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HostPapa has been amazing

I went to HostPapa because they had a deal, I believe it was $105 AUDfor 3 years worth of hosting, free domain, 100 emails free, and I could put two websites on my server.

I wanted to move from GoDaddy because the server there was absolutely shocking. So bad. So slow, and very frustrating. Not a good fit for my WordPress portfolio site.

I'll created a forum on the server with HostPapa and it's been smooth sailing
Their support was instant and helpful.

Actually really happy with them, so much so I felt obligated to write this.

I'll be moving my second site to the server, can't wait :)

Biggest Pro: Value, speed, support
Biggest Con: Didn't find them sooner

Excellent Service

Over the years I have been with Host Papa I have brought lots of people
over to their hosting. Some I have built sites for them some not. I think the thing that I like about them is competitive pricing and outstanding tech support. I have just finished getting another site on line and it was coming up as unsecured, one support ticket to them and within a day they had fixed the problem.
Keep up the great work

Biggest Pro: Tech support

Getting Answers.

Getting started on a website with a different interface was a bit tricky at first but after some 'live chat' instructions and advice I got the hang of the layout pretty quickly.
Uploading and editing new files and pages is quick and easy. The host handles larger videos well also.
Ample space is provided to store temporary pages that can be then brought on-line at seasonal times when required.
Logins sometimes don't seem to work but another try later on usually works.

Biggest Pro: Quick response to emails and live chat conversations and questions.
Biggest Con: Using different platforms (e.g. Mac) to access site was not straight forward.

Way better than GoDaddy!

As an online publisher since 2004 I quite had many web properties that I was afraid to move somewhere else, so many things could go wrong and I didn't want to have the hassle or the expense to hire someone to do that for me... So for YEARS I kept suffering highway robbery at the hands of GoDaddy paying outrageous amounts for an SSL certificate almost $100 a year! which is free with Hostpapa and don't even get me started on hosting! I paid for 3 years of hosting in Hostpapa just a bit more than my MONTHLY price with the GoThieves!!!! - You got a customer for life HostPapa! Thanks!

Biggest Pro: Affordability!
Biggest Con: None that I could find so far

Good support

So far, we have received a very good 24/7 technical support in all our questions and difficulties. We are satisfied with the service provided. I just missed the promo at the time but they are able to work it out by giving me credit on my next purchase. It has been a good experience with them and no complain so far. With the price we are paying, its worth it. Keep up the good work.

Great support

I like Host Papa because it seems easy enough for people who does not know much about developing websites as well as the quick answers from their support staff. That's great!
The only part that is harder for me is the email system; however, I might not have spent enough time to make it work for me. It does give you ample options for different addresses. It would be easier for me if I could forward them into one of my usual email accounts.

Excellent for the small-business, low-volume sites I manage

Because of the nature of the content and potential visitors for my very small business, I cannot comment on support for clients who may have more content and a greater volume of visitors at their sites. But for me HostPapa has been excellent.
Everything has been pretty simple to use, and I do it myself without professionals to help me.
Most of my content is reference material in educational applications. I have no great experience in running a web site. I revise material infrequently, so the skills I do have degrade quickly with time away. HostPapa has made it easy for me to support my users with minimum delays to figure things out.
I have both edited my own HTML and CSS and also used WordPress... both approaches are easy with this hosting service. I have installed Moodle (for organizing my educational material) and LimeSurvey (for opinion surveys).... both were easy to install and to use.
I am a very happy customer.

Biggest Pro: Excellent selection of software: WordPress, Moodle, etc.

Great support and speed

I moved to hostpapa because my previous provider would not provide any support. I have been more than happy with the support given by the people here. I would recommend hostPapa to anyone that values good support. It is only been a month so I'm yet to find out how things will work out in the long term but so far I'm very happy. The speed has also been beyond my expectations even though I have done nothing to try to make it faster.

Biggest Pro: Support

Good and fast service

The server and the connection speed are good. The technical support is reliable. There us a good spam protection. The customer service is accessible through phone, email, chat and they reply very fast , handling the case and solving the problem efficiently in a very nice and effective way which is essential for a hosting company. Overall, Hostpapa is a good value for the price.

Great web hosting experience so far

I had used a different service provider for many years and was never satisfied with their billing process or their technical support. The only thing that kept me there was avoiding the time and effort to move to a new provider. The last straw was a suspension of my account without any warning because hosting payment reminders were going into a spam folder.

A new site development gave me the opportunity to look around for a new service provider and the reviews of HostPapa were consistently good. My experience so far has reflected those reviews. In particular the technical support is great. Unlike my previous service provider, the responses to queries are quick and comprehensive. What used to take several exchanges of information now require only one. The up-time has been 100% so far. My web site is very basic, but was easy to set up and is very quick to respond.

Biggest Pro: Great technical support.
Biggest Con: None so far.

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