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Host Once Has Stolen My Money!

I have been with Host Once for years. It was good in the beginning but ever since July of this year, my website and email with them have been offline. I haven't had any success contacting them because none of their email addresses work and neither does the technical support desk (online help desk). My emails to them have all bounced. Their phone number is no longer in service. There's no way to logon to the help desk. It displays an error that has been sitting there for a month or more now. My website is paid up till next Feb. 2013 but I've got no way to use it now. My control panel no longer works. This means they also have my domain name and I have no way to get it back from them. I paid with a credit card last Nov. so a call to my credit card company is getting me a half year's refund. But I don't know how I will get my domain name back. Maybe when it expires? IF I'm lucky! I wish I knew how to sue them! I would! Very poor not to let customers know that your site is down!

Biggest Pro: they were inexpensive
Biggest Con: no service of any kind

screwed.... blued.... and tattooed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

took half a years worth of fees and my domain........ after i've been a customer since 2002...... all of a sudden..... my domain and website disappear....... and no e-mail address contacts to hostonce will work........ i can look at their website though...... just cannot get anyone to do crap to fix mine or to give me the fees i paid them back.......... just freakin' great !

Biggest Con: what a con !

Host once will steal your domain name

I hosted multiple sites with these people. They were great for a couple of years then the trouble started and not much support--took days to get back to me if at all. I then decided to move my sites elsewhere. Even though the domain names were paid for in advance they told me I didn't own them. They said since I registered them through them, it was theirs. These were business names. They refused to give them back. DON"T USE THESE PEOPLE !! I am still fighting to get back some of my domain names to this day and it's been at least 3 years since I moved my sites. BUYER BEWARE !!

Biggest Pro: Multiple domain registration and cheap hosting
Biggest Con: No support, no service, billing won't get back to you and they steal domain names.

No reliability, zero support

HostOnce has given up. Which is fine, but they are not willing to admit it, and continue to try and suck money out of their customers without providing service in return. In the last 2 years, hosts and email (POP) have gone down repeatedly, stayed down for weeks, without notice or response. "Support" is non existent. Trouble tickets are simply NOT ANSWERED. I am in the process of trying to extract myself from this fraudulent provider.


Biggest Pro: NONE
Biggest Con: reliability, support

Update - Is HostOnce worth your time or money? Maybe Not

I posted in September 08 and here are a few things I experienced since then.

I talked to alot of people in the business (HostOnce's registrar, ICANN, BBB, other vendors, etc) - everyone seemed to feel our pain but they all agreed on one thing - there's not anything to be done. Maybe we should have listen to one persons suggestion to contact the Attorney General. BTW, HostOnce never did respond to BBB's requests for explanation.

This company still SUCKS and have not changed - they are still as poor of a company as they were then.

I had to find buy another domain name and changed all of my business (clients, business associates, and vendors) over to the new domain and email addresses and hope that one day I could get the original domain back.

Here's what I did -- go to another host (try a company such as GoDaddy - the money's worth the services and people that respond to you). They advised me of the possibility to get my domain if HostOnce would release it. I purchased a back-order and a transfer and then submitted cancellations with HostOnce. None of the cancellation seem to work because the domain control panel was still accessible and I continued to be billed - Of course they want their money. It was only when I did not pay them for several months that the domain was released and the back-order was able to re-acquire my domain. The domain transferred to GoDaddy and I now have my old domain again. However...

just last week, I got another bill from HostOnce. I again sent a reply back that the account was cancelled to see what would happen and - Wow! they responded back. I believe the only people over there are the ones that TAKE OUR MONEY!!!

This may not help you if you need that domain now, but if you can possibly wait several months after no payments to HostOnce, then when and if the domain is released, within a month you may be able to get your rightful ownership of the domain back back.

Best of luck at all of you looking for vindication. If anyone does come up with a solution and we need to connect, update this site, I get notified on new posts and updates.

Biggest Pro: Exellent Money Taking Department
Biggest Con: HostOnce !!!

Previous reviews by S

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Is HostOnce worth your time or money? Maybe Not

If not for the unreliable service, their support has got to be one of the worst.

Now, the limited and aged services are the tops. Makes you feel like you've just starting out on that thing called the internet.

I unfortunately am not the only one being treated like a step child. I have been communicating with other losers with accounts on

I cannot get any response from support on any of my issues. And yes, its been for weeks. Starting to feel like another loveless marriage.

Then I came up with a great idea. Let's see if they really are there. I sent one issue about making a change to my credit card for a payment, they responded in one day. Yup, sounds like a marriage alright. Again, with the disappointment - the information they were to send never arrived. :(

There are too many other options for hosting services and price to ever stop and consider

If you dont know the value of having reliable email, or a website that is up and running, or even what is the value of a support staff that is prompt and helpful, well this is the company for you.

I think you'll learn value after a short relationship with HostOnce.

I will give them for an overall rating a 0.1. That's only so anybody seeing the rating wont thing I just didn't vote. It's taking everything from me to give them that.

Think I might go over to GoDaddy and buy a domain and start a website as a tribute to my wonderful relationship with HostOnce. If I do, I'll surely invite all the other jilted lovers to give their stories.

Anyway, I think this is headed for a divorce.

By S. Clemens on September 8th, 2008 at 22:51 EST
URL: [Hidden but verified] Customer for 6 - 11 months
Plan: Shared | Platform: Windows | Email: [Logged]

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Absolutely Frustrated

If this company was in Australia, we have government bodies that would be able to close it down, following the number of complaints it receives. We also have current affairs programs that will track down the owners and shame them publicly on national TV. How can HostOnce continue to trade?

I am now bombarding it daily with emails out of frustration, why doesn't everyone do the same?

Biggest Pro: Zero
Biggest Con: Absolutely NO SERVICE,


The reviews I have read are, unfortunately, all true. Hostonce is a pathetic excuse for a web host!

I did a little investigating: uncovered some information on Hostonce.

Scroll down to "HOSTONCE.COM SITE INFORMATION" and click on the IP address.

The name " JTL Networks Inc." comes up.

I called them and left a message and they actually called back.

They said they do not own Hostonce but they own the IP address.

Don't know how that works but that is what they said

I have a ton of forwarders on Hostonce and tried one of them. It went through.

I want to purge Hostonce once and for all. Any recommendations?

Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: Too many to list.

Host once problems

I have been with hostonce for over 10 years. I never had a problem with them until recently when Microsoft stopped supporting 2000 and 2003.

Right now I think they have gone out of business or have not been able to fix there problems. They do not answer emails or support tickets.

There own Web site does not work either.

I hope host blue or another site like them buy them out. I am currently moving all my sites. I have 5 sites with them.

Best way to get away from them and save your business.

Open an account with another server with a new url and set it up.

Edit your index page on host once to redirect them to your new url.

After you get your url name freed up by them you can add it to your new site and have 2 urls going to 1 site. Eliminating loss of business because they can't find you.


This is without a doubt the worst service I've ever seen. Actually the first year to year and a half I didn't have a problem. But now! 16 day service outage!!! No web page, no mail, not even pop3 or web mail service. When my contract expires I plan on moving someplace else......if they let me.

Host Once SUCKS

Hostonce is absolutely the worst service on the planet. They are unresponsive, don't care and are very unprofessional. If you want to waste a great deal of time, money, lost revenue from your websites go with host once.

Biggest Pro: Absolutely nothing
Biggest Con: piss pore customer service

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