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Host Papa offers great hosting

I enjoy the automatic renewal service that makes it a stress-free, seamless service. I had an issue and needed customer service and found it easy to chat with them and have my issue resolved quickly. I highly recommend Host Papa. Overall I've been with Host Papa for a very long time, and have no intention to change anytime soon. They offer a reliable service and can't go wrong with good consistency.

Biggest Pro: Simple to set up and keep going.
Biggest Con: I'm not very good at building websites.

Very Helpful

I highly recommend HostPapa as they have great pricing and their support staff is excellent. I had specific requirements for a couple of domain names and their support staff helped me enormously. We had quite a lot of emails going to and fro and in the end the staff actually performed the change I needed for me. No-one could have done more and I'm extremely grateful.
Thank you HostPapa!

Biggest Pro: Support staff
Biggest Con: Perhaps the contents of the help links could be improved so people don't have to bother the support staff quite so much.

Non Existant Customer Service

Hostpapa's support and customer service is their downfall. I had a domain hosted with them for about 2 years and at one point I needed assistance for a malware infection on my website. Hostpapa were more than ready to sell me their website protection, I was told it would take 2-3 hours and if they couldn't fix the virus then I would get my money refunded. This is a business website and after 6 days of no word from hostpapa and 7 ignored attempts to find out what was happening I couldn't wait any longer so I transferred my domain to a different host, purchased the similar product from them and it was fixed within hours. To top it all off Hostpapa refuse to give me my money back for a product they never delivered despite acknowledging that it was communicated that I would.

Email and my website were down for almost a week in the process, don't want to think about how many customers I may have lost. Definitely do not recommend!

Biggest Con: Customer Service

The worst hosting ever

Not satisfied with the connection speed of the servers and with some issue that I experience after I installed two Wordpress sites for a client (using the software Softaculous), I decided to cancel the hosting service. I wanted to just move my site to another provider, but once you cancel the service, they also remove your profile (no other company that I used does that...). So I had to go back and forth several times with the live chat service to ask for a DNS name change, as I could not do it myself... The live support is useless, they do not provide you with any kind of help and what they basically do is tell you to write an email to I contacted them twice but it takes literally more than a day to respond. In the meanwhile, my domain is still unaccessible - and it has been down for three days in a row now.

Today it reached the climax, when the support person redirected me to the support by suggesting two email accounts that do not work ( and FYI, the correct email address is

Now, they just need to change two DNS, and it takes them so long? I suspect they are doing this because they do not care about a customer that "betrayed" them. This is not the way you do business! Not at all.

Biggest Pro: The initial price
Biggest Con: Technical and customer support, server connection,

Tried to sneak in high charge and customer service don't care

I had an account with Hostpapa, and decided to move to another service provider.
I sent a request for the domain to be transferred. Apparently, a form requesting transfer of the only domain I had registered, was not sufficient, written request to close the account, and I should have read the terms and conditions to find that I should have sent an additional written request to close the account. Semantics, but OK, I can accept that.
What I can't accept is that at the end of my paid for period, they sent me an email saying that they were renewing my contract, but not at the same rate I had before, but a vastly increased rate for apparently an increased level of service.
This to me is a blatant attempt to try and sneak in a charge which they thought I would not notice.
I complained about this and got a "tough luck, it's all your fault" answer. I asked for the name or body to complain further to, and I got a reply stating that customer service said there was nothing else they could do. I again asked for the regulating body, or chief executive contact, and am now being ignored.
How many small companies are being taken advantage over by not challenging them and just paying the bill, at a vastly inflated price?

Great improvements

When I first signed up for Host Papa, I was still learning about how to create and maintain a website and will admit, there was a lot of things that I didn't understand. I did have a few issues along the way that caused me to contact them and admittedly, my uncertainty about websites, hosts etc caused me to be frustrated and sometimes I felt as thought their customer service department was not very understanding. But I have to say that I have seen an improvement in this area and now feel I have much better service. I feel much more confident with Host Papa and I will say, I didn't always feel this way. I feel that they are making great strides to improve their service and show appreciation toward their customer to quickly and efficiently resolve issues.

Biggest Pro: Improvement in customer service, tech support and reliability
Biggest Con: Some customer service reps aren't as strong as others.

HostPapa Hosting & Support

HostPapa have been a great host over the years. Their pricing is extremely competitive and with the free extras it is of great value.
They offer many add-ons and features which are easily accessible from the cPanel and it really makes things efficient and time saving.
They're unlimited bandwidth is great because I can host many sites from the single plan.

One of my favorite things about HostPapa is the support. If you have any issue or question, there are many ways to get in contact. They have live support online, phone calls and tickets are always answered quickly and they are of great help. They respond to issues quickly and work with you to fix any issue.

I would recommend HostPapa to anyone looking for a quality host that they can trust and have constant support from.

Biggest Pro: Support

Reliable, fast, with good tools and great service

I've been on Hostpapa for almost three years. Their techincal support has been exemplary, answering smart and dumb questions equally well. Their included SEO tools really make a difference. The cPanel tools for backup and IP Denial, among others, work really well and are easy to use. I can see my outstanding tickets (not many), billing, whatever in a few clicks.
A ping of my site shows it responds faster than and a few other sites, including; surprising since my home Internet is by Rogers.
The service has been down maybe once for a brief time. Rogers isn't anything like that reliable.
The one time I was hacked my backups were just fine. Hostpapa contacted me in response to my ticket saying that the site looked OK - which it did. They almost got to me before my restore.
In short: good performance, excellent price, great service

Biggest Pro: reliability

Exactly What I Needed

My previous sites where hosted with a reliable but VERY slow to change (still hasn't) functionality in regards to SEO.

I am somewhere between a newb and a from scratch builder so while I need templates I can code on my own as well and.

Host Papa gives a free domain and unlimited sub domains, hassle free transfers from other providers and unlimited disc space and at a good price.
If you are someone who need to be talked through a lot of steps you might be better off hiring a company because no provider is good at that but if you can do "Some" of this or have some access to help then these types of providers are the way to go.
Host papa is inexpensive, easy to use and is VERY VERY SEO friendly

Biggest Pro: unlimited disc scapce
Biggest Con: hard to get a hold of a real person sometimes

Host Papa, where web hosting is easy and painless

I have been a customer with HostPapa for 2 years now. Having moved from another supplier. I am not one to share opinions and state feelings, as a director, I go by metrics and kpi.

In over 2 years , I have had 37 minutes of downtime on my web site, that's 37 min on a total of 1 051 200 minutes. The level of reliability is quite high.
I have called support 3 times. The longest call took 11 min. All cases were resolved with 1 call/1 person. Support was friendly and helpful. 1 case was about billing, and they too corrected the mistake rapidly and efficiently. Pricing a always been competitive and functionality portfolio and integration possibilities are up to par with other providers.

Host Papa has been a more valuable business partner then our previous hosting company.

Biggest Pro: uptime and efficient resolution of issues
Biggest Con: none so far

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