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Fantastic Service - Above and Beyond

We had a problem with our website coming into InMotion. It had been the source of months of frustration with our previous host and hours of company time to try to find a solution on our own. Within a matter of one day, the tech support at InMotion had identified a potential solution for the problem and then helped us implement it properly.

We conducted all of our requests via email and found the correspondence with InMotion Tech Support courteous, direct and helpful.

The costs with InMotion are actually less than with our previous host and the Tech Support and Customer Service is better than anyone in my office has ever experienced.

Bravo InMotion, The Courier Newspaper hopes to be with you for many years to come.

The best support you can get!!!

Quite simply for me customer service and technical support are of paramount importance.

I know that if I have a problem someone will try their upmost to solve it and then follow up to make sure if there is anything else I require. There were times I thought - this is a big one, how do I explain and will they take the time and make the effort to help me - they always do without fail.

Thanks InMotion: in a world of mediocrity you are pros!!!

Marina Charalambous

Biggest Pro: Tech 24hr Support

InMotion Hosting

I've been through several different hosts now, and now that I found InMotion hosting I haven't switched since. I used to search for the cheapest hosts out there, and most of them have poor service. Once you are willing to let the price go you focus on the details and find the best host. For me, InMotion hosting is the best thing out there. It's cause me no problems, and I've tried as many fancy things I can think of, Log in's, forums, php, etc. Overall, it's perfect.

If you run into a problem, it is most likely and temporary error that every host has or a user error that can be easily fixed by contacting support. Now, NO support is perfect, you will run into people who won't help you much, but if you keep trying you'll get the anywhere you're looking for.

Biggest Pro: Zero problems!

Awesome Customer service!

Being in the design and hosting business for nearly 10 years, I have dealt with quite a few hosting companies. My first dedicated server was with Valueweb. My experience there was OK until Hostway bought them out. I caught a problem on my server (email spam relay through a compromised port) to which there answer was to shut down the server, take it offline and send me the hard drive with my 100 + sites... Gee thanks!

InMotion helped me get a virtual dedicated server (I have since moved to a dedicated server) and get all my sites (and client sites) up and running.

In my 1 1/2 years with them, their customer service and tech support (they're all awesome - but Vanessa, the system admin is off the hook!) are exemplary!

Friendly, fast, helpful are only a few of the dozens of adjectives I could use to describe their service!!!!!

Lennie Appelquist

Biggest Pro: Customer service and tech support
Biggest Con: that I outgrew my better priced vps...

Highly Reccomended

I've worked with a large number of companies over the years and their promises are way over their performance. They almost always slightly mislead you as to their true capabilities. I've been trained to expect sub-par performance by my personal experiences. I was shocked, and amazed to find that Inmotion delivers superb service and performance at every level. To offer 24/7 live tech support and make it really happen makes them truly an outstanding company to do business with. They have gone overboard with me on several occasions and they performed exactly what I needed.

They are professionals of the highest caliber, their performance in getting it done, is just outstanding and at every level and with everyone I've worked with at InMotion. If you demand the best and are tired of being disappointed with the phony hype from others in this field, use InMotion. You'll be glad you did.

Inmotion Hosting is top notch

Inmo has been a very reliable host. I used to be with lunarpages but had many problems with them (reliability). After switching, I've had virtually no problems as far as uptime or tech support.

Biggest Pro: reliability

Great Customer Service

I have been with InMotion Hosting for about 2 years now. My site is always up, I've never experienced any downtime. They are very helpful when I call in for assistance. My hold time is always under 3 minutes. Everyone that I have spoken with has been so nice and knowledgable. InMotion is a top notch company!

All Services Should be This Good...

Let's start with the service itself. In more than 4 years, we have never had anything close to an outage or even slow down. I can honestly say that it has been PERFECTLY reliable.

Technical Support is the next element that I would say is outstanding. From the initial set up to occassional requests, we have always been met with curteous, professional and prompt service. They are also friendly, but not chatty.

Finally, Price. Our rates have never changed, and additions or modifications to our service are usually done either for free or at very little cost.

Overall, I would say that InMotion is in a class by itself. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to add or switch services.

Very good and reliable Web Host

Being international, I rely heavily on Live Chat and Email support. I can let everyone know that Inmotion is always very responsive and helpful whenever I try to contact them.

I appreciate the help.

Biggest Pro: Good and fast suport

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