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High quality web hosting

I have designed websites for almost 5 years now, first for my own pleasure and then for others as a paid web designer.

In that decade and a half, I’ve tried using several different hosts. I currently use three different hosts for my various websites, due to their different features, but Hostripples has quickly become my favorite web host and where I save most of my sites.

My experience with Hostripples

I've been with them almost 1 year, which is the longest I've been with a single hosting company. Almost immediately, I saw the difference in customer service. I didn't have to ask if they offered a move on my websites as a courtesy, they offered.

When my site was attacked by hackers, they helped me find a way to return it to their site and gave me the information I needed to secure it. These were problems that they didn’t need to help me with, since piracy was not related to their servers. However, they took the time to help me because they had the knowledge and were able to do so.

No hosting company is perfect 100% of the time. I would like to be impartial in this review and report problems, but I simply have not had many. I am not affiliated with Hostripples, other than hosting my sites with them, and I am not paid to write this review. I’m simply reporting what a pleasure my experience as their client has been.

Is there any occasional failure here and there? Of course. What makes the difference in Hostripples is that they respond to those problems quickly, professionally and to my satisfaction. This is what has kept me hosting on their server for this past year and, hopefully, many years to come.

Good value for your money

I have just started using Hostripples a real host who brings us real good products. A few months ago I was looking for a host for my website. So I made a small study to compare a dozen hosts, I arrived there initially for the price. Extremely interesting price, no forced sales, SSL is free, create emails for your own domain is free. Currently, I migrate all my sites and all my sites work perfectly. I am very happy with the competitive prices, a very responsive support service 24/7, flexible Cpanel, speed, services, and everything.
The breakdowns are quite rare and quickly repaired. Having small sites I probably have no incredible needs, but the service of Hostripples, even for a small budget and disk space still impressive. No extra options, we can put multiple sites on a single hosting and my all sites work perfectly.
Hostripples is a web host for those who know how to build a site, without being a network engineer and most importantly the support is very responsive, friendly and remains at the top.
In summary: only positive, do not waste your time doing research with the competition, go there with your eyes closed. I highly recommend Hostripples to my clients and partners.
Thanks to Hostripples, very good web hosting.

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