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Hostso is a terrible Host

I hosted with Hostso for years. I had to leave them recently for several issues. My site was full of viruses, their server had issues which was preventing google from being able to crawl my site, and to top it off they deleted ten years of client emails from our account. They refuse to acknowledge any fault with anything ever. Terrible host. Don't host with Hostso, HostFast, HostBig, or 3IX. All the same.

Decostruttori Postmodernisit

All went well for a few days. Then I had Error 500 which they fixed but despite repeated asking they wouldn't tell me what had caused the error. This happened several times. Then their server went down for 24 hours. Then I got more Error 500 messages. I had had enough and went to another hosting service (Tsohost) who are as good as HostSo are bad! Under the terms of the HostSo guarantee I asked for a refund and submitted a ticket, but they have now been sending the same ticket that says my problem is being dealt with every day now for three weeks. So I tried to phone them but their UK phone number is no longer available. So I tried to contact them through chat, but for the first time I was told that under my pricing plan I am not eligible to use chat! So now I have no way of contacting them.

Whatever you do, do not be tempted to use HostSo for any reason whatsoever!

Biggest Pro: Initially, price. But if the service doesn't work, it cost more in the long run.

Dishonest, incompetent support.

HostSo used to be a great company. Something happened. Sold? Money issues? I'm not sure; but what is clear is that support is very, very poor, and dishonest too. Here's my story. I submitted a support ticket for assistance on connecting an old database to a photo gallery, which HostSo supposedly supports in their apps. HostSo deleted my support ticket. So I submitted a second ticket; same thing happened. I do not believe it was accidental. It happened while I was chatting with customer support. They disconnected me, and deleted the chat so I'd not have a record of our conversation. All three things happening twice seems more than coincidence. They made no attempt to get back to me. I believe that if their support person doesn't want to deal with an issue, it just goes away. When my year's payment for hosting runs out, HostSo will be history for my account.

Biggest Pro: price
Biggest Con: lack of support; language barriers; deletion of support tickets.

Worst Service ever

I moved to hostso in 2012 following a recommendation of a family friend. It was quite ok.
But in May 2015 I decided to renew only the domain name with them and I didn't renew the hosting package. However, in Jan 2016, I decided to buy the package again. I paid for Elite and I am supposed to get 1 year hosting plus domain for free. But they asked me to renew it again in May 2016 (after only 5 months!). I asked them to correct the mistake. But insisted that I pay for the new package and they would adjust it. It's a shame on them. Such a cunning guys. I wrote them many msgs, some they ignored others, they deleted. My arguement is that I should get what i paid for. They cheated me.
Be aware of cheats! I am very frustrated.

very bad

I can only warn everyone. Stay away from HostSo. It is cheap, but very unreliable servers. They are constantly down, or under maintenance. I even had my site hacked and malware installed on my website, no security. Strangely enough I was with them for years and had no problems until now, when I have to talk to them almost every week to get my site up and running again. !!! Very unreliable web hosting !!!

Biggest Pro: cheap
Biggest Con: unreliable, server down, malware, hacked website

HostSo - Never Again !!!

Unfortunately, price was the only factor in using HostSo. Cheap for me and cheap for my clients. Now a spend $1.95 per month more and hope I get better service and support.

Over the last 2 years, I have never (not once) been able to use FTP for more than 10 files (up or download) befoer their FTP server would crap-out and I would have to try to get support - which never could help and kept blaming my system. Having said that, my clients are on HostSo and my FTP works for their domains.

My domain was down about 50% of the time and many of my clients complained about teh same issue.

Finally, I have moved all but one client off HostSo, and will move the last client off when their account expires.

I went from Toonie (one disaster) to HostSo (a more expensive price for the same disaster) and now am on a Host that cost more, has the addedd benefit of telephone support in Canada, and gave me a second domain for free (only for one year). So I will see how this goes.

Cross my fingers, I have not found another train wreck.

Biggest Pro: None since others give a free domain name
Biggest Con: FTP, control Panel, and HTTP offline and disfunctional issues

Reselleris - Hostso Sister company NIGHTMARE!

NEVER use these guys. I signed up 3 weeks ago. No one could beat the price. THIS HAS BEEN TERRIBLE! I'm so glad I have a dedicated server that I haven't taken down yet.
They have no phone support. They won't call. Neither of them support phone even though they have International toll free and phone numbers all over each site. It's a hoax. You can't get through and they won't call you. It's so strange. So then you have to do the live chat which I've done about 30 times in 3 weeks and haven't had one solution completed - NOT ONE! I just want them to restore my sites and they keep telling me they did and then they leave the chat window and NOTHING WAS DONE! So then I use their ticket system just trying to find out what works for these guys. I got a response saying that everything was done and nothing was done. So I get on live chat again - keep in mind this is now my third week to set up one account and it's not been done yet. Live chat tells me it's restored and when they finally listen to me that it's not been, they start working on it. THEY HADN'T EVEN DONE ANYTHING UP TO THIS POINT and they lied and told me for 3 weeks and 3 ticket responses that they had.

If you don't respond to their live chat within 4 seconds of opening it, they leave. I've been hosting sites for over 8yrs, this is not my first rodeo.

These guys are the worst. I tried working with them for 3 weeks and they are completely a hoax. They are unable to do anything they say they will do. Let's see how they are at refunds. A whole other battle I'm sure. Take it from me, DO NOT USE THESE GUYS. I've lost 3 solid hours and the received nothing but stubborn responses and false hope that they are capable of anything.


Biggest Pro: PRICE but who cares! They suck!

Hostso Service Sucks

I have been having regular problems with Hostso server the last couple of months. Once the website was down for 4 days - customer service sucked...I have been having other problems such as "too many connections" when I log into my website and problems connecting through ftp. Customer service sucks - they say that problem will be solved in 30mins but in actual fact it takes ages! I had problems with a simple form, where the call back between jquery and php was taking ages and they were saying that the problem was from my if!!! I asked for a refund since i was not receiving the service and they they objected since i did not contact them within the first 90 days. Overall... hostso service sucks big deal!

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