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Best Customer Support on the Internet

ICDSoft provides email support only so I was a bit concerned that I might not get good enough support since I would not be able to call and talk to someone. However, I considered that in the past I have often called into ISP's and got someone that did not know very much. Also, ICDSoft got very good reviews and I was impressed that they wrote their own control panel and it seemed better than others I had used.

I have now finished installing my website and I have to say that ICDSoft has lived up to all the positive reviews. Their control panel is sooo easy to use. The documentation is superb.

I ran into four technical issues and used their email ticket system to report them. I sent my support emails a different times like daytime and late at night. In all cases I got a very expert answer within 10 minutes!!! None of the issues was the fault of ICDsoft. One was how to setup Windows Live Mail on my computer using IMAP and one was a problem caused by my Comcast router. In all cases their responses hit the nail on the head and enabled me to resolve the issue. The ICDsoft support people are way more technical and knowledgeable than any support people I have talked to at other ISP's. You cannot go wrong selecting ICDSoft.

Biggest Pro: Excellent Tech Support
Biggest Con: I have not found any con's

Reliable, helpful, amazing, CONSISTANT!

I actually wrote the original review below in 2007. It is now 2011. I now host ALL my websites at ICDSOFT, and the only difference now is that they've added quite a few new features without raising the price at all, and they've rewritten the interface. Plus, every time you host another website with them, you get a huge discount. I don't know why- I'd be happy to pay full price for this reliability and service.

I only have two complaints: 1. You can't set up a reverse DNS (PTR) record. So other people's spam filters (especially Yahoo) are more likely to filter messages from you as spam, and you can't get the domain whitelisted with services like Yahoo because it is a shared domain. And 2. Some parts of the interface (I notice it just when I try to set up email forwarders) are terribly slow.

However these are very small sacrifices to make for having 100% reliability, and excellent service.

A bug in my ftp program (having NOTHING to do with the host) once caused a major crisis on my website. ICDSoft support, without any hesitation, started to restore my website off their backup disk - no questions asked. Having a service you can count on in the middle of a heart attack like that is worth far more than they charge.

My original review:

I was a bit unsure about joining ICDsoft at first because they cost a bit more than the competition. But I was so exhausted with all the crappy hosts I'd been dealing with for the past 5 years, and I wanted to try paying slightly more for better service.

Well, I definitely found it here. I am shocked with the service here. My site is always up. My email is always up. Not just up - but Normal. When I have a question, they answer it (and not with lies or run-around because they don't know what they are talking about). When I'd like help - with something like getting a download of some sql file - they help without even questioning it. Oh, and when I need to send email to many members of my group at the same time - it just works!

Before ICDsoft I dealt with things changing all the time when the hosts put in security changes that didn't work after they got hit with problems. One host even disabled my account for 5 days because a hacker from India hacked into their system!.

With ICDsoft, I just don't deal with that crap. So far, not at all!!!! I keep waiting for something to go wrong, and it simply doesn't. Somehow they manage to keep their servers off the spam-block / blacklists without installing all kinds of extra crappy security measures that make life difficult for us users. How they do that, I'll never know - but other hosts should pay them for advice!

I love their interface. I can find everything I need, and it just simply works. And it's Fast.

Honestly I reconsidered placing a positive review, because it might attract many other customers - which tends to lead hosts down a bad path of getting too big for their britches. However, ICDsoft has certainly earned it.

Thank you ICDsoft for consistently taking one of the major stressors out of my life and off my mind!

Biggest Pro: Uptime and Support
Biggest Con: No Reverse DNS allowed on shared hosting

Excellent Hosting Service

They don't let you down.

I have a few web sites with them for over 6 years.

Communication via their email support ticket system is excellent. You know when they have received your communication, when they are in process working on your issue and when it is answered. If you need to reply during the process you can.

They are technically knowledgeable and skilled in customer support.

I have never noticed an extended period of downtime. I experience a stable consistency having websites running with ICD for the long term.

Tech support is A+.

Biggest Pro: Extremely reliable running functionality and tech support.
Biggest Con: Need own certificate to run SSL order form.

ICDSoft is fantastic

I started using ICDSoft for shared hosting back in college on the recommendation by a professor back in 2003. They are NEVER SLOW on any support requests and there hosting packages are a steal for the price. If you absolutely need phone support, then you should not use ICDSoft, BUT there online support is so efficient you won't miss it.

Take it from someone using their services for the past 5+ years.

Biggest Pro: Customer Service + Price
Biggest Con: Nothing

Reliable, Great support

I originally chose ICDSoft because their reps responded so quickly and thoroughly to all my questions. They continue to be vey fast, patient and thorough when I have a question. No downtime problems, no email problems, no weird situations. Nothing fancy, like website templates, but very solid host.

Biggest Pro: Reliability, Rapid and careful support
Biggest Con: No "extras" such as templates

Superb Host

I have multple sites hosted on ICDSoft servers. Two for six yrs. I recommended multiple associates to ICDSoft and I have not heard a single complaint! Top notch ticket support. Easy setup with a straight forward control panel. I don't recall any down time even moving my domain from a Hong Kong server (performance degradation) to a server in the US which was completely transparent and lightning fast!

Kudo's to ICDSoft and I wouldn't even consider another hosting company! The only product I hope for their future would be better spam software. Im not a big fan of Spam Assassin!

Biggest Pro: ease of use & tech support
Biggest Con: needs better spam software

Excellent Company

Support tickets answered in record time. Excellent up-time. They offer discounts for multiple accounts and when accounts are renewed. $5.00 domains.

My only complaint earlier was their data center was in Hong Kong. There was a slight lag time in server response. Now they have two data centers; Boston and Hong Kong. You can choose which data center you want your site hosted on. Boston is the way to go for US hosting accounts.

Biggest Pro: Uptime, support, pricing
Biggest Con: None

Email has become very unreliable in 2008

Up until 2008 I was very pleased with icdsoft. But starting in 2008, their email has become extremely flakey, and the technical staff is in denial that there is a problem. Yet we keep getting customers and others complaining that mail to us bounces and doesn't get through. When presented with clear evidence of this, technical support says that we should whitelist everyone we know. Impractical, and doesn't work for new customers visiting our site and requesting info. ICDSoft has become unusable for hosting a business.

Biggest Pro: fast tech support
Biggest Con: unreliable email

Response by ICDSoft, who is an employee of ICDSoft:

Mr. Mozeico misses to mention an important fact. It is that the bounced messages in question were returned by the antispam tools on our servers. Some of these tools Mr. Mozeico had enabled himself. We have given the whitelist suggestion to him, so that he could whitelist the e-mails of his relatives and associates, in order to ensure that the mail coming from them would not be rejected by the enabled anti-spam tool. This anti-spam tool can be enabled, completely disabled or the user can configure the level of spam filtering. In addition, we provide two options for messages marked as spam - the messages can be either bounced to the sender or delivered to a "Junk" folder. The "Junk" folder enables our customers to monitor if legitimate emails are filtered so that they could adjust the spam filtering levels accordingly.
Apparently Mr. Mozeico did not want to disable the anti-spam tools, since he would then start receiving a larger volume of spam messages.

We understand the need of a business to have a reliable email service. However, it is clear for everyone that no antispam tool can be 100% accurate. Spam is a rapidly increasing problem and some recent researches show that over 95% of all the email traffic on the Internet is spam. Given that, no algorithm can guarantee that it will let through all legitimate messages, while blocking only spam messages.

What happened in some of the reported cases was that legitimate messages were identified by our antispam tools as spam - mostly due to the fact that they were coming from servers, listed as sources of spam in various antispam organizations.

Actually, in two out of the four cases of bounced messages Mr. Mozeico sent to us, the mail server logs show that the reported messages were successfully delivered to Mr. Mozeico's mailbox.

Due to the above, we consider that this review does not present correct information about our hosting/email services.

Best regards,
ICDSoft Team

Posted on May 20th, 2008 at 06:03 EST

Bset support

I am with ICDSOFT.COM they have the best support I have seen. Anytime you email in for support 24/7 you get a response within 15 minutes. I am new to this web site stuff, and I can tell you they walk you through everything.

Biggest Pro: Support
Biggest Con: Have seen any yet

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