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Being "Green" Isn't Enough

HostPapa's website is appealing in that they power themselves only using renewable energy. Yay! However, I quickly learned that being "green" isn't enough. I found their customer service to be spotty at best (one representative answered the toll-free line, "yeah?"), snide at worst, and ultimately completely unhelpful. When I cancelled my "free trial" during the first 30 days (during which time I had never once been able to make it into the HostPapa site far enough even to see sample web pages), I was informed that "naturally" the $24.95 I was charged for domain registration was not refundable. When I followed up, evidently no one at HostPapa was able to give me a full credit, if only as a good-faith gesture. So now I find that the "30 day money-back guarantee" actually meant only 40 of my 60 bucks are actually coming back to me. What a complete rip off -- and unpleasant, ineffective people, on top of it all!

Biggest Pro: powered by "green" energy
Biggest Con: HORRIBLE service and misleading "money-back" guarantee

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