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99% Downtime

My site is down for the past 10days, there is no reply from the Customer Support yet.

Check out the support ticket

Its been open for the past 10days, none has replied yet for the issue, just imagine how gud the support is...

Never ever go for windows hosting in or

Reliable host

I have a series of websites hosted in various hosting companies across the globe and my latest site is hosted with this company, Igchosting. Currently I am very much satisfied with their service. I was looking for new host for my new site and my search for an affordable host ended up with this company. Once I payed, my account got activated very soon and my site came in to being in less than 24 hours. Speed of the server is also very good. Currently I feel that its worth the value of my money. So I would recommend their service for you. The only con i noticed with them is that, my site was unavailable a couple of time for a short period.

Biggest Pro: Good speed and cheap price
Biggest Con: Occassional unavilability of site

IGC - Woths your money!

The first word comes out of my mouth is simply superb. I have been using this hosting for past four months. Till now there has been server down for only once that too they have informed me well in advance. I got their six month plan for just $5 i.e., less than $1 per month and it is really worth for it. The server speed is the matter under scanner which makes you uncomfortable some times.

With overall performance of the server, I have decided to host my other two domains in it. The best part I like in their features is customer service, if there is going to be server down they inform the customer before 24 hrs. itself. IGC hosting, simply the superb!

IGCHOSTING-Reliable one

we started the domian in IGCHOSTING.This hosting proves to be more stable and reliable.The server is up all the time.The server is fast for our scheme.We are having a good bandwidth range too.The customer care is also doing a great job,they assist us in case of some doubts.The server is at good pace during uploading of data.This holds good for downloads too.Though we have tried hands on various servers we found this one more reliable and ever stable.

Biggest Pro: Stability


I have been using this hosting for more than 4 months and am pretty satisfied with it. Any problem to the server and they take time to inform the customers and also replace them. They have a good customer service. Till date i just had a down time of around 10 hours because of a hard disk failure. Other than that it was working perfectly fine. Server speed too really nice. you can have a good hosting experience using this. Also they have various plans you can choose from and according to me they offer good service at cheaper values.

Biggest Pro: Customer Satisfaction
Biggest Con: Have not experienced one

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