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InMotion Hosting

Competence is an enormous compliment from my perspective, and utter competence is my thought about InMotion Hosting. Earlier in my life I was a business man, before turning to the arts. I therefore understand and appreciate that a provider of such services as web hosting is a crucial relationship. I count myself fortunate to have come upon them to host my small site, dedicated to music. The uptime is superior, and when I as an amateur webmaster for my own site have problems, they are fast and willing to assist. I reccomend them unquestionably.

Biggest Pro: Competent and personable assistance
Biggest Con: Absolutely none.

Amazing Support

I was notified by InMotion Hosting's support organization that my Wordpress-based site had been hacked (which unfortunately is becoming common these days). They immediately reset my password to minimize the threat in the future.

When trying to restore from backup, it was determined that the backups had also been corrupted. However, one of their outstanding support agents (Anibal) was able to troubleshoot the key page that had been maliciously altered and restore it to its original state - amazing!

I would highly recommend InMotion Hosting, not only for their seamless, cost-effective hosting, but also for their outstanding support.


Paul Sullivan

help with file transfers

I am new to being the person in charge of our clubs website. I was having trouble getting Word documents to transfer to our website. I explained to Christian that our past webmaster was out of the country, so I couldn't just dial her up for help. Christian helped direct me to a more user-friendly method of transferring files. He explained the process step-by-step in plain language and I was able to turn around and do everything correctly the first time after using the new file transer site. I was most grateful for his help.

Very Happy

I have been using InMotion Hosting coming up on two years now. I have never had an issue where my site was unavailable, slow to load, or down. The support staff is responsive, knowledgeable, and eager to understand and address my needs. The sales staff doesn't simply try to sell me additional services but lays out all available options including those not provided by InMotion. The Tech Support people you get on the phone, in my experience, have been above average in their knowledge. I've worked with other companies where they simply don't know what I'm asking or don't understand the capabilities of their system and have to escalate my call to another tier of technician. Their security is top notch and they have caught some mistakes I have made which could have opened up my sites to problems and helped me resolve them. They have an active community on their support forums and many of their staff can be reached on their personal websites and twitter for additional ideas and commentary on the hosting industry. Overall, I haven't had a bad interaction in any way with this company.

Biggest Pro: knowledgeable and responsive technicians
Biggest Con: none so far


Computers are not my thing - when I had a vision for my websites, I was 100% goal oriented - the process of actually creating and publishing the two sites seemed like a massive obstacle that required weeks of full time study to sort out. I chose InMotion based on a random google search,- the price was reasonable and the ratings were good. Right away I knew it was a right decision, as I was given a multitude of tutorial resources. When something did not make sense to me, an email to the technical staff would come back with a full and detailed explanation, often in a matter of a few hours or less. What impressed me is that the vast majority of these emails were not composed of standard templates, but were personal and written by highly trained IT professionals who took the time to ask me questions, provide detailed and effective replies, and walk me through the process. I am extremely satisfied with InMotion and plan to utilize their services for many years to come.

Biggest Pro: Customer Service

It doesn't get any better!!

I've been with InMotion for a year now and can honestly say that everything about them has surpassed my expectations!!

You know you've made the right choice when everything runs so smoothly that you don't even wonder if your site is up or if the response time is slow. Some people I know that are using other hosts are always amazed at how fast my site is compared to theirs and the fact that my site is always up while theirs are sort of hit or miss. I have to agree with them, if you want speed and peace of mind, InMotion is the place to be.

Though I've only had to use it once when setting up the security for my site, the technical support is awesome. I had a problem with my code and when I called the tech. support center, the person spotted my problem and actually fixed it and stayed on the phone with me until everything was running properly. The whole ordeal lasted maybe 10 minutes.

You always read about and hear the nightmare stories people tell about their webhosts and the problems they have dealing with them and wonder if InMotion is any different.... the answer is yes!! Unless you are so unrealistic that no webhost will satisfy you or because of some fluke somewhere, you will be another happy customer with InMotion. While nobody can help with first one, if there is a problem with your site running at InMotion, I'm willing to put money on it that the tech. support staff will have you up and running in no time.

Biggest Pro: The reliabilty and the fact that they are always available.
Biggest Con: Haven't had the opportunity to find one yet.

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Excellent choice for a Web Host

If you want a web host that is always up, fast and has excellent support than this is the place you want to be. A lot of the hosting companies promise you the world but after you make a commitment to them, you find out that your idea of good and theirs isn't the same.

I didn't really know what to expect when I signed up but soon became pleasantly suprised at how smooth and organized everything is. I have only had to call tech. support once and that was because of a problem of my own making. The support person actually went in and corrected my screwup for me over the phone. Another thing about the people that work there is they actually own the company I think.

The speed is incredibly fast and the system is always up. They have all of the tools you need to run pretty much any kind of website and I'm pretty sure that if they don't have it, they will do their best to get it for you.

The best thing for me though is when I am comparing my host with someone who is using a different company, I haven't seen one person yet who doesn't want to dump their host and come to InMotion. I do know that I will be a InMotion customer for as long as I have a website.

By Mike Miller on October 8th, 2009 at 08:25 EST
URL: Customer for 6 - 11 months
Plan: Shared | Platform: Linux | Email: [email protected]

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Pleasant first support experience

We are brand new to InMotion Hosting. In the course of preparing our website to migrate it from our previous host, I ran into a problem having to do with some differences in the behaviors of the two hosts. I created a service ticket, and was extremely pleased with the prompt response I received. Even more import, though was the quick and diligent effort applied to the problem by the service rep who went above and beyond the call, proactively working on the problem until it was solved. We were very satisfied with our previous hosting company, but based on this one experience, we're looking forward to even better support at InMotion!

Outstanding service response time and dead-on accurate fix

When I transferred my web site hosting from one domain name to a new domain name, the images which were visible on the old site were no longer viewable on the new site. I chased this issue around for a few hours before throwing my hands up and requesting help from InMotion's support team. In less than 24 hours the problem was resolved and I had received an email from the technician describing what had been wrong (my own error) and what had been required to rectify the problem. The tone and wording of the email were respectful and professional. Having been in IT support for decades myself, I found InMotion's sense of urgency with regard to my trouble refreshing. This is the second time I have taken an issue to their support team, and it is the second time they took care of me quickly and to my complete satisfaction. What else could one ask for here?

Biggest Pro: Speediness of response (sense of urgency)
Biggest Con: I have experienced nothing negative with InMotion.

I am pleased with InMotion

I have been a customer of Inmotion only for a short time. This is the first time having a website so I did alot of research to find host with good reviews and affordable. After contacting a couple others I chose Inmotion even though others were less expensive. I chose them because they seemed really willing to help. I made the correct choice for sure. I am not the best when it comes to computers but I wanted to learn. After building my site and trying over and over to upload it I sent an email to Inmotion relaying what I did and I was about to give up. The next morning there was an email from Inmotion stating that the information was uploaded but could not be viewed because of some problem in the format (that I obviously caused). They said that they fixed the problem (the one that I caused on my own website) and everything looks great. This is how it has been over and over again while I have getting everything set up the way I would like. I can't speak high enough about Inmotion. I do not believe that I have ever had this kind of service. I am very pleased with Inmotion.

they scam my money

Their philosophy is that if you pay for 1-year of service, after 90-days, you will not be able to get any refund because credit card company usually don't let you dispute after 90 days. It does not matter if their server is unable to accommodate your website. Whatever reason it is, if you cancel their service after 90 days, they keep the entire amount of money. No refund! I paid them $500 for 1 year and half a year later, they said that my site used too much of their resources, they send me a "final notice" trying to force me to upgrade to their dedicated server which is at least around $250/month. Otherwise, they will suspend my account and keep the money!

Technically - we have 2 different retail sites hosting on 2 different hosting company:

server load number of items on site status
inmotion hosting 2 (16 cpu) 50,000 "final notice"
the other hosting company 4 (2 cpu) 25,000 OK
after moving away from inmotion 0.5 (4 cpu) 100,000 OK

They had been harrassing us often trying to get us to move to their dedicated server which we DID! the result? the site was down for an entire Monday before Christmas - the busiest shopping season. What kind of hosting company cannot host 50,000-item retail site, even on a dedicated server? Our other site has item count just half of the amount at 25,000 and it has been hosted on a "shared server" for a couple years. A shared server usually costs less than $100 a year.

We immediately moved the site to a different hosting company, and the cpu load came down and we have double the item count on the site without a problem at all. They kept blaming us for the problem while it's simple and clear just by looking at the above number comparison.

Conclusion: Inmotion hosting is not only technically inferior, they also lack business ethics - who gets to earn money for doing nothing? We have had experience with quite a few hosting companies and nobody - NOBODY refuses to refund when service is canceled.

Biggest Con: scammer keeps my money for doing nothing!

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