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InMotion Seems a Victim of Their Own Success

As you consider this review, note that the most recent review (one of many glowing reviews) is dated Mary 16, 2012. After six months with inMotion Hosting, I cannot in good conscience give this company such outstanding reviews.

In looking at how the customer service has changed at inMotion, I see a typical progression from a small company with few staff giving great service. As the company grows, and at least in part based on these reviews, the company expands. Customer support staffing lags behind support needs probably due to cash flow. Within a finite amount of time, the company becomes a victim of their own success. Customer support worsens, wait time becomes longer, the evil desire to outsource support becomes attractive. For one of the best examples, look at Dell Computing!

Their web hosting uptime, with the exception of recurrent email issues, is generally outstanding. From this aspect, it is a great host. They have posted on their web site fine tutorials. If you have problems, then you are going to be disappointed. The first problem you encounter is getting someone to talk to you or chat because of a complicated security verification routine.

If you want to use a Chat session for support, which I recommend because it gives you a transcript, you log on to your secure account with user name and password in their Account Management Panel. When you click on “Support Chat,” you are prompted for basic identification again: name, email, domain, what department you need and you question. Before an agent will talk to you will be asked for your log on password or the last four digits of the credit card you used to register. If you do not like entering your password again, particularly if you have a lengthy random one, then you must remember which credit card you used to register. The same thing happens if you telephone support directly. I find this annoying because you cannot get to this section without already have verified your identity.

As the support staff has increased, and staff training becomes more difficult and time-consuming, you begin to see typical boilerplate response based on a partial reading of your question. This leads to endless back-and-forth in chat or rounds of email exchanges if you use that method for support. For example, you might have a simple question about an inMotion policy. You probably will get first a link to a site that might help (but probably won’t because the agent misunderstood your question, followed by their most used phrase: “If you need us to change anything or give you any personal information, please verify the account with either the current Account Management Panel (AMP) password or the last 4 digits of the credit card we have on file.” Even if you do not want to do either of these things, the agent will not talk with you further unless you comply.

Most annoying are the recurrent email problems, both with direct POP and Webmail. Their Webmail, most useful when traveling, seems to have problems keeping your password in the database. One agent told me that some sort of refreshing that went on at times causes the password to be dropped. For business people, access to Webmail is critical. In the past few months, they seem to be having many problems with perfectly good email providers being blacklisted.

If the Customer Support matched the uptime record, inMotion would be a great company. If there is no improvement over the next six months of my contract, I will be strongly tempted to drop them out of frustration at the difficulties of getting help when it really is critical.

Biggest Pro: Uptime
Biggest Con: Customer Support

Previous reviews by Charles

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Only the Trouble with Changing Made Me Renew

InMotion Hosting remains, in my opinion, a low-cost Web host with a decent platform as long as you never need any additional support. They claim their support is totally U.S. based, although some recent exchanges have left me wondering given the difficulties in communicating in the English language.

When you do need support, expect to reiterate your needs several times before you get through the automatic, read a few words and press what you think is the correct F key to send a boilerplate response. I have come to expect this from off-shore support but have been disappointed to see it with InMotion's allegedly U.S. support.

The biggest problem I have had is that things that with other hosts work a certain way, don't always seem to on the InMotion platform. For example, in creating white or black lists most hosts allow you to use either a specific email address or block everything from a domain with an @[domain name]. InMotion requires a wild card as well. Simple, but confusing if you miss that on an explanation somewhere. Another concern is the lack of follow-up. I have found it typical to get an email saying support is escalating a problem to the Support Supervisor Department and then hear nothing further.

InMotion, in my opinion, is best suited for two types of users: 1) Very basic needs who never use any of the more advanced features; or 2) Power users who can figure out workarounds without getting bogged down in multiple exchanges.

By Charles Anderson on April 28th, 2016 at 20:53 EST
URL: Hidden but verified Customer for 1 - 2 years
Plan: Shared | Platform: Linux | Email: Logged

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WebHostingReviews Only Posts Positive Reviews of This Company

I don't know why you continue to ask me to post reviews of InMotionHosting every six months. I have pointed out that except for one review in September 2015, all the other laudatory reviews are at least four years old. In my experience tech/customer support has deteriorated sadly since then. However, none of my negative reviews has ever appeared. Even the link you sent me in an email doesn't lead to my last review. The best t

The only reason I am still a customer is that because of family matters time ran out on me to research and find a better company and I had to renew. I almost immediately regretted it with the first problem I had that generated numerous email exchanges because like to many outsourced support, the agents do not read carefully a customers issue.

So, this is largely a waste of time on my part. How about just not asking me anymore to update my review?.

By C. Anderson on March 7th, 2016 at 21:22 EST
URL: Hidden but verified Customer for 1 - 2 years
Plan: Shared | Platform: Linux | Email: Logged

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No Change--Still Cheap--Good if Everything Works

I notice the most recent reviews are from 2012 when this company was still small and support was excellent. I also notice my last review of InMotion Hosting six months ago was never posted, which makes me wonder if only publishes very positive reviews.

I do not know why I am bothering in that case so I will just say this host is fine if nothing goes wrong. Because it is cheap you get what you pay for in the way of Customer Support, which is often problematic.

By Librarian on October 28th, 2015 at 11:33 EST
URL: Hidden but verified Customer for 6 - 11 months
Plan: Shared | Platform: Linux | Email: Logged

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Always Check the Currency of Very Positive or Negative Reviews

This Web host has a 99.46% positive rating here. However, the most recent review dates from 5/16/2012. My experience so far, with a few exceptions, has been in the most part drastically different. My problems began two days after switching to InMotionHosting. It is almost as if the company had a complete turnover. Starting with FTP login problems uploading my existing Web pages, continuing through bizarre email problems leading to my having to switch friends and clients to a gmail mail account to ensure delivery rather than go through my own domain and culminating recently with an unauthorized WordPress change to my existing Web pages, it is only the annoyance of trying to find another hosting company so soon after a change that has kept me with InMotionHosting.

PROS: Technicians seem to really want to help even if they have problems understanding the issue;
Management seems sincerely interested in your feedback;
A series of good tutorials for those unfamiliar with Web features;
Rapid response time;
Many free features;
Uptime seems just fine;
They claim 24/7/365 U.S. based support (see CONS)

CONS: Cumbersome system of at least three different logon procedures depending on what you want to do and what kind of support you want (not counting email accounts);
Annoying way of structuring email servers where even if you set your own mail software to delete email on the server when read, it builds up on various trash and junk folders that can impact your email quota (this warning is on their pages);
You cannot contact support by telephone, email, or chat without providing either your full administrative password or last four digits of a credit card. Supposedly, if you log on through their administrative page, this verification is not necessary but you still get a boilerplate response warning you they can't do anything involving your account without that verification. In fact you get the same boilerplate if you submit a compliment!
Agents work on a "kudos" system (something I was told by several agents), so each contact ends with an email address for a manager to leave a compliment plus a request by the agent to do this;
Although they claim all U.S.-based support, the company now has data centers in Turkey, India and Brazil. Several times the confused English syntax of responses or complete blank on an issue raised questions in my mind about where the agent was located.

To be fair, a manager told me they recently increased their support staff and were going through new training. Like other Internet and computer companies, I suspect they are a victim of their own success and trying to deal with growth. Also, compared to other Web hosts I have had over the past 15 years, InMotionHosting is better than some.

I am giving them a guarded recommendation, which I hope I will not have to change in the coming months.

By Librarian Reviewer on April 26th, 2015 at 15:35 EST
URL: Hidden but verified Customer for 1 - 2 months
Plan: Shared | Platform: Linux | Email: Logged

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Always Check Date of Latest Review

In looking for a better host than iPage, I was blown away by 100% positive reviews for InMotion. I have never seen that before. I forgot the basic principle regarding host performance--a tendency to deteriorate over time as success builds and companies become victims of their own success. I had learned this over 20+ years of dealing with hosting companies, but ignored the principle given the reviews. However, the most recent review was 5/16/2012. I was also encouraged by hearing that purportedly, their support was 100 percent U.S. based.

My initial experience in signing up and getting an answer to my first question was outstanding. It was only as I began to use their system over the next few days and attempted to use Dreamweaver CS6 to upload files that I began to run into trouble. There are strange quirks such as having to register with a different password to access your trouble tickets; an inability to send jpeg attachments even though there is a link to send them; an insistence that every time you send support an email you must either include your master password in the email or the last four digits of your credit card, which is unfortunate because trying to get support when logged on to their master panel has problems; and most importantly from my point of view difficulties uploading files even with the certainty of using the right user name and password. Odd little screen freezes in parts of the online editing capabilities are annoying but transient.

I do want to give high credit to an enthusiastic and friendly support staff. They have been uniformly pleasant, if occasionally marred by the typical, it must be the user's fault approach to problem solving. It is very nice to deal with people where language is not a barrier. So far, it appears to me they are doing their best with some buggy areas in UI. While I have not yet been able to restore my Web pages to what they were before this transition, because of very nice support staff I am willing to ride this train for awhile to see if things improve.

By charles on March 7th, 2015 at 10:37 EST
URL: Hidden but verified Customer for Less than 1 month
Plan: Shared | Platform: Linux | Email: Logged

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AVOID InMotion Hosting!!! Credit Card Fraud!!


I had a web hosting service plan as well as ELEVEN (11) domain names with them.
I was ready to change hosting companies and I had not updated my credit card information on file. Instead of the some of domain names expiring due to no payment, InMotion hosting CHARGED MY EXPIRED CREDIT CARD!!! THIS IS FRAUD!!

Even MASTERCARD agreed and did a charge back. Guess what, the domain names are still registered to me but InMotion hosting has locked them and will not release them to me.
They committed credit card fraud and are now essentially hold my domain names hostage so that they can't be transferred to another hosting service.


Biggest Con: They committed credit card fraud and are holding my domains from release

charged a year after closing my account

I never really used the web site that I purchased, so after getting chaged to renew for the second year, I shut down the account (there are many hoops to jump through to do this) A year later I get a surprise renewal charge from them. After sitting in their live chat for 15 minutes waiting for someone to talk to it just shuts down. Just spent 45 minutes on hold after being transferred from someone on the sales team, only to be told by the guy who answered that he cant help me (supposedly I didn't jump through all the hoops correctly) and I have to fill out a form on the web site to cancel my account. So you can't call them and cancel your account.

Biggest Pro: none
Biggest Con: charged a year after closing my account. called customer service and service they can't can't help.

Just stop for gas but they verify your oil and tire pressure too!

I would like to explain that I am not a professional programmer or website designer. My lack of experience hasn't deterred me from attacking the task of doing what I know little about. I am not sure if that is a sign of bravery or insanity. (maybe a little of both) I did do my homework to minimize the inevitable confusion of leaping into this abyss I call geek stuff. My research resulted in what I believe to be one of the best decisions I could have made.... Finding inmotion webhosting. I made "imh" my choice for numerous reasons. First, I live in France and the personnel from the web-hosting companies here speak French, go figure. Before I continue to tell you what I don't know, speaking coherent french among those, I am positive that if you don't exactly know how to do something, you should at least have at your disposal excellent resources to help find solutions to your untimely issues in a timely manner. The staff of inmotion hosting is there 24/7, and on top of that, They speak English. The reviews I read quickly narrowed the field to a handfull of choices. From my shortlist the final choice was blind luck. (Nothing wrong with being lucky). The next decision I made was probably not my best. I decided to build a site with osCommerce. I believe osC is a good choice, IF you already have a solid background in website building. I was able to slowly build a functional site only only to learn that eventual upgrades where going to be next to impossible with the core files modified like I had done. The HTML4 based site could have eventually become a problem. I quickly researched other possibilities and decided upon opencart which is XHTML. I was able to transfer the bulk of my images and data from the osC site to my new OC platform. In all of this, everyone from inmotion hosting has been there for me 24/7 as advertised. That is imperative for me because of the time zone difference between United States and France.

I have been using the opencart community forum almost exclusively during the last few months, when I accidently discovered that now inmotion has their own OC support network. My last resolved issue was concerning a personal preference of grid-view over list-view when looking at products. I had been searching the way to modify my site to show grid-view as default for weeks. One of your staff, Christi N. resolved my problem quickly and efficiently. Plus, unlike many public forums, Patiently and Politely.

In the mid 70's I lived in the tidewater area. If I were still there, I would stop in to congratulate each of you personally.

Warmest regards,
T. Smith

Biggest Pro: 24/7 friendly/efficient/competent customer service
Biggest Con: Too far away to stop in for a cup of coffee

Great help!

COULD NOT ASK FOR BETTER SERVICE. Found myself in a situation with a community informational website having a problem and not having enough time or opportunity to work on the problem via a phonecall or chat on line. The reason was I am now the proud grandfather of five with the most recent still in the hospital after my time trying to correct the website problem.

I mentioned in the first email to tech support the problem about my situation of only being able to communicate via email and from there the InMotion Hosting team receiving my emails proceeded to address the issue via our back and forth emails. Did the process take longer this way - yes, but they stayed with me even through tech changes and my problem was resolved. Not only was my original problem resolved, but an addtional one I encountered during the process that ended up being on my end of the system. The team offered assistance, clear explanations to all my questions and helpful suggestions all along the way.

Although no one likes running into problems (and most try to avoid and correct them on their own) there are times when you just may have to call in the experts and this was one of them. I thank the team for the help they provided and their patience and diligence in providing my assistance. Oh yeah, the new mom is home and the baby is doing better although still in the hospital.

Biggest Pro: Handle via email
Biggest Con: none

Best Hosting Service

I started using InMotion in December of 2011. I moved over from FatCow, which just by the name you can tell is an iffy hosting service. I originally was just searching for the cheapest, and after having multiple issues with customers service in regards to FatCow, the biggest of which is that there is no competent customer service representative, I decided to make a move elsewhere. I did some in depth research, and to be honest InMotion wasn't on the top of my list when I was doing my own searches, I actually ended up switching to another hosting service that I can't even remember before immediately switching to InMotion because of fabulous reviews from friends that were using them.

I have utilized their customer support chat window and the direct phone line so many times I can't even name the problems I contacted them for. However, a few that come to mind were the initial site transfer which can be a hassle if you're previous hosting service is kind of iffy, they walked me through using an FTP client so I could make my own website, AND they walked me through installing Joomla, they've gone so far above and beyond what I could have hoped for that the least I can do is write this 10/10 review. It's funny, most places boast excellent customer service so we get used to that low quality, and when you experience actual excellent customer service you wonder how you got by without it.

My ending argument is this, if you have aren't a genius with website creation and domain hosting, sign up for InMotion because they will make you a genius by proxy, and if you are a genius, why not be more of a genius with InMotion?

Biggest Pro: Best Hosting Provider EVER. Best Customer Service EVER!!!!!

InMotionHosting: An excellent choice!

It is almost remarkable that I am writing a review of InMotion Hosting, a review that will be posted on a technology oriented web site, yet here I am. Why remarkable? Simply because I am not technology oriented and my experience with web site development is extremely limited. Over the past several years I have used “what you see is what you get” software to develop web sites devoted to my family’s history and genealogy. I have learned to be somewhat comfortable with the software, but the process of actually uploading my sites to the internet continues to baffle me.

As you read this you are likely rolling your eyes and asking yourself “what kind of idiot can not master the simple task of using ftp software to upload his site?” This kind of idiot! The concepts of nameservers, hosts, ftp addresses, domains, sub-domains, etc. are more than I can comprehend. Now, I am not a stupid man, but somehow I just can’t wrap my mind around these ideas.

And that is what motivates me to write this review; in spite of all of my IT shortcomings, the folks at InMotion help me to get the job done right!

For several years I used a competing company to host my sites, I was never quite comfortable. While always friendly and professional, their sales and tech-support staffs never communicated in a fashion that was understandable to a layman. I was not confident that I understood what I needed to do and I was relieved and surprised when (sometimes after multiple tries) everything worked. “That’s just the way it is” I thought; I was wrong.

A few weeks ago I decided to test other waters. I did some on-line research and found a few other companies, including InMotion, to check out.

My first contact with InMotion Hosting was with their sales staff. I asked as multitude of questions, most of which probably revealed my techno-ignorance. Everyone of my questions was answered completely, in a friendly, professional, and personable manner. My questions were answered in way that resulted in my confidence that InMotion Hosting is a company with which I can do business.

With that decision made I took the step of uploading a brand new site to the web. The process was smoother than I expected; it only took one or two call to tech-support.

Now it was time to move two sites from my old hosting company to InMotion Hosting. There was new techno-terminology to learn! I didn’t know that a web host and a domain name registrar were not one in the same. I had no idea of how to “point” my sites to new nameservers, or that I had to actually copy my data from one host and upload it to the the other.

InMotion’s tech support team came to my rescue. Their web site has excellent on-line tutorials that helped me to understand the terminology involved and the steps to be taken. I was ready to go, or so I thought! There were a few things that I didn’t get quite right. I made several calls to technical support; each of those calls was a positive experience. The support team treated me with respect and answered my questions fully. When I did not understand a technical term or a process they found a way to help me understand what I needed to do to move forward. In every case they pointed me in the right direction and helped me to achieve my goals. All the members the support team are to be commended for their depth of knowledge and their professional but friendly demeanor!

Choosing InMotion Hosting was the right decision; I can say that with confidence!

Next I’ll be changing domain registrars. It’s an easy process, I’m told. Tech Support: wait for your phone to ring.

Biggest Pro: Sales & Support staffs
Biggest Con: None!

This site is currently unavailable

I've had Web hosting with several different Web hosting companies. But none of them has upset me more then Inmotion Hosting.

When you own a website there are certain things you have no control over such as somebody deliberately launching spam attacks against your website.

Thats what happened to be mine and Inmotion Hosting suspended my account without warning multiple times. Then they told me to get a new hosting company after their own support team crashed their Web server and blamed it on me.

I was not on their cheap web hosting plan neither. I was paying for their Pro plan which allows you to have up to 25 domains. So ideally you should be allowed to have 25,000 visitors a day or more.

So anytime that there was a spam attack on my website against one of my domains. Instead of their technical support doing the smart thing and temporary removing the domain from the account and informing me.

They basically suspend the entire account shutting down all my websites and send me an e-mail. Saying all your websites have been suspended.

So instead of losing revenue for just one website. I lost my revenue on all my websites.

When I contacted their customer support they put me on hold and then was forced to transfer because no one knew how to deal with anything.

If you want your website shut down with absolutely no warning then Inmotion Hosting is the Web host for you.

Biggest Pro: All Cpanel features work properly
Biggest Con: inexperienced technical support and poor management

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