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Just stop for gas but they verify your oil and tire pressure too!

I would like to explain that I am not a professional programmer or website designer. My lack of experience hasn't deterred me from attacking the task of doing what I know little about. I am not sure if that is a sign of bravery or insanity. (maybe a little of both) I did do my homework to minimize the inevitable confusion of leaping into this abyss I call geek stuff. My research resulted in what I believe to be one of the best decisions I could have made.... Finding inmotion webhosting. I made "imh" my choice for numerous reasons. First, I live in France and the personnel from the web-hosting companies here speak French, go figure. Before I continue to tell you what I don't know, speaking coherent french among those, I am positive that if you don't exactly know how to do something, you should at least have at your disposal excellent resources to help find solutions to your untimely issues in a timely manner. The staff of inmotion hosting is there 24/7, and on top of that, They speak English. The reviews I read quickly narrowed the field to a handfull of choices. From my shortlist the final choice was blind luck. (Nothing wrong with being lucky). The next decision I made was probably not my best. I decided to build a site with osCommerce. I believe osC is a good choice, IF you already have a solid background in website building. I was able to slowly build a functional site only only to learn that eventual upgrades where going to be next to impossible with the core files modified like I had done. The HTML4 based site could have eventually become a problem. I quickly researched other possibilities and decided upon opencart which is XHTML. I was able to transfer the bulk of my images and data from the osC site to my new OC platform. In all of this, everyone from inmotion hosting has been there for me 24/7 as advertised. That is imperative for me because of the time zone difference between United States and France.

I have been using the opencart community forum almost exclusively during the last few months, when I accidently discovered that now inmotion has their own OC support network. My last resolved issue was concerning a personal preference of grid-view over list-view when looking at products. I had been searching the way to modify my site to show grid-view as default for weeks. One of your staff, Christi N. resolved my problem quickly and efficiently. Plus, unlike many public forums, Patiently and Politely.

In the mid 70's I lived in the tidewater area. If I were still there, I would stop in to congratulate each of you personally.

Warmest regards,
T. Smith

Biggest Pro: 24/7 friendly/efficient/competent customer service
Biggest Con: Too far away to stop in for a cup of coffee

Oh no!

I was wondering if they could keep up stellar customer service with all the rapid growth. Nope. Lots of downtime issues with our VPS that is somehow connected to issues they're having with support chat. I'm unable to ping our domain while others are fine for hours at a time. Two long letters to management on the issue with no response and no effort to make things right. We'll probably migrate when our contract is up.

Biggest Pro: Help maintaining PCI Compliancy. Great documentation.
Biggest Con: Downtime issues. Poor customer service lately where it was the best before.

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Still the best

6 months later and we still couldn't be happier. It is unfortunate the the recent index.php attack was on inmotion as the less savvy don't understand that this could have happened to any web host. This probably turned a lot of customers away from the very best in web hosting. Inmotion offers a ton of features for a very fair price and doesn't ding you for every little thing. They keep our system PCI compliant which can regularly cost thousands in updates from developers not to mention the headache of figuring out the issues. My personal site is now through inmotion as well. Believe me... I did tons of research and have dealt with local web hosts that promise the world and don't deliver. Nothing tops these guys.

By Brandon on November 2nd, 2011 at 09:17 EST
URL: Customer for 6 - 11 months
Plan: Virtual Private Servers | Platform: Linux | Email:

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Great help!

COULD NOT ASK FOR BETTER SERVICE. Found myself in a situation with a community informational website having a problem and not having enough time or opportunity to work on the problem via a phonecall or chat on line. The reason was I am now the proud grandfather of five with the most recent still in the hospital after my time trying to correct the website problem.

I mentioned in the first email to tech support the problem about my situation of only being able to communicate via email and from there the InMotion Hosting team receiving my emails proceeded to address the issue via our back and forth emails. Did the process take longer this way - yes, but they stayed with me even through tech changes and my problem was resolved. Not only was my original problem resolved, but an addtional one I encountered during the process that ended up being on my end of the system. The team offered assistance, clear explanations to all my questions and helpful suggestions all along the way.

Although no one likes running into problems (and most try to avoid and correct them on their own) there are times when you just may have to call in the experts and this was one of them. I thank the team for the help they provided and their patience and diligence in providing my assistance. Oh yeah, the new mom is home and the baby is doing better although still in the hospital.

Biggest Pro: Handle via email
Biggest Con: none

Best Hosting Service

I started using InMotion in December of 2011. I moved over from FatCow, which just by the name you can tell is an iffy hosting service. I originally was just searching for the cheapest, and after having multiple issues with customers service in regards to FatCow, the biggest of which is that there is no competent customer service representative, I decided to make a move elsewhere. I did some in depth research, and to be honest InMotion wasn't on the top of my list when I was doing my own searches, I actually ended up switching to another hosting service that I can't even remember before immediately switching to InMotion because of fabulous reviews from friends that were using them.

I have utilized their customer support chat window and the direct phone line so many times I can't even name the problems I contacted them for. However, a few that come to mind were the initial site transfer which can be a hassle if you're previous hosting service is kind of iffy, they walked me through using an FTP client so I could make my own website, AND they walked me through installing Joomla, they've gone so far above and beyond what I could have hoped for that the least I can do is write this 10/10 review. It's funny, most places boast excellent customer service so we get used to that low quality, and when you experience actual excellent customer service you wonder how you got by without it.

My ending argument is this, if you have aren't a genius with website creation and domain hosting, sign up for InMotion because they will make you a genius by proxy, and if you are a genius, why not be more of a genius with InMotion?

Biggest Pro: Best Hosting Provider EVER. Best Customer Service EVER!!!!!

So far is great

Last year I signed with for web hosting. I paid for one year and now switching only after 10 month. Main reason is very bad performance and customer service. My very small Joomla site with only 3 users was very slow or absolutely dead. All support requests came back about 12 hours later with "We do not see any issues" message. Couple of days later I have same problem with same response from "support" next day.

I had enough. Couple of days ago switched to inmotionhosting - what a difference in performance! Same site (backup and restore) is flying. It is responding to all clicks withing a second.
I had little issues with subdomains being directed to old hosting and asked about it. Inmotion support replied less then 2 hours later (at 2am). The issue was with nameserver propagation on my ISP. All looks great now.

Yes, it is a bit more money per month, but I'm willing to pay for something that works a little more then pay anything for something that can't be used.

InMotionHosting: An excellent choice!

It is almost remarkable that I am writing a review of InMotion Hosting, a review that will be posted on a technology oriented web site, yet here I am. Why remarkable? Simply because I am not technology oriented and my experience with web site development is extremely limited. Over the past several years I have used “what you see is what you get” software to develop web sites devoted to my family’s history and genealogy. I have learned to be somewhat comfortable with the software, but the process of actually uploading my sites to the internet continues to baffle me.

As you read this you are likely rolling your eyes and asking yourself “what kind of idiot can not master the simple task of using ftp software to upload his site?” This kind of idiot! The concepts of nameservers, hosts, ftp addresses, domains, sub-domains, etc. are more than I can comprehend. Now, I am not a stupid man, but somehow I just can’t wrap my mind around these ideas.

And that is what motivates me to write this review; in spite of all of my IT shortcomings, the folks at InMotion help me to get the job done right!

For several years I used a competing company to host my sites, I was never quite comfortable. While always friendly and professional, their sales and tech-support staffs never communicated in a fashion that was understandable to a layman. I was not confident that I understood what I needed to do and I was relieved and surprised when (sometimes after multiple tries) everything worked. “That’s just the way it is” I thought; I was wrong.

A few weeks ago I decided to test other waters. I did some on-line research and found a few other companies, including InMotion, to check out.

My first contact with InMotion Hosting was with their sales staff. I asked as multitude of questions, most of which probably revealed my techno-ignorance. Everyone of my questions was answered completely, in a friendly, professional, and personable manner. My questions were answered in way that resulted in my confidence that InMotion Hosting is a company with which I can do business.

With that decision made I took the step of uploading a brand new site to the web. The process was smoother than I expected; it only took one or two call to tech-support.

Now it was time to move two sites from my old hosting company to InMotion Hosting. There was new techno-terminology to learn! I didn’t know that a web host and a domain name registrar were not one in the same. I had no idea of how to “point” my sites to new nameservers, or that I had to actually copy my data from one host and upload it to the the other.

InMotion’s tech support team came to my rescue. Their web site has excellent on-line tutorials that helped me to understand the terminology involved and the steps to be taken. I was ready to go, or so I thought! There were a few things that I didn’t get quite right. I made several calls to technical support; each of those calls was a positive experience. The support team treated me with respect and answered my questions fully. When I did not understand a technical term or a process they found a way to help me understand what I needed to do to move forward. In every case they pointed me in the right direction and helped me to achieve my goals. All the members the support team are to be commended for their depth of knowledge and their professional but friendly demeanor!

Choosing InMotion Hosting was the right decision; I can say that with confidence!

Next I’ll be changing domain registrars. It’s an easy process, I’m told. Tech Support: wait for your phone to ring.

Biggest Pro: Sales & Support staffs
Biggest Con: None!

This site is currently unavailable

I've had Web hosting with several different Web hosting companies. But none of them has upset me more then Inmotion Hosting.

When you own a website there are certain things you have no control over such as somebody deliberately launching spam attacks against your website.

Thats what happened to be mine and Inmotion Hosting suspended my account without warning multiple times. Then they told me to get a new hosting company after their own support team crashed their Web server and blamed it on me.

I was not on their cheap web hosting plan neither. I was paying for their Pro plan which allows you to have up to 25 domains. So ideally you should be allowed to have 25,000 visitors a day or more.

So anytime that there was a spam attack on my website against one of my domains. Instead of their technical support doing the smart thing and temporary removing the domain from the account and informing me.

They basically suspend the entire account shutting down all my websites and send me an e-mail. Saying all your websites have been suspended.

So instead of losing revenue for just one website. I lost my revenue on all my websites.

When I contacted their customer support they put me on hold and then was forced to transfer because no one knew how to deal with anything.

If you want your website shut down with absolutely no warning then Inmotion Hosting is the Web host for you.

Biggest Pro: All Cpanel features work properly
Biggest Con: inexperienced technical support and poor management


In September 2011, this company was hacked. My site was down for 5 days, it took that long just to reach a person on the phone. Then I was told they couldn't help, when asked to cancel, it suddenly was fixable in 10 minutes flat. No reduced fee for the time lost, business lost, was offered or given when requested. The impacts on my business were blatantly obvious. I decided when it was time to renew, I would not. That time came. But instead of the way they used to process renewals (notification of payment due), they did not give any notice and tried to send a payment through. It didn't work, because my old card has expired. They notified me that they had tried to process payment and I needed to contact them, this email came on a Saturday. Today is Monday, the first business day I've had to contend with this. By then however, they had shut my site down until payment was received. Calls came pouring through about the problem during business hours, and embarrassment was profound. I can't believe they don't give their customers the time of day to prepare for payment periods when they run 2 year plans, then contact them on weekends and don't even give a full business day to be handled. Disgusting excuse for customer service and respect. Tried tonight once I had muddled through the customer drama to pay one months service to buy time to transfer service with their 24 hr customer service, and guess what, unless I agreed to another year or two, they can't help me tonight. I have to call back during.. you guessed it, business hours. For a company to have so much emphasis on regular customer service hours and procedures being important, and flagrantly disregarding a reciprocal respect of their clients, was really too poignant for me not to laugh. I should have just left at the hacking, really.

Biggest Pro: cheap
Biggest Con: horrible customer service, policies and regard for clients

InMotion Hosting vs. the Other Guys

Dear Sir/Madam/Alien Overlord,

My name is Scott Watkins and I own a small web-design company. I work full-time as an I.T. Director for the local county offices and do most of my work on the side. I've used GoDaddy for the past 4 years but have seen a significant decline in customer service from them over the past few months. I speculate this has a lot to do with their sale/merger/take-over/ or whatever they want to call it. I began my search about a month ago on Google and searched for reviews dealing with web-hosting companies. After hours of reading the reviews, it came down to two choices; InMotion Hosting and Bluehost.

Bluehost was more expensive, but that was ok if I got better service. In the end though, InMotion Hosting's sales team won me over with promises of better quality hosting and superior technical support. I was skeptical at first, but am now convinced I made the right choice.

I've had to call their support line numerous times from transferring domains to weird error messages. Each time I've called, I was talking with a qualified support member within 30 seconds or less. Each of the support team members have been helpful, patient, knowledgeable, and sincere. Of course, the first three of those attributes are what they are paid to do. However, a support member who is genuinely concerned on finding the answer to your problem is rare. It reflects what must already be instilled in the management staff, and by proxy, the core administrators of the organization.

I write this letter specifically on behalf of one support member, Chris E., who helped me (again) find the answer to the unsolvable questions and got me going in the right direction in as short a time as physically possible. I would like however, to broaden this commendation to InMotion Hosting as a whole and offer my deepest respect and gratitude.

I look forward to many years of working with their company.

//Scott Watkins

Chief Executive Officer

Biggest Pro: Absolutely the best customer/technical support anywhere. Way better than the other guys!
Biggest Con: Because they are so awesome, we can only assume an alien race has taken over and immediate doom is pending.

What hosting should be!

After being disappointed by our previous host, I began the hunt for a new one. I was drawn to IMH for many reasons. Firstly, their security and maintenance. Their team maintains the servers and keeps the software packages up to date. They research the packages to make sure that there will be no conflicts before performing the updates so as the end user, you have a hands-off, up-to-date, bug-free system.

The second reason I chose IMH was because I couldn't find a bad review online about them. This is mainly because of their support. I've got about two weeks to get a bunch of domains moved over to my new VPS and their support has played a pivotal role in the move. I've been putting in long hours and working over holiday weekends. I would have been like a lost puppy without their support. They were always extremely helpful and responsive when I needed them. I need a host who is as dedicated to their job as I am to mine. I don't rest until my work is done, and I'm comforted to know that their team will be working right alongside me to help me accomplish my goals and meet my deadlines.

Also, they provide the option of having root access. I am finally able to host the shell server I've dreamt of for years. I have the ability to create or suspend accounts, and manage packages.

I have only been with this new host for a short time, but so far they have exceeded my expectations at every opportunity. This is what hosting should be! They're doing it right!!!

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