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Beware, IIC Internet (aka Irriserv) appears to have gone rogue

Once upon a time IIC Internet was a fine company. I used them for many years to host my site. Dirt cheap, no frills, but it worked fine for what I needed.

More than a year ago I asked to cancel the hosting of my website, as I moved to (recommended). My own fault, I didn't notice that Irriserv continued to charge me every six months. In fact, they were charging my old credit card number (I had switched to a new number due to an unrelated fradulent charge). Noticing this problem, I called this Spring and got "Steve" - no identification of who he worked for, etc. He said he'd cancel the charge by the end of the day and I'd get an email then, and that they were having email problems that day (good trick for an ISP). Then, nothing. I called back 10 days later. My call was put on hold, I waited 20 minutes with canned music, then 10 minutes on pure silence. Then someone answers, and seems a bit surprised anyone was there, that I would wait through 10 minutes of silence. He says he'll be right on it, that the charge will be cancelled. Then, nothing. Finally, I complained to my credit card company. Luckily I filed the complaint early enough after the charge (there's a 30 day waiting period before the company acts). I hope this mess is at an end.

I believe that this company has been taken over by scammers, pure and simple. Why? Other than the lies given to me, I had also hosted my father-in-law's website with this ISP. Their domain name server that we had set at the registrar began to redirect any traffic meant for his site to a porn site instead. I suspect he's hardly the only one, that any IIC Internet site is redirected so as to earn them money. I'd be happy to be proven wrong, but I honestly this firm has gone bad.

Biggest Pro: My credit card company refunded me their last charge
Biggest Con: The whole operation

By far THE WORST Web Host I've EVER had the misfortune to use!

I had been with IIC Internet for around 3 years hosting an adult website that never took off. To be honest I never really bothered with it after about a year and just sort of left it sitting there all that time doing nothing for the sake of a handful of dedicated subscribers. During the time though, when I actively updated it, if ANY technical problem showed up and I had to phone their 'tech support' (HA!) all I had was one guy, STEVE, who only ever fobbed me off with excuses and promises and would only ever sort a problem out AFTER phoning and phoning and phoning again and again until he finally did something! Horrendous times always! So, in summary, my website was hacked, I was contsantly lied to, I was billed multiple times a month, the price of hosting went up without warning, I emailed them and never heard back, etc. etc. Now, months after I've finally closed my website and left them, THEY"RE STILL BILLING ME EACH MONTH!!! Really, they are THE WORST web host you could make the mistake of signing up for! Save yourself the aggravation and get web hosting ANYWHERE else but IIC Internet!

Biggest Con: Technical Support TEAM?!?! JOKE! One guy -- STEVE! That's it! Nothing more! No one else! EVER!

Not the very worst hosting experience I've ever had, but close

The very worst was the guy who went out of business and just dumped everything without telling anyone. But IIC-Internet comes close. Last month I moved one of my sites off their system after not being able to get ftp access to it for months. I filled out their contact form, sent email to their support address, and made repeated long distance calls to the number they provide (and got the message that "the cell phone customer you are trying to call is not available"). Finally, one time, someone answered the phone. He said he'd never seen a contact message or email from me, and told me to send email again specifically directed to "John." I did so, got no response, called again was was told that the problem would be fixed (it wasn't), and finally just gave up and moved the site. These people make huge claims on their website, but their service and support stink. What's more, they have continued to bill my credit card! My bank is taking care of that, but it shouldn't have happened. Don't let their claims take you in.

Biggest Con: Being unable to update a site that I was paying for, and getting no response when I asked for help

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