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Great support and speed

I moved to hostpapa because my previous provider would not provide any support. I have been more than happy with the support given by the people here. I would recommend hostPapa to anyone that values good support. It is only been a month so I'm yet to find out how things will work out in the long term but so far I'm very happy. The speed has also been beyond my expectations even though I have done nothing to try to make it faster.

Biggest Pro: Support

Good and fast service

The server and the connection speed are good. The technical support is reliable. There us a good spam protection. The customer service is accessible through phone, email, chat and they reply very fast , handling the case and solving the problem efficiently in a very nice and effective way which is essential for a hosting company. Overall, Hostpapa is a good value for the price.

Great web hosting experience so far

I had used a different service provider for many years and was never satisfied with their billing process or their technical support. The only thing that kept me there was avoiding the time and effort to move to a new provider. The last straw was a suspension of my account without any warning because hosting payment reminders were going into a spam folder.

A new site development gave me the opportunity to look around for a new service provider and the reviews of HostPapa were consistently good. My experience so far has reflected those reviews. In particular the technical support is great. Unlike my previous service provider, the responses to queries are quick and comprehensive. What used to take several exchanges of information now require only one. The up-time has been 100% so far. My web site is very basic, but was easy to set up and is very quick to respond.

Biggest Pro: Great technical support.
Biggest Con: None so far.

Solid Canadian hosting

This is my first web hosting service, so I can’t really compare by experience. However, I have had a great experience with Hostpapa so far. Support has been solid. Uptime is great. Load times are snappy. My promotional price is excellent, and the price after that seems very competitive. I’m happy enough to recommend Hostpapa to anyone who asks.

My only critical feedback would be that there are a couple avenues for support, and they should be consolidated. On the 404 page there’s an email. I sent an email there and didn’t get a response. I followed up with a ticket through my homepage and that was successful. The issue was resolved within a couple hours.

HostPapa is THE best host out there!!!

From the moment I first enquired about HostPapa, I had a feeling that this was going to be a happy relationship. And I was right.

HostPapa have been there for me right from start, by answering every question I throw at them; even the obscure and little questions that I sometimes have, and there have been quite a few.

I’ve been with them now for about 6 or 7 years, and I’m so glad that I found them when I did.

Biggest Pro: The flexibility within my plan. I get so much for so little
Biggest Con: Haven’t found one yet. Still looking.

Excellent website domain host

Generally excellent and easy to contact with any queries. Uploading my own website seems to work OK, though I do have a current issue which has yet to be resolved and I don't know if/when Hostpapa will get back to me. I had an online dialogue and answers came through very promptly. Good value for money with good discounts for email account when you're an existing customer.

Biggest Pro: Easy to get in contact to discuss any issues
Biggest Con: Not sure how to chase up an unanswered technical query

Fantastic Support team

As a new customer of, I was very impressed and grateful for the tech support I received as my hosting was moved.
I was on holiday and realised my site was down. I only had my cell phone with me and admittedly am not very tech savvy, but the team at Hostpapa were incredible facilitating the migration and ironing out glitches within minutes.
It was such a relief at that time and to know going forward how qualified and fast the support team is.
Thank you!!

An Underrated Entity

Very few people have heard of HostPapa and more people should.

Their prices are reasonable and (so far) the service is quite reliable.

But what really shines through is the customer service. After being a support person myself for a number of years, I appreciate great customer service.

And, let me tell you, HostPapa does it right.

You'll get a confirmation email right away. And after that, a very nice person emails you back to ask clarifying questions or give a response. They are awesome!

I am thrilled with the service so far and look forward to working with them for a long time to come.

Biggest Pro: Customer Service
Biggest Con: Knowledge Base Search isn't very intuitive

Great Job

I am a non techy someone who has set up my website. The host papa team offered great service and help at prices my small company can afford. The tutorials at the start are clear and helpful. Occasionally there was a back and forth because I don’t speak website language fluently but I have always been confident we would get there in the end! What’s not to love? Check it out yourself!

Excellent Support Service

I have been using HostPapa for a number of years. I have been so happy with their hosting that I have migrated a number of clients to this platform.

What stands out for HostPapa is their support. It has been outstanding. They always go out of their way to solve problems and are accountable. They don't try to push the problem onto the client or a third party.

Biggest Pro: support

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