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THE Worst

I agree with all the negative comments posted.

I am so frustrated.

I have contacted 3 different departments dozens of times with ZERO response.

I feel like a hostage.

I need to EPP code to tarnsfer the site and can't get anyone to respond.

I am just going to have to bite the bullet and change my domain from .org to .com to get my site up an running again.

I am taking rhe advice of a prior post and calling the AGs office in NJ tomorrow to file a complaint.

I feel so helpless and MAD!!

Biggest Pro: none I can think of now
Biggest Con: no response, no telephone #

The Host Once Lawsuit

To those of you that have Host Once as a hosting provider, there is a group of us that are forming a class action lawsuit against the company for breech of contract. They have had too many problems, no response time, and they have taken money from many of us to "unlock" our domain names when we want to switch providers, only to steal the money and never unlock the domain (theft of services).

If you are one of the HostOnce customers that have been experiencing these issues,

The company does has not been responding to our concerns and they are in breech of contract with all of their customers. Lets make sure they know that we are not willing to allow them to put us within a contract that they have no intention of upholding. If they are going to have problems keeping their servers online we should be able to reach them via telephone. As paying customers we shouldn’t have to be without a website or email for weeks at a time, and when their sites go down they should have more than just the "billing department" working to help us.

I know there are a lot of people that are tired of this game that HostOnce is playing with us, and we should make it known that we don’t plan on allowing it to continue. and lets stop this issue before it can get any worse.

Biggest Con: No Support, constant downtime, will not unlock your domain even after you pay them to obtain it.

At last, a review site that let's me give them ZEROs

I am so very frustrated with this hosting service. They took my money for renewal but my site has been off the web for a week. I have emailed multiple times a day and tried calling (hahahahahaha) and entered many tickets on the 'support desk' all with no response whatsoever. NONE. ZERO. NADA. If you want to experience total frustration, then by all means, sign up with these people. If I could figure out how to sue them I would, and I do not believe in suing. That is how mad I am. There is no way to find out who the corporate people are, so if someone figures this out, let me know. My phone book yellow page ad is now useless because I doubt I will be able to transer this domain name. I could go on and on. I wish I had known before what I know now, which is why I am writing this review. I plan to write a lot more reviews as well. This is completely ridiculous. There is NO excuse for this. They have broken every single promise on their About Us page. By the way, they took my payment last Thursday and I have not heard from them since. It is 9/ll/08 today. I agree with the person who wrote that he wished he could give them a zero rating. I would give them a minus 10 rating. This past week has been a torture. Now, I just have to start all over and pay for something else. I doubt there is any way to get my money back either.

Biggest Con: NO service NO response

Will Not Transfer Domain Name

Due to unresponsiveness, I have tried to register and transfer my domain name. HostOnce took my transfer fee, but has not transferred the name for over 2 months. I would suggest that we contact the New Jersey Attorney General's consumer division with our complaints. If they get enough complaints, I think they will assist us. As a lawyer myself, that has been my experience with the Minnesota Attorney General's office. I sent my transfer fee to:

492-C Cedar Lane, #304
Teaneck, NJ 07666

Therefore, I think that this gives the AG's office jurisdiction.

Worst customer support

Host once offers the worst technical support I have come across over these 10 years. Despite several complaints and emails to all available email address including the specific Mike Moore's email address and helpdesk submission, no attention has been paid and we are left helpless for the last fifteen days.

It's an advice not to go for hostonce as I am also trying to get rid of them ASAP because of their only interest in sending renewal reminders and once you pay them the money they forget about you.

Hopeless response to solve customer's problems.

Biggest Pro: Domain with hosting at low cost
Biggest Con: Once website is down, there's no one to help you


I gave them zeros on everything because what good is a low grandfathered price for long time customers and decent enough features if none of it works?

Customer service is poor. There is no way to contact them via phone. They're response to emails is now slow if at all. They were a fantastic service many years ago when I first joined (probably about 7 years ago), but over the last two years, I've had more problems with my site and email being down, including the last week that my site has not been up at all.

I'm in the process of switching hosting companies, but because hostonce finally came back up (their site, not mine- NOTE: their own website was down for an extended period of time recently), they now have a holding page on my site in a directory I can no longer access because the control panel is under subdirectory of your site.

I've contacted them to cancel my account- I don't care about a refund. I just want out!!! I'm losing business and credibility as we speak.

Biggest Pro: there are no longer any pros
Biggest Con: site down time, slow or no response from cust service, no additional way to contact them except via email

5-day service outage

Hostonce claims to be "fast and reliable". Nonsense! There have been service outages over the years, usually no more than two days.

But on June 8-13, 2008, I experienced a complete outage of all four of my domains hosted by hostonce. This was Monday through Friday. The official reason was that the server was under maintenance, and they did apologize for the inconvenience.

To make matters worse, you can only submit support tickets online. If nothing happens, you are out of luck because there is no phone number you can call. So there I was. All my web sites were down, and there was nothing I could do. Except, I suppose, find another web host.

Biggest Pro: price
Biggest Con: unreliable, unacceptable service outage

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