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I LOVE these guys!

I have been with InMotion Hosting for about a year and a half. This is my first website, ever, and when I decided to get one I read through reviews of hosting companies for three days before I decided on Inmotion Hosting. They had the best ratings of all so I went with them. I have NEVER been disappointed. Whenever my fellow artist friends say they've wanted a website to show and/or sell their work, but the work or cost were (they assume) too much, I have told them about InMotion. The price is absolutely reasonable, the website builder wizard is so easy to use (and I have no experience or trainging), and tech support is always there, very quick to pick up, and very respectful and polite, even when my problem is something more computer savvy people (which includes just about everyone) could handle on their own. I can call them up at any time and reach an actual person who genuinely wants to help in less than two minutes, every time. I have subscribed for another year and I don't plan on ever leaving InMotion Hosting. It isn't often that you find a great company with a great product, AND great service, at a great price. When you do find it though, you stick with it!

Biggest Pro: Tech Support Awesomeness!!!
Biggest Con: There aren' any!

So glad to have found you!

Thank you for your fantastic service! I found InMotion while researching for an outstanding web hosting provider. I needed help right in the middle of the Holidays and was able to contact speak with someone on your live chat right on December 25th! He was able to advise which was the best plan for me. I was amazed to get instant service on a major holiday.

I continued research and found that the price was right and the reviews and ratings were great, so I purchased the service (at a nice discountl, due to a coupon I found).

Next I needed to learn how to add more than one domain to my hosting set-up. It was a busy day, during a busy time of year, but between live chat and email, my problem was resolved in less than 24 hours in a friendly professional manner.

I highly recommend InMotion as a top ranked, high quality service. I'm glad to have found you! Thanks so much...

maRia Bodmann

Newbie with first big problem got great support

A couple of days ago I had my first problem that could have been disastrous had my web site been more established with a lot of traffic.

I've been in the computer industry for almost 25 years and for the most part I'm very computer savvy, but I am a complete novice regarding web hosting and design. This is my first website and InMotion Hosting is my first web host provider.

The other day as I was working on my Word Press blog design, I noticed a message on the WP dashboard that version 2.9.1 was available and I should upgrade. I'm still finding my way around and had no idea how to do a proper backup so I figured I'd just go ahead do the auto update. Well, against my better judgment (the part about being in the business 25 years) I did the upgrade and my site immediately went down. I had no idea what to do, so I contacted InMotion support and posted a message at Word Press and my theme's forum.

To be honest, I had expected InMotion to tell me "Sorry but that's not our problem. Contact WP or your theme's author." Not only was I wrong, but after getting some "guesses" from WP and my theme forums, the InMotion support people knew exactly where to look, found the problem and got my site back up and running quickly. I still have to find out why this happened, but at least it's up and running again. I was pleasantly surprised and I'm very grateful. InMotion support exceeded my expectations by helping with a problem that they really weren't obligated to do since it was not their issue.

It's easy to run a business when everything is running smoothly. It's when problems arise that you find out what a company is really made of. InMotion passed this test in flying colors.

Dominic Scolaro

Biggest Pro: Great initial support experience.
Biggest Con: None yet. Hope it stays that way.

Cutting Edge Software + Knowledgeable Staff, a great combination

InMotion has been the home of DigitalMZX for quite a while now, and the biggest thing I will say about them is that their technical support is phenomenal. Any time, day or night, I can put in a trouble ticket for a critical issue, and get a response within about an hour. Usually at this point they've already remedied the issue and made a note of it. InMotion has also been very forthcoming with information about their host -- enough so that I was able to get custom modules compiled to enhance my website's functionality without infringing on terms of service. They allow all sorts of new technology on their servers, and they are more than willing to work with me if something goes wrong. For any price, the kind of service that really sets them apart from other hosts is absolutely top notch.

Biggest Pro: Customer Service

I'm a BIG fan of InMotionHosting ...

I tried to think of any possible subject that would be negative regarding InMotionHosting, and honestly ... I can't! The company has never failed me over these past years ... from helping restore my site (twice) to explaining and showing me how to use the many rich features they offer.

Several friends whose sites I have helped design, have thanked me over and over for the great attitude offered by the various members of the support team. It's a great feeling to know you can depend upon the entire team at InMotion. Thanks guys and gals.

Biggest Pro: Quick and easy response to potential problems

Knowledgeable Staff, Impeccable Uptime

As a journal community, we'd been planning a possible website for several years, waiting for the right time in our growth, and deciding what all a site would entail. The final decision team was made up of 3, and we started with over a dozen possible web hosts, then began narrowing them down based on multiple user reviews, features, cost, everything you'd imagine. After systematic elimination, we were left with one, InMotion.

During sign-up, me and one other of the team got on conference call with them, and Jason was very helpful with all our questions. We got the domain registered and I gave them my cc # to initiate the site and we were off and rolling. I haven't had as much techincal contact with them as another of our team, but he says that with his supplemental questions by email, InMotion has without fail, been prompt and helpful with detailed and courteous answers.

There was only one snafu at the beginning with what email to contact me on which caused an issue with my boss, but it was partially my fault with giving them the wrong email to start with. It took a few tries to get it switched to another.

We're on the best of 3 packages offered in shared hosting. The site hasn't so much as flickered since we started, loading has been consistently lightning fast. The programming we use is raw html in cPanel, and it's been a breeze to add and tweak pages at will.

They are not the cheapest - that wasn't our main criteria. But we've been pleased with value we've received in relation to cost.

We just recently had our chat page disabled by them because we were unknowingly in violation of terms of agreement. It was deemed a security issue to other clients on our shared server. After replying about it, Jason was very helpful in stating where a problem could have occured and even gave multiple suggestions for chat configurations we could try which would be compliant. We're looking into that now. This is the way it's been with them, friendly, professional in every way, extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I have such confidence in the relationship we have with them that it exceeds my initial expectations. As long as they can maintain their current level of care and don't raise their price significantly, we have no reason to ever look at another host.

Biggest Pro: There are two. Impeccable uptime for the site and our email users, and their prompt and knowledgeable responses.
Biggest Con: They don't necessarily support every app they offer, which is no different from many other hosts.

In Motion Hosting Rocks

In the days of less-than-stellar customer service, I am always impressed when I have an experience where someone goes above and beyond their job to help you. With InMotion Hosting technical support, that seems to be the norm. I've been hosting with them for about 4 years and every single time I've had an issue, their response has been most impressive. I am a self-taught student of Wordpress, so when I launched into getting my sites up and running, there were a few challenges in the unknown mechanisms of Wordpress. Most recently, one of my sites was hacked and they sent me an email notifying me of the breach and that they had stopped a troublesome download. They changed my passwords and sent me all the information. My website was out of commission as a result. I tried to notify my web-help guy, but was unable to reach him. Unable to get it back up, I notified the support team that both of the passwords did not seem to be the same and went to bed in a little bit of a panic. The next morning I woke up to a note explaining the next steps in the password issue and oh-by-the-way, they reloaded all my files and the site was fixed. They turned my panic into feeling reassured that yes, indeed, I have pretty solid backup with my host. Support like that is hard to find and most crucial to business owners like myself who's main focus is not building and maintaining their websites. I highly recommend them!

Biggest Pro: GREAT technical support - both in people and documentation.
Biggest Con: I would like to see a more automated billing details and status available.

inmotion hosting

Let me start off by saying there is an expression that runs ramped in small businesses in my area. "its not if you make a mistake, its how you fix it if you do" Its easy to give someone a good review when there has never been an issue, and for almost two years i have had nothing but great service and uninterrupted server service. But apon by purchase of a second domain, there was a mishap a slight over look in some rare technicalities that don't often come into play. Its a business and mistakes happen, I've had my own business for years they happen!!. However as i stated earlier, its not a matter of if its a matter of when. Let me tell you, that I even after the slight delay of my site publishing (2 days) that I am thoroughly Impressed with the customer service and tech support. First of all the issues came into light at about 11:00 pm eastern time and tech support and i worked together back and forth till about 1AM that morning. the next day when i was able to sit back down to continue with the issues, i had emails waiting for with the solution in hand and waiting for my permission to continue.

After the all the issues had been worked out, granted i take blame for the last part of the issue.. sorry i am a My sight is up and running and looking beautiful. I honestly believe that both the email tech support and the phone technicians treated me with the utmost respect and did not have the condescending tone that is so often equated with tech's and novices.

I whole heartedly recommend INMotionhosting, to anyone that is serious about building a quality website.

While no one ever likes to see a hiccup in service, i'm glad that it happened now while trying to post the site. the service I recieved leaves no doubt in my mind that when i have a critical issue.. they will be there.


Biggest Pro: Top Notch customer service
Biggest Con: video tutorials could be a little more in depth

I'm not an experianced Website Designer but with the help of

I'm not an experienced Website Designer but with the help of the Inmotion staff I was able to create and display my website. And believe me when I say that I have used their support line - I even know them by name: Joe, Hannibal, Nathan - you guys rock!

The staff is very paitence with me (since I'm sure I don't explain things in the proper technical terms) but they always understand what it is that I need and have always answered my questions and (solved any problems I've created!!)LOL

I love all of the information I can access through my cPanel like AWSTATS, who viewed my site, what were they searching for, etc. Everything is very simple to use. I was even able to set up email for my site.

In fact, it has been such a favorable experience that recently I set up my 5th site. My main domain site has never been down to my knowledge (3 years) that's why I continue to choose Inmotion for all of my sites.

They have never screwed up my billing - I'd have to say "they run like a well oiled clock!" Keep up the fine job INMOTION

Biggest Pro: The Support Team
Biggest Con: Can't think of even one 'con' about this company

InMotion Hosting: The better way to get business done.

You know, it is a sad fact that when something works so well, and so seamlessly, you often forget that they are even there. Having been a customer of InMotion for about 10 months now, I fell into that category. Since the day I signed up, I have had to contact customer service on 2 occasions. Both issues turned out to be something silly that I myself had done. Yet both times those great InMotion Customer Service folks, helped me through my problems, in very little time, and I was back on my way.

To this day, I have never experienced downtime due to their server. My site has always been up and running. I have many friends who have websites of their own. I often hear them complaining about "downtime" issues. If you want dependability, and "set it and forget it" reliability, I will choose InMotion every day. Thanks a lot for all that you do for me, even though I tend to forget it. You all are GREAT!

Biggest Pro: Fantastic Service
Biggest Con: None that I know

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