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Bad experience!

Was affordable and tought i would be a good place since based in Canada.
First bas surprise ..... in the first month, someone hacked my site ..... and
i got an auto email that " was created" ....... and the hacker
created many YAHOO FANTASY sports teams with names like: i_ripped_my_kids .... etc ......... wow great security on HostPapa.

After 14 months ..... i decided to close my account, so i expected to have a part of my money for the 10 months prepaid plan. Instead of that i just got a dry email telling that they closed my site and my subcribtion will end in 10 months ...... if you don't want to refund ..... why close my account right away?

And best to all .......... I never complained on Hostpapa ...... and they blocked my IP address ............. Well what a bunch of dirty monkeys !!!!!
They people are pure ***/$$"les in my book.
If you leave ......... they treath you like a garbage.


Biggest Pro: Compared to Ben Ladin, they make him look like a good guy.
Biggest Con: Rip Off Artists. No respect to honest customers. Only want your money.

A Hellish Ordeal

I'm with everyone else here. Hostpapa is the worst hosting I have ever had the mispleasure to experience. Nonexistent customer service, terrible uptime, and good luck moving to real hosting if you ever want to move, because it will be a hellish ordeal the likes of which you can't even imagine.

I am not a violent man, but I would seriously and gladly pay somebody $1,000 per instance of physical harm inflicted on any HostPapa executive, support person, or billing department person, and consider it money well spent and a service to the community.

Sign up today, and you too can enjoy impressive downtime, nonexistent phone support where you have to leave messages that are never responded to, opening "tickets" for your issues that don't get responded to for weeks, and online chat personnel who will hang up on you multiple times!

Biggest Pro: makes you appreciate any other host
Biggest Con: nonexistent support at every level

Host Papa Rip off... Now refuse to release my domain.

Stay Away from Host Papa.
If you choose not to renew with them they ignore all emails and block your domain. They are a complete rip off. Also impossible to move around their control panel. Useless customer service. Bad experience with them.

DO NOT use this company

I used Hostpapa for over a year and everything was fine for the first year. However during my second year of hosting they suspended my account for spamming. This was due to somebody hacking my site so I phoned them to explain the situation and they were refusing to unsuspend my account. I ended up being passed around from person to person until I reached the manager who I can't think of a nice word to describe.

After a month of messing about with these idiots I just asked for the money back for the year that I had just paid for. I was refused a refund and Andre the manager claims that I am wasting their time. So is my time not important? Is a month of waiting for them to sort this problem out only to be told that I am banned from their hosting without a refund.

This a disgusting company and one of the worst I have ever had to deal with. I am now considering seeking legal action to get my money back that they have stolen. There are similar hosting packages out there so I would recommend anyone to find an alternative who don't treat their customers like dirt.

DO NOT give them any of your money or you might lose it!


Hostpoopa more like!

I am in the uk and my site loads like a flick book... well it did, not now [more in a sec]. When it loaded, the site would appear and 'assemble itself' before your eyes. Yes folks, thats how slow it was... background...frames..images...everything appearing as if by magic. Wow,for entertainment purposes, i hand it to hostpoopa. But i'm not laughing now. I'm real sick of these ignorant money grabbers. Now i can't even log into my server using ftp. I have been trying for 2 days and all the time i get time-out errors. They pride themselves with an oustanding customer service? where? must of miss it? or maybe we have to pay a super-premium fee for that?

There is no customer service. They ignore cries for help even if you set the ticket as urgent. My site is unusable. I am real pissed now with them. They are ignorant shites who dont deserve your business. I heard from other folk that they even store literally hundreds of websites on a single server. Really? that explains the total lack of response from the server when you try to connect. There website forum deletes any bad reviews. So please don't expect to read anything bad about them there.

They are a con and deserve to go bust. If your reading this hostpoopa, you can shove your web-hosting where the sun don't shine. And your not charging me $26 dollars for transferring my domain either. You owe me for the service i paid for anyway, and hasnt been much of a service anyway. I'll change the domain name and keep my cash thank you.

Anyone who falls for there scams, service and refund guarantees deserve them. Once bitten, twice shy. Avoid at all costs!

Biggest Pro: Only paying for 1 year. Phew that was close , could of signed up for 2 or 3 yrs =/
Biggest Con: Being sucked into there 'caring customers service' slogan =/

Dont trust HostPapa

Hello all,

On many occasions I have asked the technical team from Host Papa to fix my clients hosting. My issue was that the sites load very slow and sometimes the sites where OFFLINE!

This is one of Host Papa's responses:
"I have tested your site and see it up online. Looks like your computers IP address is being blocked after to many failed log in attempts. This block will only last 1 hour if after that hour is up and you are not unblocked reply back with your IP address and we can manually unblock it for you."

Now I have tested my clients sites on four different computers so there is no way it's blocking ip's... and why the hell would it randomly start blocking ip's?

Just to let you know this issue of slow speeds and not loading pages at all was effecting 3 of my clients on their own hosting plans.

I have now moved all my clients to HostaGator and the speeds are great, plus the support dose not treat you like crap. are the worst host. Use them if you hate uptime!

I can not warn you strongly enough not to use hostpapa.

Their service and tech support were inadequate and often did not get back to me at all.

About 2 years ago I was shopping for a local (Oakville, Ontario) web host and liked hostpapa's site and green energy policy. However, over these past two years, my websites have all suffered days of downtime each month, sluggish speeds (now after finally transferring away they told me the had bandwidth limits on my sites !!! 10kb download!).

After being forced to change hosts, they cut off my site before the transfer completed and offered NOTHING when I asked for a refund on the 5 years of hosting I've paid for in advance. This company don't deserve your business.

Use any other service in the world and you'll be ten times happier.

Biggest Pro: cpanel
Biggest Con: lots of downtime

The worst Customer support by far.

Dealing with this lot is like peeing into the wind. Thats really what happens when you try to communicate with them.

Multiple disjointed departments - passing the buck - no point of access to get any problems resolved within a sensible time period if at all.

Totally hopeless : Bad support : Stressful to deal with even with simple matters.

Biggest Pro: Fast auto responder emails, to confirm your request - which is then ignored

Being "Green" Isn't Enough

HostPapa's website is appealing in that they power themselves only using renewable energy. Yay! However, I quickly learned that being "green" isn't enough. I found their customer service to be spotty at best (one representative answered the toll-free line, "yeah?"), snide at worst, and ultimately completely unhelpful. When I cancelled my "free trial" during the first 30 days (during which time I had never once been able to make it into the HostPapa site far enough even to see sample web pages), I was informed that "naturally" the $24.95 I was charged for domain registration was not refundable. When I followed up, evidently no one at HostPapa was able to give me a full credit, if only as a good-faith gesture. So now I find that the "30 day money-back guarantee" actually meant only 40 of my 60 bucks are actually coming back to me. What a complete rip off -- and unpleasant, ineffective people, on top of it all!

Biggest Pro: powered by "green" energy
Biggest Con: HORRIBLE service and misleading "money-back" guarantee

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