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Site serving is slow but reliable. But host your email elsewhere.

The sites on the reseller account are OK. Not super speedy but ploddingly reliable.

Just don't host ANY email there. Their server is often off-line or so backed up due to overloading that it takes me more than 3 minutes just to queue an email to send and it can take 20 minutes to get an email sent to me, more if it's large. At least once a week the SMTP server is just offline for 15-20 minutes, often up and down all day. Trouble tickets just say "it's overloaded and will be fine in a few minutes" but they have handed me that line at least 10 times and never made the server better.

If they would just fix that email server my opinion of them would go up a lot. But they seem to think that if they keep closing my trouble tickets that the problem will go away.

Biggest Pro: Great admin tools for resellers
Biggest Con: Email is totally unreliable for a business.

Excellent Customer Support!

I chose IHost about two years ago when launching my own company and needed an affordable, yet quality option. I will say, that compared to what I have experienced with some other hosts, that IHost is pretty good.
Their uptime is considerably above average and I like all of the features that are extended to (me) the client. There support is also excellent! It was very important to me to find a patient support staff that is located in the U.S. and speaks English! Clint (and staff) have helped me numerous times on various support issues pertaining to DNN. I would recommend this hosting provider to anyone that needs web hosting at a reasonable price that would also like quality service.

Good service and professional support

Good service, excellent customer support. I mostly use ihostasp severs to develop DNN sites for my clients and their DNN support is excellent. On few occasions I have ran in to problems, there were able to restore my project from a daily backup thus saving me days of work redoing everything.

I do host several of my client sites on their Hyper-V dedicated sever and have not experience any problems other than a brief outage this occurred in January. The site uptime monitor I have hooked up to my clients websites is reporting 99.987% uptime. This is about 9 hours of downtime for the entire year! I’m sure some of that was me rebooting the server to install updates or other maintenance related downtime.

No solutions, only promises

We've been hosting douzens of website with

I started working with them a couple of years ago for DotNetNuke hosting. The websites are slow first but that's due to the application shutting down if it's inactive.

The last 6-12 months we've been having more and more troubles, we already know the standard e-mail we get as a response. (see below)

It's the same standard mail over and over. They had good service, not the fastest, not the cheapest but OK.
Now the service is just lousy. They keep moving sites from one server to another. Databases are moved from one server to another. Monitoring of websites doesn't happen whatsoever. Although their mail says so.

We had a website that crashed due to hacking of the site, asked to recover the site to it's original state. It never worked again. We had to start from scratch because the backup never worked. Everytime a user logged in the site crashed although they always claimed that it worked and I kept sending the error messages no solution came up.

Our dissatisfaction is huge right now, how a company grew and didn't know how to handle the growth.

My advice, leave now befor it get's even worse!

Price value for money? What are you willing to pay for a site that is up 90% of the time???


This morning our technicians detected and resolved an issue on your site's web server. Momentarily ago we successfully accessed your site and it appears to be running smoothly. After monitoring this server for a while to closely observe the performance, our technicians identified sites which were faulting and rebuilt cache for those sites and made configuration changes in order to optimize performance. Since completing these steps we have been closely monitoring the usage of resources on your site's web server and conducting load tests on various sites including yours. We believe these measures have increased the stability of services on your site’s web server but not enough time has lapse since all modifications were made to conclusive determine that services have stabilized. Our technicians will be continuing to closely monitor your server’s performance and take additional measures to best ensure continual service. We apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused. Please reply to this message if you are still experiencing issues accessing your site."

Biggest Pro: Very easy to start a new DNN site
Biggest Con: You're never that the site is available

Response by Slavic Kozyuk, who is the owner of IHostASP:

Hi Walter,

I have spoken to you in the past, and certainly appreciate your business and criticism. I'm not aware of the outcome of the specific support case you have mentioned here, however I would like to comment at cases similar to yours and as how they occur.

Typically open source CMS based web systems like DNN, phpBB, and others are a constant work in progress and require periodic updates in order to eliminate potential threats. For example older DNN versions have number of know vulnerabilities that can allow hackers to deface the site. We offer DNN upgrade service, and have hundreds of requests per week. In majority of cases like Walter's when sites are compromised, we restore the "clean" site from a daily backup set predating the time of indecent and attempt to upgrade or mitigate the threat. However in some cases the site defacements go unnoticed for months. When the site owner(s) finally contact us, we do not have a clean backup since we can only store a finite number of daily backup copies.

Our support staff is trained to fix known issues and in many cases can repair a broken DNN site for the client. As you can imagine this is a time consuming manual processes. We literally have to manually go through each assembly and file in the DNN file system and compare it to base copy for that version. However there is a limit of what we can do without a clean backup.

My recommendation to all webmasters is to always make a copy of your site and keep it safe. Even-though we have daily backups, the retention is not infinite and if problem is not discovered with in retention span, we have no clean copy to restore. The web hosting company cannot tell if the site defaced or user has simply changed content. We simply cannot manually browse millions of webpages we host to patrol customers content. There are number of third party services that can be used to validate site content and alert the owner when content has changed.

So Walter, please drop me an email, perhaps I can help you with specific issues. Thanks.

Posted on December 20th, 2010 at 22:49 EST

No Real Solutions, but Headaches - STAY AWAY

Our company's website was hosted by iHost for over 2yrs, and when I first came on, it took a year to get our website transferred to a different server. Our website would take between 20 seconds and almost a minute to come up. They were always nice, but actually getting a result to the problem...they seemed to fall short.

That issue led me to work on changing the hosting to a different organization. A week before our renewal I told an account rep I needed the backup files because I was moving our hosting to another company. She told me where to get them, but said nothing else about canceling our service. I expected on the renewal date to see an email that the account was closed, but instead I received an email saying thank you for your payment. They automatically renewed my account and charged my credit card. I worked for two weeks with iHost to resolve the issue and they said sorry, but I didn't cancel correctly!! No one told me different??

If you want to cancel you need to cancel 10 DAYS before renewal and it MUST be in writting. I sent a written confirmation the day of my renewal (the first moment I realized there was a problem) and they wouldn't close my account or give a credit. I had to contact the better business bureau to try and resolve the issue and we went back and forth between them for a week. I asked 5 times to have our account closed and they wouldn't do it nor would they give a refund.

However, I was able to track down the president's email to explain what happened and he wouldn't listen either. When it was all done he basically called me an idiot, told me I had no clue about business or customer service, and threw out some racial comment about people who work in China?? Ultimately, I got the refund and thank goodness both websites are now hosted by a much faster, more professional and customer and user friendly organization.

I would not recommend anyone to go with iHost! They aren't the cheapest so do your research and there is a reason why they are cheap...not many servers, nice people but people who can't do much to resolve your problem, and a complete disregard for the customer as long as they get their money!! Save yourself the stress and stay away from iHost!!

Biggest Pro: Nice at first
Biggest Con: Can't really solve problems, care about $ rather than a customer, very slow to resolve problems

Response by Slavic Kozyuk, who is the owner of IHostASP:

Hi, my name is Slavic Kozyuk, I’m president of IHOST, LLC based in Westlake, Ohio.

Our company has been in the hosting business for over six years, during this time we have grown and expanded acquiring thousands of customers. Our success is based on a basic principal, affordably priced service with high quality in-house technical support. We are not the cheapest hosting offer, however we offer the best support money can buy in this industry. We offer toll free customer support, and a 24/7 support ticket system. All of our customers including the smallest accounts that pay less than a cost of happy meal per month have the ability to host complex data driven applications and call us and talk to an American English speaking support professional if needed.

The review posted by Mr. Chip Foss here is not true and is simply insane considering the scope of libel he is spreading. The root cause of this dispute is a rather simple and mundane billing matter when you get to the bottom of it . Chip simply forgot to cancel his account and was billed for a renewed term as agreed in terms of service. Instead of simply admitting he did not cancel the account, he immediately went to accuse one of our employees, who happened to take his call and was helping him to obtain backups for his sites, for not anticipating his intentions and informing him that account has to be canceled if he does not wish to keep it. Our technical support people are full time employees and we keep records of all customer call-ins, there was no mention of account cancelation prior to the Chip’s account being renewed.

The whole argument is a moot point however. We have already refunded him a full amount despite the terms of service as we simply did not wish to continue this issue. For reasons unknown to us Mr. Chip Foss has decided to spread libel about our company despite the fact we have already settled this issue with him. So let this serve as a warning to others that will do business with Mr. Chip Foss in the future. This individual feels rules and agreements do not apply to him and will leverage public libel campaign to extort and get things his way.

Posted on January 21st, 2010 at 12:17 EST

Good people and good service - Highly Recommend

I host all of my DotNetNuke sites with IHOST and are very happy with their service. Occasionally we have had issues with some of our sites, however the support guys were very professional and knolegeble in all DNN issues and were able to help us debug our module that were causing these problems. When I call them during their business hours which also includes weekends, I always get a support person on the line with in minutes. Also, since they have changed their support portal to Kayako a while ago, I have never had an issue with a support ticket not being answered.

What I like the most about them is that there is no hype, and I do not get a feling like they just want my money. On one occasion I was going to purchase another hosting plan because I needed an extra MSSQL database for development purposes. When I called them and asked if I should upgrade existing hosting plan or buy a new one they actually gave me the free database. I could not believe the sales guy actually said to me; "there is no need for you to overpay for new hosting plan now, I’ll just give the database for free. When you are ready to go live, call us and we’ll upgrade your hosting plan". It’s trully amazing that there are business out there that do not just want your money, but are genuanly interested in their customers being satisfied.

Biggest Pro: Affordable and honest service
Biggest Con: Occasional issues crop up, but nothing major or catastrophic

Lousy Billing, Support and Services

A year ago I tried using this service and had enormous problems with their ticket "support" system. I've used 8 other hosting services so I know how to use a ticket based support system. There was no tracking, no response - nothing. I tried to cancel in the first month and was told that I couldn't cancel so I put up with it for a year and used it for testing prototypes, just waiting for the year to be over. I received no renewal notice, but I happened to go into the control panel and noticed there was an amount due so I "renewed". Don't know where my head was at but I it looked like they'd improved their ticket system, and the price for multiple MS SQL dbs was too good to resist.

The support was good for the first inquiry but when the next 4 inquiries were not responded to I was informed that their tech support only ran during business hours (EST, I'm CST) and that I couldn't cancel because I hadn't contacted them within 10 days of renewal date. I did renew, and cancel, within 10 days of renewal date and wouldn't have renewed at all if I'd seen any notice anywhere at any time that their technical support was so limited.

Meanwhile I've also lost a client over these problems and will have to spend much time disputing their charges because they already informed me they'd be sending me to collections

Biggest Con: It's all a con - you pay little and you get little.

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