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Sure don't like what's happening

In motion started out OK, until I realized that the sales team sold a package that is nearly impossible to implement. It's been down hill from there. Nothing transfers easily, I'm afraid, no matter what the folks in sales have to say.

I've been working on this transfer for 3 months. Still it's not completely done, although a tech support person did some tweaking and billed me for incomplete work. My sites are not all up and running as they should be.

In addition, I can no longer get in touch with support via chat or phone. This is extremely disconcerting. I'll think twice before changing hosts or domains again.

Fabulous Service; Reliable Hosting

Hosting from 2009-2015. I would recommend InMotion Hosting. I originally found them as one of the best in Customer Service in 2009 and highly recommend them in 2015. Server response times were always fast. Any server maintenance or information was communicated regularly and promptly. If there was any downtime, it was minimal and unnoticed. Customer Service is very courteous and helpful. The hosting service is also full of value - no nickel-and-diming here.

Biggest Pro: Helpful customer service
Biggest Con: None in our experience

AVOID InMotion Hosting!!! Credit Card Fraud!!


I had a web hosting service plan as well as ELEVEN (11) domain names with them.
I was ready to change hosting companies and I had not updated my credit card information on file. Instead of the some of domain names expiring due to no payment, InMotion hosting CHARGED MY EXPIRED CREDIT CARD!!! THIS IS FRAUD!!

Even MASTERCARD agreed and did a charge back. Guess what, the domain names are still registered to me but InMotion hosting has locked them and will not release them to me.
They committed credit card fraud and are now essentially hold my domain names hostage so that they can't be transferred to another hosting service.


Biggest Con: They committed credit card fraud and are holding my domains from release

Not as good as expected

I guess I'm the only person that has had a problem with this company. My 2 biggest problems with the company was e-mail delivery speed and tech support. I'm use to having servers deliver e-mail (1000+) at lightning speed. I had a VPS3000 account so I would expect the same - wrong. It delivered 25 e-mails per minute. According to support, this was normal. This means that it took hours to send the entire church congregation an e-mail notice from the pastor via eBlast. The other problem was tech support. I was struggling with an e-mail delivery issue. When a web user submitted a form from the website, an e-mail would be delivered to the intended recipient. These e-mails were being blocked by the server not allowing the e-mail to be sent. The server considered the e-mail SPAM. This included Prayer Request, Notification of a death in the family, etc. I spend much time working with support and they finally concluded the problem was in my code. I insisted it was not, because I use the same code for 18 other church websites. I finally gave up and InMotion Hosting did provide a full refund. I moved the exact code to HostGator with a slightly less expensive VPS account and everything worked fine. No problems whatsoever! The eBlast is now delivered in seconds instead of hours and the form submittals are not being blocked. If you plan to use this company, expect these issues for more advanced websites,

Biggest Con: E-Mail Deliver Performance and Tech Support

Fantastic company, better then GoDaddy, BlueHost, and Host Gator.

I have been with 4 companies now, GoDaddy, BlueHost, and Host Gator, all trash, but then, I found Inmotion Hosting. My VPS has a load time on average of 1.6 seconds (The smallest VPS they have) and they were extremely helpful wilt setting things up, stuff that normally companies wouldn't do. i.e. Zend Opcache when I was having config issues. They are upfront and honest, although the phone chat people seem to be a lot more helpful and less, blunt per say, might be a little my fault though. Support is awesome though, uptime, well I haven't had any that wasn't my fault or scheduled. Support is great, although sometimes its an I don't know at first, but then they find out later a majority of the time (Granted its complex issues usually, not run of the mill I can't post this or that. Value A++ I want to see some student pricing for VPS though, I get its only for shared, but its hard to shell out $359 a year.

Biggest Pro: Speed
Biggest Con: Nothing

charged a year after closing my account

I never really used the web site that I purchased, so after getting chaged to renew for the second year, I shut down the account (there are many hoops to jump through to do this) A year later I get a surprise renewal charge from them. After sitting in their live chat for 15 minutes waiting for someone to talk to it just shuts down. Just spent 45 minutes on hold after being transferred from someone on the sales team, only to be told by the guy who answered that he cant help me (supposedly I didn't jump through all the hoops correctly) and I have to fill out a form on the web site to cancel my account. So you can't call them and cancel your account.

Biggest Pro: none
Biggest Con: charged a year after closing my account. called customer service and service they can't can't help.

Quick Solution

Our website was apparently hacked last week and for a few hours our customers and potential registrants were getting an error message instead of reaching our site. When I became aware of the issue, I called and spoke with Dominic at In-Motion Hosting. In a matter of a couple of minutes he accessed our site and recognized the problem. He put me on hold for a few minutes while he and Jason and the two of them isolated and solved the problem. The site was back up and running with no problems and nothing lost.

What I just described is what should happen when you need technical support... you get it. The wonderful thing about my experience was that these two technicians were polite, professional and swift with the delivery of a total solution. I could not be happier than using In-Motion Hosting. They are prompt and reliable. Thank you!

In Motion's Excellent timely and to the point No Nonsense Service

I so very much appreciate the help extended by your Service Support Agent : Joshua H. Excellent - To the Point.. Quick diagnosis of problem and - Immediate solution . Perfect

I wish to point out . first : My Support request was an Unusual one....This was to change primary domain name > another name.
This request would have fell on deaf ears with my Earlier Hosting company(Jumpline) they shy away from doing anything that needs change. There I would have been subjected to Questions like Why I did not give them the Right name beforehand....and so ..many fuss....

This change request of course shall take your resources at INMOTION but the way your company is dealing with me and the kind of support I get........I wish WHY I DID NOT COME HERE BEFORE>.....Heartly appreciation...

I am a small entrepreneure and every such support move , is greatly appreciated by me ...I am not only appreciative but Grateful...

Biggest Pro: Outstanding ....Service support via Live Chat

Just stop for gas but they verify your oil and tire pressure too!

I would like to explain that I am not a professional programmer or website designer. My lack of experience hasn't deterred me from attacking the task of doing what I know little about. I am not sure if that is a sign of bravery or insanity. (maybe a little of both) I did do my homework to minimize the inevitable confusion of leaping into this abyss I call geek stuff. My research resulted in what I believe to be one of the best decisions I could have made.... Finding inmotion webhosting. I made "imh" my choice for numerous reasons. First, I live in France and the personnel from the web-hosting companies here speak French, go figure. Before I continue to tell you what I don't know, speaking coherent french among those, I am positive that if you don't exactly know how to do something, you should at least have at your disposal excellent resources to help find solutions to your untimely issues in a timely manner. The staff of inmotion hosting is there 24/7, and on top of that, They speak English. The reviews I read quickly narrowed the field to a handfull of choices. From my shortlist the final choice was blind luck. (Nothing wrong with being lucky). The next decision I made was probably not my best. I decided to build a site with osCommerce. I believe osC is a good choice, IF you already have a solid background in website building. I was able to slowly build a functional site only only to learn that eventual upgrades where going to be next to impossible with the core files modified like I had done. The HTML4 based site could have eventually become a problem. I quickly researched other possibilities and decided upon opencart which is XHTML. I was able to transfer the bulk of my images and data from the osC site to my new OC platform. In all of this, everyone from inmotion hosting has been there for me 24/7 as advertised. That is imperative for me because of the time zone difference between United States and France.

I have been using the opencart community forum almost exclusively during the last few months, when I accidently discovered that now inmotion has their own OC support network. My last resolved issue was concerning a personal preference of grid-view over list-view when looking at products. I had been searching the way to modify my site to show grid-view as default for weeks. One of your staff, Christi N. resolved my problem quickly and efficiently. Plus, unlike many public forums, Patiently and Politely.

In the mid 70's I lived in the tidewater area. If I were still there, I would stop in to congratulate each of you personally.

Warmest regards,
T. Smith

Biggest Pro: 24/7 friendly/efficient/competent customer service
Biggest Con: Too far away to stop in for a cup of coffee

Oh no!

I was wondering if they could keep up stellar customer service with all the rapid growth. Nope. Lots of downtime issues with our VPS that is somehow connected to issues they're having with support chat. I'm unable to ping our domain while others are fine for hours at a time. Two long letters to management on the issue with no response and no effort to make things right. We'll probably migrate when our contract is up.

Biggest Pro: Help maintaining PCI Compliancy. Great documentation.
Biggest Con: Downtime issues. Poor customer service lately where it was the best before.

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Still the best

6 months later and we still couldn't be happier. It is unfortunate the the recent index.php attack was on inmotion as the less savvy don't understand that this could have happened to any web host. This probably turned a lot of customers away from the very best in web hosting. Inmotion offers a ton of features for a very fair price and doesn't ding you for every little thing. They keep our system PCI compliant which can regularly cost thousands in updates from developers not to mention the headache of figuring out the issues. My personal site is now through inmotion as well. Believe me... I did tons of research and have dealt with local web hosts that promise the world and don't deliver. Nothing tops these guys.

By Brandon on November 2nd, 2011 at 09:17 EST
URL: Customer for 6 - 11 months
Plan: Virtual Private Servers | Platform: Linux | Email: [email protected]

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