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A++ Hosting Company - Excellent service, excellent prices

I have been using InMotion for around 5 years now for all of my sites... from small "business card" types to rather large online community sites and large "shopping" sites. I have never had any problems with downtime or speed. My favorite things are #1) the awesomely easy control panel for backend setup, and #2) the customer service. The knowledge and friendliness these guys is unparalleled. It's really nice for once to call support and get someone on the other end that actually knows what they're talking about and you can understand them. The customer service and value are the reasons why I'm an InMotion customer. I have recommended InMotion to my friends and clients and I have yet to hear nothing but praise for their services.

Biggest Pro: Customer service, value
Biggest Con: Can't think of any

You Won't Be Disappointed with InMotion Hosting!

I recently began searching for a web hosting site and checked out the top 10 rated sites. After much research, I decided to go with InMotion Hosting and I am very pleased with my decision. I am still in the building stages of my website and have needed some technical support. The support at InMotion Hosting is not only timely but very knowledgeable. They have had immediate answers to all my questions. The site is super easy to use and I can tell the end product of my website is going to be professional looking. InMotion is a great hosting site and I would highly recommended it to anyone.

InMotion Hosting Rocks!

I ventured into the world of building websites about a year ago. There were a lot of different hosting companies to choose from, but I was immediately drawn to InMotion's features, pricing, and inviting website. I created to tell the story of Truman Rockwell, who was permanently disabled when he was struck by a driver while riding his skateboard on campus. The site combines video, ajax components, flash (Openlaslzo), PHP, MySQL, b2evolution, cron jobs, paypal donations, etc... I was looking for a host that wouldn't break my bank but would offer a good array of services for the price. The site has been going strong for over a year with no issues. I have always found their cpanel easy to use, and the tech support is not only courteous but helpful and knowledgable. I would recommend InMotion to my friends. They offer reliable support, nice packages, a fair price, and good tech support.

Customer Since 2005

I have hosted my site with InMotion Hosting since 2005. I use it almost exclusively for email. Every time I have called them, I've spoken with someone right here in the USA. They are also very helpful and willing to help me find an answer to my questions. Also, the spam filter and the web based email software is very good. There have been some hiccups here and there, but overall, it's well worth the money. I would definitely recommend them to a friend. Thank you, InMotion!

Biggest Pro: Price and Service
Biggest Con: None


I needed a new host as Arrowweb who hosted my page Surplustuff announced they were going out of the business. To find another the likes of Arrowweb seemed like an impossibility until my son-in-law who is well versed on the Internet suggested I look into InMotion Hosting. I did and am most pleased and satisifed with having moved my site to their server. The documentation and presentation on all aspects of technical issues one may encounter while making the transition can easily be found on their supporting pages. The telephone support and the quality of their employees to communicate and solve by problems was second to none. I consider myself very fortunate to be associated with InMotion Hosting and I thank all the quality employees who assisted me in the timely transition.

Lee M. Frank, Sr ,

InMotion Hosting: The Best Choice

InMotion Technical Support has created our website, and it is impressively done. Our monthly support has served us well. Any editing has been addressed within 2 business days-and usually in less time. My phone conversations with the technical team have been very informative; they've given suggestions for advertising, blogging, and overall, getting the most out of our business site. Jason, Kimberly G. and Mike have helped me most often in the past 2.5 years. Thanks to all.

Mary M. Bevevino, PhD
Partner, MDJ Dickens Ltd

I love InMotion Hosting!

InMotion has hosted my educational website for several years and I have NEVER had a problem with their service. In fact, when I have attempted to add features to my website in the past like a sub-site or message board but did not have the know-how, I have been able to contact InMotion's customer service team for help. They consistently go well beyond the service you would expect to receive from a hosting company. I'm able to ask the most basic and complex questions, and have ALWAYS received a clear, practical answer. Likewise, they are incredibly dependeable. As far as I know, my site has never been down!! That is remarkable to me, and crucial as I have several hundred students who use my site on a near daily basis.

I cannot say enough good things about InMotion Hosting!

Biggest Pro: Reliability
Biggest Con: None applicable

Choose InMotion Hostiing

In the last year or so, I have transferred many of my websites to InMotion, due to dissatisfaction with another web hosting provider. InMotion's 24/7 tech support IN THE UNITED STATES has consistently been helpful, friendly, and knowledgable.

I like the fact that you can easily host several websites on one package.

As far as I know, I have not experienced any downtime on my sites.

The control panel is easy to use.

Biggest Pro: 24/7 Tech support BASED IN THE US

InMotion is a great company

I inherited, which had previously been hosted by another company which I really didn't care for at all. I am not very knowledgeable about website design or maintenance, so needed alot of help.

From day one with InMotion, I was treated with patience and professionalism by everyone I dealt with. They didn't talk down to me when it was obvious I was a novice, but gave information in a way they would know I understood.

I no longer have the website, but if I ever needed hosting in the future, I know I would go right to InMotion!

Biggest Pro: Outstanding Customer Service and value!

inmotion hosting : A professional host with value service.


am here to review my true opinion without any pressure or personal interest.

Inmotion is my first host, I spent one month comparing, surfing, reading professional and consumer reviews. Really hard to decide but you have to do it ! And so I choose this company because service and people are the most important element in no matter what business. I tried first the direct chat, it was quick no fake, real people to which I gave too many questions, they answered every time without forcing me to buy ! that's professionnal !

Regarding features, in my case I was interested in more than one site on same account with a site builder. ONLY inmotion had these features and really more with a fair price. Subscription is quick by visa, then you receive a wellcome call from the staff to activate your account (not boring, not selling anything, checking who you are and that's a secure behavour in my opinion to protect all users)

what's fascinating me until now (6 months later), is that I receive an answer in less then one hour and a solution to my all my problems. They are really strong managnig all requests and your satisfaction. The team is strong and that's why am today reviewing honestly these professionnals. Inmotion hosting will react very quickly to solve your issues. I confirm they go faster than any internal department in my own company. A real partner on which I rely every day, I never encountered any problems or connection failure until now, all features are delivered, it's a lot, I don't use all of it but if I had to, ,I know they will assist me from A to Z.

am hosting also a moroccan domain that I bought elsewhere, using parked domains (20 on the account + 6 full sites hosting + sitebuilder and more !) I was assisted in everything that's the truth.

the most important is the team who is working with you when you choose a host specially when you're beginner like me, these guys are really there 24/7, no compromises ! I recommand strongly.

Rated 10 and not less.

From Casablanca, Morocco, Sept 19th 2009

Youssef Moussaoui
Head of Management

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