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Pretty decent hosting company

Never had any problems other than setting up things in cPanel and the support staff are always quick to help resolve.

The cost is quite good if you spread the hosting plan out over 3 or more years.

Having used other web hosts I woudl say Host papa are better than a lot of the other ones out there, in my experience I would recommend for shared hosting.

Hope this helps people when deciding on a web hosting company.

Biggest Pro: Support

Hosting at HostPapa

I receive really fast and to the point help to issues I encountered while i was trying to be more familiar with cpanel, domain names and what I can do with the back office tools I have to sustain my account / very courteous and knowledgeable associates ...
I resolved all the matters brought to them ... the offer I was given for 3 years was good ... I will see how we work together for the next 2 years +

Biggest Pro: good offer for 3 years for hosting
Biggest Con: high prices for transfering to HostPapa my other domains

HostPapa Great Value for Money

I've been with HostPapa for many years now and joined initially because the servers were in Canada and that suited my privacy needs. Over the years, I've been so impressed by their customer service and ability to problem-solve even the smallest issue. I now host several domains on one account (for those that need their own unique name) but it's also super simple to add sub-domains at no extra cost.
There is a host of free software available for just about any website purpose and if I needed more services, they are available at reasonable prices. Best decision I ever made was to work with HostPapa.

Biggest Pro: Uptime and Customer Support
Biggest Con: none

Good choice

Hostpapa provided me the opportunity to setup my small business website at a very affordable price. This means a lot to me as I don't have to spend money I don't have to be able to get world wide exposure to my brand. Hostpapa has been very good with their technical and customer support when ever I contacted them. I am able to load wordpress ro build my website with help and tips from hostpapa, I have no complaints.

Excellent service and ability to create a website

They are very good people and helpful whenever questions need answering. My website is doing well and I enjoy adding to it on a regular basis.
Also the clear identification of the invoice whenever you purchase a product is very good and helps one to understand what is being added into your website.

Their promotion of themselves is pleasingly laid back and I get a sense that they enjoy their independence.

Biggest Pro: Price and variety of products available
Biggest Con: Difficulty reading their knowledge base.

So far so great

Due to some terrible customer service from the previous hosting company I was forced into making a quick move to a new host. So far Hostpapa has been great!

They were able to migrate 2 large websites quickly and without any issues in less time than my previous host was able to respond to my concerns.

Keep up the good work! I’d be happy to recommend Hostpapa to anyone looking to host a website

Just starting out

I chose Hostpapa from reading reviews on hosting platforms. The thing that made me go with them was that they were available for my questions and answered them. straight away. Hostpapa have been excellent in the service they have provided. This is the first time I have made a website, no small feat for one who is not particularly computer savvy and starting out with WordPress. The technical help has always been there, and non-judgemental. That has been a great help. Thanks Hostpapa.

Very Pleased!

Read reviews and the only two complaints seem to have been about the support team and the add-on fees.
In the first week, I had MANY chats and Support Tickets with my vexing questions. I was very pleased to consistently receive fast, effective, knowledgeable advice that solved my problems perfectly.

The C-Panel is easy to understand and intuitive, with lots of bells and whistles.

Still not happy with the frequent and expensive add-on costs, but I stuck with HostPapa because they are taking over LunarPages, where my old domains were stored.

I like the easy transition to WordPress too.

Biggest Pro: Excellent response to support requests.
Biggest Con: Too many add-on costs, too expensive paying for things that should be free.

Patient, Professional, Perfect!

HostPapa has provided an outstanding technical service and knowledge to support us in recently setting up extra functions on our WordPress site. We are a small business, doing it ourselves and it has been a steep learning curve. The tech support people have been courteous and patient, explaining tech processes clearly and effectively to enable us to proceed. They have helped us solve issues solely caused by our lack of knowledge at all times of the day and night. All the fixes have been simple (when we knew how!) and they have offered to explain issues beyond their purview.
Wonderful. We would definitely recommend them. Thank you.

Biggest Pro: Patient and efficient
Biggest Con: None

Easy to use

We needed a business card type of site. We checked out a number of different web hosting businesses and chose Host Papa. Host Papa was the perfect fit for us. Our site was easy to create. Lots of different templates to choose from and they were easy to modify. It will also be great if we want to add more features in the future. Their customer service is good too. Check them out!

Biggest Pro: Ease of use
Biggest Con: Haven't found one yet.

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