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You'd be mad to go elsewhere!

Found these guys through twitter. They were incredibly helpful with my migration from my old host Dataflmae (Who I really don't recommend) and other hosts I've been with in the last 5 years.

Within minutes of signing up my account manager e-mailed me to introduce himself and offer any support I needed. I actually felt like a valued customer. It felt a more personal service that I've received at other places.

They can boast (quite rightly too) that they've experienced no down time in 15 months. My last two hosts I experienced either web or e-mail failure every 5/6 months.

Installing CMS' like WordPress were easy, even for a novice like myself but if you're totally unsure, they're ready and willing to help! (It also helps that they're very experienced with WordPress and Joomla)

The support tickets I've raised (mostly to do with my e-mail configuration) were answered often in less than 40 mins and solved the problem first time.

For those who are eco-conscious, iHostGreen are green web host, eco-friendly and carbon neutral, how many others can offer this? Not many, I believe.

I strongly recommend these guys. The price, the level of service, ease of use and their uptime make them sure winner in my eyes.

I look forward to many more years with these folks..

Biggest Pro: Price, High quality customer support.
Biggest Con: None

iHostGreen - Green & Friendly!

Let me first tell you about my last web host... I had a site with them a few years ago for about one year. I knew the guy that maintained the hosting company from an online game so he gave cut me a deal.. $8 a month for 10gb space, 30gb bandwidth. I had a lot of problems with them.

First, if I was trying to install a CMS I had tried setting up by uploading. I encountered a problem that would not allow me to install the script due to an unknown error. The site blocked my IP address due to me attempting to install the script. Second, most of the time pages would not load properly at all. Even when trying to post news to my site.. I had canceled my hosting with them and up until about December of this year, I had signed up again and had the same problems.. I was fed up with it.. now, on to iHostGreen..

I posted something on twitter about me wanting a new web host, and @iHostGreen tweeted me back, telling me about some webhost called ihostgreen. I was skeptical at first because I have never done anything like that on Twitter before.. I began talking to him and he cut me a deal.. a very good deal that I could not just let pass.

iHostGreen offers custom packages as well as other great hosting packages. I have NOT had a problem with them since. I have been with them, and I am really glad I switched. They're really nice, and have good support. When I had first signed up, I had a problem connected to my site if I wasn't using OpenDNS. I had informed them of that problem, and they started working on it right away and fixed it.

I love everything about ihostgreen. I've even been talking to my friends and family about it, and hoping they'd join. Trust me, don't doubt ihostgreen.. if you pass them up, you're missing out on a great opportunity to be with a great web host.

Biggest Pro: Green, amazing support & good value for money

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