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Went downhill fast

I was a faithful customer for a long time with no complaints at all.
That all changed in 2010. Support is non-existant and, to this date, has not replied to my last two problems. I did resolve one issue by phoning in, twice...

Biggest Pro: It was good once.
Biggest Con: Support - there just isn't any.

They have completely tanked this year

I have been with this company for over 5 years and I can say that they used to be very good, but this has been the worst year yet. All of my sites have been down now for 36 straight hours and this is not the first time

They have not configured their servers correctly so that one hosted site has the ability to completely slow down the whole server. There have been days when it took minutes to retrieve one record from a database and display it. ow, this is not a database issue as the same page only took .035 seconds the day before.

They seem to try and resolve this by moving you data to a different server. This only works if they move everything. I have lost databases and pages during these moves. I am using there reseller program and host several sites. I have had several issues with my other sites because they are not on the same server.

There 24/7 technical support phone line is not. If you call and they are not there. I have been 1st in line on their support line only to be booted off due to high call volume. It was not like the Queue was filled. I was the next one in line.

There customer forum does not work. Sure you can display old posts, but you can't register or search, because if you do, you get an application error.

My latest issue is that all of my sites have down for the past 36 hours. Now they said it was a DNS entry problem. 36 hours to fix a DNS entry? Not sure they have the technical capability to run their business.

I am very disappointed with them. It used to be that I was only hosting my own development site, but now it I have other organizations counting on their sites being up.

Biggest Pro: price
Biggest Con: lack of knowledge

For shared hosting, you can't really go wrong

While I've only had a Hostrocket account myself since last April or so, I've had my site hosted on Hostrocket through a friend of mine since early 2004, and I tell you, it has been a smooth ride. Customer service is absolutely top-notch. Whenever I (or in the older days, my friend and I) had a problem, their support team is always quick and responsive in getting things taken care of. Helping setup cronjobs, dealing with hacking attacks, and even simple .htaccess configuration from when I was too stupid to know how to setup a redirect on my own. They're extremely helpful with whatever problem we've had.

For shared hosting, they provide a lot of bang for your buck. They always have some perpetual sale going on, and every month it just gets even more attractive. Unmetered bandwidth, along with the massive amount of storage space and all the bonus features makes it great for any small site. However, don't expect it to do anything extraordinary: This comes nowhere near the bang you get from a dedicated server. Getting on the front page of digg is enough to bring down the entire shared server you're on, and we've found ourselves having our account temporarily suspended until the traffic load subsided. It's nice to know they won't charge you for bandwidth overages, but don't expect to be using a whole lot of it.

Biggest Pro: No bandwidth fees, great value
Biggest Con: The same cons that are attributed to any shared hosting service, really

Like a well oiled machine!

I have been a customer with Hostrocket for over a year. During my experience with them, I have had little to no downtime, fast loading times, ran quite a few sites all working with decent speeds. They were excellent in support when I had problems or even when I had a period of downtime in which they told me that the server I was on unfortunately had some hardware problems. They switched me over to a new server very quickly and updated my space from the original 5 GB storage to 25 GB storage and now I have over 100 GB of storage! They even helped me out when I wanted to get domains from outside sources such as namecheap. Their billing went smoothly and their bandwith is great. I'd reccomend them for hosting, but be aware that you can get domains cheaper from namecheap or godaddy. I learned the hard way...

Biggest Pro: Excellent support and uptime.

HostRocket - Great Service, Amazing Price

I've been using HostRocket for a little over a year now and the features you get for such a low price tag are amazing. You don't ever have to worry about going over your bandwidth limit, as there really isn't one (unless you pull in MASSIVE amounts of traffic). Couple that with very reasonable levels of storage to choose from and a control panel with more features than you will probably ever use, you won't find a better host for the price. The reliability has been amazing as well. In the year or so that I have had my site hosted with this company, I have only experienced downtimes during the scheduled maintenance periods, which take place at obscure hours of the day so they can disrupt their customers as little as possible. They also often run specials where you can sign up for multiple years for a slightly reduced price, which I opted for when registering my account.

All in all, I really haven't found anything that I dislike about this host.

Biggest Pro: Amazing reliability, speed, and features
Biggest Con: None

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