Fanstastically excellent support and speedy, easy Linux system

I have been involved with computers, one way or another, for over 50 years. Before I signed up with InMotion, I had been a customer of Network Solutions for I believe almost 15 years. Over the last couple of years, Network Solutions' tech support has gotten much worse. When I call tech support, I would typically get a teenage girl in the Philippines (I asked her) who only knew what she was reading off of her own help screen. (The exact same stuff I had already read off of my own help screen.)

After about 15 minutes, Network Solutions' tech support girl would conclude that something really was wrong with their system and my problem would be forwarded to someone who actually knows something about computers. I wouldn't hear from them again. Either my problem would go away in a couple of days -- or it wouldn't and I would have to start all
over with another call to a teenage girl in the Philippines...

I called InMotion tech support and they were very well informed and got me started with Linux in the correct direction with my search.cgi. Moreover, with their control panel, I was able to see the logs (which I couldn't do with NS -- even the tech support girl in the Philippines could not access the log) diagnose my own problem, change the permissions (can't do that with NS either), and my search.cgi started working!

This company really knows what they are doing! Tech support can't get any better than InMotion's.

Hosting Transfer

I was asked to give a review on a recent experience I had with tech support and I think I shall. Be warned this is not a “I’m going to kiss up” review but rather a realistic explanation of what happened to me during a web transfer and how I was assisted by tech support. However to adequately address this, you need some context and background first.
I originally joined the world of the internet back in the mid to late 90’s. As this internet thing was still getting started I discovered a world of internet hosting companies, all of them wanting my money. Well… not so fast. I’m not a young spring chicken but rather I retired from the Navy in 1992 after 20 years of active duty. I then took up the new career of technical writing which meant that I had to learn new technologies fast. As a boss once told me when I was trying to learn some new software, “You don’t have time to learn it, just do it.” That has been my philosophy ever since.
As a technical writer I knew the value of research and in those early days I researched web hosts to the best of my ability, with the information available at the time. The company I chose met all my criteria, and they were local. To make things simple I will call them the XYZ Company and I began a very long and fruitful relationship with them. Then things changed.
The XYZ Company I had been with for so long was purchased by another company. I don’t know the exact date but I began to see differences in the way XYZ was ran. Procedures and policies that I was acquainted with changed and the changes were not good, at least not for me. Hence in 2008 the thought of changing web host entered my mind, but because I had been with XYZ for so long the thought of changing web host “concerned” me. So I stayed with XYZ.
As 2010 progressed the changes in XYZ began to really irritate me. The “knowledge base” became totally unusable and worthless. There was no way I could find anything I needed. They claimed to have 24/7 tech support, and they did, but the answers I received were inadequate for my needs. I let my website slip because the answers I needed to make the changes I wanted was not forth coming. It was like they didn’t care about me. After all these years XYZ determined that I was worthless. Or at least that is the way I felt. So, in late 2010 I made the decision to change hosting companies.
I began to do my homework on which company I wanted to go with. I researched the field intensely, I asked my co-workers who they used, and I gave a lot of thought to the move. I researched the web on what to consider when moving to a new web host, and discovered that there’s not a whole lot of real valuable information out there. One has to leap around to figure things out and I discovered that I missed a lot of basic information, information I should have known before making the move. The problem was I didn’t know I was missing information. I thought I had done diligent research, I thought I had asked all the right questions, only to eventually discover I had not.
During my research phase I chose to investigate InMotion as a new host. I chose this company based on several criteria including recommendations and reviews. At some point, either late 2010 or early 2011, I did an on-line chat with sales and I was impressed. I liked our conversation and decided that InMotion could be my new host. I could not change then because if I left XYZ I would lose a lot of money and they didn’t prorate with cancellations. And I wanted to continue investigating other companies as well.
Over the next few months I continued to research InMotion, including contacting sales with additional questions. I liked what I read, I liked what I saw. I then determined that InMotion would be my new host, and in March 2011 I joined with the Power Package for a year (primarily for tax reasons, easier to keep track of).
I received the Welcome Aboard package and I followed the instructions completely, or so I thought. For awhile everything was working perfectly and I was very satisfied. To elaborate a little more, I own not only the .com extension but the .net and .org extensions as well. So I parked the .net and .org to point to .com and as I remarked everything was working perfectly. I was not worried about my “webpage” because I knew that it is going to be replaced with a new site I’m working on. I just needed the default holding page to properly show. My .org name was coming up for renewal and I was beginning to get a little concerned about that, but I knew I still had time to address that situation and would at the appropriate time.
Several times a week I would check for the holding page and to ensure .net and .org pointed to my main .com domain. It did and I was as pleased as a turkey being spared from Thanksgiving that the move had progressed so smoothly. Now I could concentrate on building my website and I was away from XYZ and all those headaches.
The first inkling of a problem occurred when my holding page went down. Not only did the .com holding page not show up but .net and .org seemed to be lost as well. To say I was in a panic is a minor understatement of Titanic proportions. I immediately called tech support to find out what happened and thus began my back and forth with not only InMotion tech support but a back and forth with XYZ as well. XYZ really had no desire to help me but did so reluctantly.
In the course of trying to find out what happened I discovered the gap in my knowledge. What I thought I knew I didn’t and that frustrated me to no end. I am not a computer illiterate as I have a firm grasp on technology; I have built my own computers, and constantly interact with engineers on a daily basis concerning cutting edge technology. But I am also a part of the web-deprived generation. I was raised in the I Love Lucy and My Three Sons generation. When I was growing up cell phones existed only on Star Trek (TOS). Like others in my generation everything I have learned has been self-taught and I know that my knowledge is lacking in several areas (for me it’s issues with the internet). When I have a lack of knowledge I turn to the experts in the field, in this case the InMotion tech support people.
I discovered what I did wrong and throughout the entire process of correcting my ignorance, InMotion tech support held my hand. For that I am grateful. I know that somewhere in the back rooms of InMotion the thoughts of “this guy is a total moron” had to be floating around. But not once did that impression ever come across in any email or conversation I had with InMotion. No, that experience came across with XYZ and I have the transcripts to prove it.
The professionalism of InMotion was and is exactly the same professionalism that XYZ had so many years ago. Their slide from greatness to incompetence is both sad and painful. I feel as though I have lost a dear relative to some weird internet disease and there’s not a thing I can do about it. But it is a disease of their own making.
From sales to tech support every interaction I had with InMotion has been of professional quality. That is something one does not find common these days so I have some other words for InMotion: I belong to a generation that has been around the block not once but several times. We are too old to put up with the BS since our lifetime is coming to an end (maybe in another 30 years or so). We have lived in a time of excellent customer service and have seen it degrade into nothing. We spend our money wisely and if we feel that you are worth it we will remain loyal to you for a very long time. But once we feel that we are no longer of concern, that our value is of little value to you, you will discover us looking at you in our rearview mirror.
At our age we are more concerned with more important items of life, like politicians that rip us off and then tell us they know what is best for us. Because our focus is to stay away from slavery, a slavery imposed upon us by politicians, changing hosting companies falls to the bottom of our list. If we find a good web host we want to stay there, because we really don’t want to waste precious time on this matter. It’s that simple. BUT, and this is a big but, we will not be abused by anyone for very long.
So what do you have to do to keep our loyalty? It’s simple; just hold our hand when we need it. Believe me we feel like idiots at those times anyway with our lack of knowledge. Don’t patronize us. Don’t assume that we’re senile. If you have questions about us, and where we are in the process, ask us. We will tell you. If we need clarification on some issue please entertain us. Sometimes the old brain cells don’t want to work and we experience a “senior” moment. Duh. What is common knowledge to you may be new to us; either that or we just had a brain hemorrhage of ignorance at that moment.
I say all that to say this, I experienced none of the “old fart” mentality with InMotion. Help was just an email away and the response was great. I felt valuable, I felt appreciated. I feel as if my decision to move to InMotion was the correct one despite the hiccups I encountered (mostly because of my ignorance). I plan to stay with InMotion for a very long time, BUT I learned some very valuable lessons with this move and I will not be taken by surprise again.
I do not ask for much in the way of a web host, I just expect you to do your job, maintain outstanding professional customer service, continue to improve and enhance your business so that I can enhance mine, and be there when I need assistance.
Now a warning: XYZ damaged themselves because they lost their ability to care for the customer. We pay your salary and we have worked all our lives, and in some cases still are, to waste our resources where we are not, or feel that we are not wanted. If I ever feel this way I have absolutely no hesitation about moving to the competition. And that is why I changed not only my hosting company, but my bank of thirty years.
Gary P McClure

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