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Really bad host, and even worst customer service

The server went down at least once a month, and for many hours. And this time the server was malfunctioning for 4 days. Databases got corrupted a lot and the only way to fixthem was to send them an email so they could fix it from their end.

Biggest Con: everything

Those with high blood pressure beware!

I kept looking for the negative numbers when scoring these folks. There should be a less than Zero for this type of "service" I had to beg to get someone to talk to me and in the end was only able to use the Chat. No one responds to requests for support no matter what tone you use. The only satisfying thing about ImHosted was when I got the e-mail saying my account was canceled at my request.

Biggest Pro: They let me cancel
Biggest Con: Prepare to be ignored

Quite Pleased and use this company as the standard

I wish I didn't have to move away from IMHosted but I'm working on a Windows Platform now. I've gotten quite spoiled by IMHosted. I've had their "Gold" account now for over 5 years and it has been quite wonderful. I could create and manage multiple accounts so easily and each one got their own Control Panel. I've only had to contact support a few times over the years and they were always professional. I've been looking for something comparable on the Windows side and it looks like I'm just going to have to spend a lot more money. It is absolutely hard to beleive what you get for $30 a month here - and as I mentioned I am now spoiled and just can't seem to find the same services on the Windows side.

Biggest Pro: Services for the money

Absolutely AWFUL.

These people have no idea what they're doing, and my website is down at LEAST four or five times a day, for a minimum of five-minute periods. This is not worth your money at all. Their technical support takes DAYS to respond to you, and they never end up fixing anything!


Great prices, horrible customer service

We signed up with IMHosted because of their affordable hosting prices. We also needed a web host that would let us use several domain names on one account. Although domain names are more expensive at IMHosted than they are at other domain registration services, this was a small price to pay for the really low prices of the hosting plans. However, we were unaware when we signed up about how horrible and unprofessional their customer service was. The sign up email told us that we'd get our account activation email in 6 hours. This didn't happen, so we emailed tech support. Again, nothing happened so we sent at least 3 trouble tickets to the billing department and got no response. One ticket was even closed without any reply from IMHosted. Their 24/7 ICQ live tech support is also a lie, because they've never been online since I added them to my contact list. It took us about a week to get the account activation email, which was stressful for us, because we already paid a year's worth of hosting in full. If prices are your priority, go to IMHosted. But if you're looking for peace of mind, look somewhere else.

Biggest Pro: prices for hosting accounts
Biggest Con: horrible, horrible customer support

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