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Once Again - Top Notch Quality

I've been hosting websites with InMotion Hosting for almost 4 years now and they have consistently provided me with excellent quality. I have most of my website clients host with them which means I maintain a lot of accounts with InMotion and occasionally utilize their online chat. Without a doubt, their customer service is some of the best! I've dealt with other hosting companies and none compare to the speed and quality InMotion offers. Everyone is so nice and so helpful. I seem to get a lot of the same people (another plus - low turnover rate) which is really chatting with an old friend LOL! Also, I really like how InMotion is primarily focused on providing HOSTING and that their backend management (cpanel, AMP) is easy to use (unlike some other companies out there that try to be & do hosting, web designing, marketing, etc... ). Another great thing is that it's one price and you know up front all that you get for that price! There is no "nickle and dime" you to death for each and every little service. As a web designer, I also like the freedom and autonomy that InMotion affords me with the management of all my website accounts! Keep up the SUPER work - you have my loyal support and my business!

Biggest Pro: Customer support and service
Biggest Con: can't really think of one...

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Excellent Service, Excellent Hosting

I have always had excellent experiences with the InMotion help people. The service is prompt, courteous and usually spot on. I have lots of client accounts with this hosting company and find it one of the better hosting options out there. The cpanel is easy to navigate and their website is straight-forward allowing one to get right to the business of hosting without being bombarded with gimmicky advertising. Also, you pay one price and get a complete package - no nickle and diming on every single little service! It is totally hassle free. I always encourage new clients to host their sites with InMotion because it's one of the best companies out there…according to my experience!

By adrienne on December 29th, 2010 at 19:50 EST
URL: Customer for 3 - 5 years
Plan: Shared | Platform: Linux | Email: [email protected]

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Sometimes I felt being scammed

I have been a VPS and Shared hosting customer for 3 different websites (1) shared, 2 (VPS).

I had my share of problems with InMotion and I moved my 2 VPS websites away from them due to performance (or lack thereof) reasons. The VPS provided by InMotion had a very slow disk access time, I believe MySQL disks or configs were the cause, however the user support always proved useless, they would ask me to monitor everything and even asked me to share my monitoring scripts with them (can't they develop their own ?). They never solved the problem and I was stuck with them for several months trying to address the problem while my userbase grew and the website would take up to 30 seconds to load (mostly due to basic SQL queries taking forever, the same SQL queries, with the bigger database now run under .1 seconds on a different hosting company).

On top of that InMotion just suspend some of my websites on multiple occasions, asserting I was taking too much resources. It wasn't the case and I proved it to them. And they insisted on selling more and more expensive plans. What a joke ! Now I am on a $20 plan with a different company and the performance is incomparable. So rightfully, I felt scammed at times.

The latest problem occured this sunday when InMotion got hacked (70.000 sites down), they said they restored the files. Upon checking my only web server left with them, I realized what they meant by repairing: they just put an empty php file giving a blank page. Suppositely they have backups, well I am starting to doubt that since they didn't restore anything for me. Their suggested fix ? Re-upload what's missing, that's what I did but that says a lot about their non-existent backups and their non-existent service.

I will be moving my latest web server from them whenever I find the time to do so.

Biggest Pro: Easy setup
Biggest Con: Suspending your website to sell you a bigger plan

Absolutely the Best!

I am a web devloper, and have hundreds of clients that I refer for hosting. Now, in all honesty, I don't have an affiliate account with InMotion, and previously, I referred clients to multiple hosting companies because my reference should be based on what is best for the client, not on whether I make money from it or not.

I have dealt with dozens of different hosting companies over the years, (from clients who already had hosting with other companies) and they range from the absolute worst (Netfirms and GoDaddy) to the mediocre, (1+1 and MediaTemple) to companies that started out good and then went downhill (Bluehost). I now only refer clients to InMotion.

The reason that I only refer to InMotion is without a doubt it's technical support. Things go wrong with hosting - that is normal, but you really get a sense of a company by how they handle when the inevitable problems come up. They have 24/7 support, (and I get to talk to someone who actually understands English) and are prompt, helpful and take care of the issue immediately. They offer services that other companies in their price range do not support, (like remote access to databases and CRON jobs)

Having experienced nightmares with other hosting companies, it is extremely important that you choose the right one. Just ask one of my clients who insisted on going with Netfirms, only to experience their site down for over a week, with no resolution from tech support, over 20 phone calls later. I can honestly say that this has to be the besting hosting I have ever come across. The price is very, very reasonable (if you have a business site, I recommend at least the Business Class package) and you get excellent support when you need it.

Biggest Pro: Customer Service and Tech Support

InMotion Shared and VPS Plans cannot be beaten!

My small web design business hosts several hundred clients with InMotion Hosting and the service, pricing, speed, uptime, features, etc. are simply the best I have found. I deal with many large international companies who use the VPS plans and they could not be happier. In the past 3 years of using InMotion Hosting, I have had only one client call me with an issue relating to InMotion; the issue was that the high-traffic site was using too many resources on the InMotion shared hosting server. In reality, that was my fault because I never have put them on such a plan. Regardless, they were moved to a VPS server within 8 hours. No downtime. Not a single configuration change. Did I mention no downtime? InMotion rescued me in what could have been a very dreadful situation, indeed.

On another note, InMotion's affiliate program is one of the best out there as well. I never have to wait six months for a referral payment---InMotion's generous plans are like clockwork.

In over 10 years of web and graphics design with my small business, I have learned that business relationships are all about trust. My clients trust me to provide the very best in services and I solidly trust InMotion Hosting to provide me with those services. I have tried them all and I have found my home.
Mark Ariail
Owner/Master Designer - WebMark Design, LLC

Biggest Pro: InMotion Hosting does exactly what they say they will do and more.
Biggest Con: I wish that there was a way that I could establish hosting accounts FOR my clients.

Bad service

I have been with inmotionhosting for about 1½ years and while the uptime and performance of the servers has been good I have received "attitude" from people in the support and un-willingness to help.

Last 3 weeks we have been hammered by a spammer using a "tell a friend" script on our server. 3 times during the last 3 weeks our account has been suspended in the middle of the night (our time) and we have noticed once back in the office in the morning.

First time we were advised to fix the "tell a friend" script which we did by removing the links from ALL our webpages to the script and also introducing a captcha on the form itself. Still we're being hammered by the spammer and we have been shutdown twice again.

Replying to the tickets telling them that we have done what they have asked for goes un-answered. For the last 3 weeks we have probably sent 15 emails and received replies to 3.

Last night it happened again and we were shut down again.
We have done what was asked for by the support staff, but apparently the spammer can still use the form somehow. I am not a webmaster so I don't know how. They have the technical expertise, why not tell us what to do?

This morning I asked to be called back, but they refused. I asked to talk to a manager, but refused.

Finally I tried to talk to someone in "billing" department who was friendly enough to get some things moving, so that we at least can get to our files, make a backup of everything so we can move on to other hosting.

My main disappointment is that they tell you to do something, you do fix it, and they still shut you down. Why not try and help the client fix the problem? Just shut us down and then leave it..
We're being used by a spammer, we have set up a catptcha on the form but still being abused. What can we do? Tell us instead of just shutting us down.

We're running a Real Estate business where 99% of our leads come thru the web. Further all clients and agents use the website to find information and send information to the clients. When the server is down, our business is down. Try telling this to the technician... it's like talking to a wall.. what do they care?

As soon as our account is up again, I will transfer to another host.

Biggest Con: Support

InMotion Hosting is a Breath of Fresh Air

The vast difference between InMotion and free hosting services is astronomical in scale. The value their technical staff adds to the already top-notch products / services they provide is inspiring. Coming from industry, and understanding that upselling is a very important part of a subscription / service business I am always presently surprised that high pressure sales tactics are never used when offering technical assistance. For example, I had a SSL question, while helping me the rep offered to transfer me to Sales if I indeed wanted my own SSL, but let it drop after I said I was perfectly content with the shared certificate. InMotion is a cooperative, not a corporation meaning it is owned and operated by its employees. This leaves the staff motivated to your success instead of corporate profits. Add this environment to their very reasonable prices and uptime and you have a hosting company that I plan to stay with for as long as I possibly can.

Biggest Pro: Customer Service, Pricing, Uptime

InMotion = Unparallelled Service and Reliability

InMotion's customer service is remarkable. If not for the fact that I am technically challenged I would never need to contact their customer service as the reliability of my server is not even something I think about - the server has never been down since I became a customer. I previously had both dedicated and virtual dedicated private servers with GoDaddy. It is almost unfair to compare InMotion to Godaddy to because it is similar to comparing a Ferrari with a 1975 Gremlin.

InMotion's customer service model should be a standard for not only web hosting companies but any company whose primary product offering is made online.

I am sure I could find a less expensive service provider but the key is service. I don't mind paying a couple of extra bucks when I know I can pick up the phone any day, at any hour 365 days per year and know someone will literally pick up the phone within 2 rings. I have never once been placed on hold or received an automated voice response when I've called InMotion.

Biggest Pro: Service, reliability, and pretty much any metric you would judge a hosting provider on.
Biggest Con: Cannot think of one. Would like to pay less but who wouldn't.

Fantastic Hosting Transfer Experience

Here's a note I wrote to following my transfer experience to them. I'm sharing it here.

After many years hosting my domains with, I have recently transferred two of my domains and hosting to you. Why? they were slow, expensive and becoming more unhelpful every time I called. Everything with them was just a new 'sales opportunity' even when I just needed a little tech support.

So, let me just say a HUGE thank-you to all of the people at your company that have helped me through this. Each and every single one has been fast, courteous and, above all, exceedingly helpful. Thanks thanks thanks. ( made the transfer process just as difficult as they could, to add insult to injury....)

Just for background, my business and my web presence is unusual. I'm a semi-retired business executive, teacher/developer and writer. My 'students' and customers are professional furniture restorers and active woodworking hobbyists. Over the years, I've built a following - having seen over 10,000 students in my classes, and writing 6 books and companion video programs for them and others. I also developed a number of specialty products and processes for professionals during my 'working' years. We sold our 'primary' company, Minuteman, Inc., 10 years ago, but folks still seem to need to find me. Thus, I'm not really looking to 'grow' my business in the conventional sense, but I do need to have a way for folks to find me, my phone numbers, and occasionally order something from me if they prefer not to purchase from one of my distributors. That's why I keep the website and little store going.

Having said all that, the root of the issue is this: I'm not a computer wizard, but I'm not a total dummy at it, either. I'm primarily a business man and a skilled furniture maker/conservator. My expertise is not in your area. I need people like yours, the ones I've been working with these last several weeks, to take care of me. I can recognize the characteristics and people that go with a good company - and you and yours fit those profiles for me. So again, thanks.

I used for many years. They were once as good as you are now. They have drifted off target and are now a giant pain to work with. Everything is a new 'sales' opportunity with them - even through the tech people. I do not get that feeling from your folks - which makes me want to buy even more from you if/when I have the need. Please, keep the tech folks doing tech stuff, and let the sales people do their thing - but don't make me feel like I've just stepped into a mosh pit of commissioned salespeople every time I call. You currently don't (which is why you passed the test and I picked does-which is why I left them).

Thanks again!

Biggest Pro: Very easy transfer, great people, and low priced.

Best Customer Service on the Web

I have been a dynamic website developer for a couple of decades now and have tried a wide variety of hosting service providers over the many years. I found InMotion Hosting via a positive review on CNET, so I thought I would give them a try. From day one, their customer service has surpassed any of my expectations.

From email correspondence to phone support, I consistently receive friendly, educated and helpful service. Since I am a one-man shop here, my time is critical. InMotion Hosting has cut the time I have to work with support and setting up my network by at least 75%.

In addition, their control panel and site hosting layout is very user-friendly and logical. Allowing more time for me to program and launch new products.

I am now in the process of migrating my various other domains over to InMotion and happy to do so.

Darren (New InMotion Customer)

Biggest Pro: Customer Service

Customer service + reliability = excellence!

InMotion has it right. While other service providers and hosting companies have provided me with reliable service, it's been very difficult to be able to get them to respond to technical support questions in a timely manner. With InMotion, I don't have to worry about that! Their customer service is available right away and they take care of your issues in a timely and polite manner. I've worked with other hosting companies who do not want to be bothered with the "easy" or "you should have known" questions. InMotion service doesn't care if your problem is complex or simple, they will take care of you right away.

The service they provide is fast and reliable as well. No interruptions of service and fast and reliable uptime and speeds make the InMotion experience the total package. I'll be using InMotion for my hosting needs from here on out. With some many providers out there, I'm happy and lucky to have found one that takes care of each customer like they are their most important.

Biggest Pro: Great customer service that is available immediately when you need them!
Biggest Con: That I didn't know about InMotion before for my other sites.

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